the mrbrown show: objective polls


The bigger the organization, the more objective the polls!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 25 October 2007: objective polls Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 1.8mb, Time: 00:03:46)


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8 Responses to “the mrbrown show: objective polls”

  1. latyeo Says:

    haha.. great podcast. That’s why you guys are a necessity just like coffee every morning..

  2. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,
    Cannot read Shitty Times one…..wait you kena Suzhoued then you know!
    hiak! hiak! hiak!

  3. robert Says:

    yeah… i am the 2 out of 10!

  4. STfu Says:

    ST is damn important! If not there will not be free coupons for mc, kfc etc.

  5. RS Says:

    Brown Times is more important than important for me! Better have print version too.

  6. fynyx Says:

    I agree that mrbrown show has also become a regular staple for me.
    Last year, when the family was in Tasmania & I missed the connectivity to Singapore life for a week & half, I could wake up to the freshly brewed aroma of brown, any time of the day.
    Thank you, mrbrown & team!

    We also subscribe to the Straits Times, for its huge amount of content, most of which is not accessed most of the time.
    It is refreshingly depressing for me, every day, how I do not match up to the “best of the best-ests”, as portrayed all the time.
    At the same time, the positive spins we get to read, are often amusingly mangled up, by the time mrbrown show & its commenters get through with them.

    I feel blessed that Singaporeans have alternative viewpoints to interact with.

  7. Hai~Ren Says:

    Hahahaha nice take on STOMP…

  8. JT Says:

    i am in the 2 out of 10 category. i will be crushed from stress if i don’t have this show

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