the mrbrown show: how to get a nobel prize

Nobel Prize
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Ever dreamed of getting a nobel prize? We have a way!

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6 Responses to “the mrbrown show: how to get a nobel prize”

  1. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,

    Your Mr Bong sounded like my math teacher: Mr Wong Fatt Hao (any Josephians out there??!!).


  2. AvalanCh3 Says:

    1. cleverness is recongise on cert and not potential(if you have poor background even if u have good potential in the field you get nothing because of your cert)

    2. ns drain all guys of their brain power and teach them that in that ever they do glory always goes to the higher up and only shit will land on them.

    why do we need nobel when our country have so much millionaire? in the end someone above you will claim the award for all your hardwork.

  3. zero Says:

    my teachers always thought i was rebellious, and took every opportunity to put me down (right, maybelle foo?)… so i left the country the first chance i got.

    singaporean education system - win
    collective singaporean spontaneity - lose

  4. raf Says:

    Hey Brownies,

    Singapore already has someone with the nobel prize.
    Professor Wong Poh Poh from geography department nus is on the IPCC winning team

  5. FG Says:

    I’m sorry, this is not the way to go about it, a minister should declare that we will have a nobel prize winner by 2015 like how we declared that we will be ready for the World Cup in 2010. See we are already making progress in the soccer field. We bought hard working foreigners and make them s’porean, just like our olympiads. So the best way to win the prize is buy a old russian scientist and make him singaporean, sure can win one!

  6. Hail Mr Brown Says:

    OMG!!! Mr Wong F.H … haha…..

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