the mrbrown show: exam stress

Exam Stress
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Exam season doesn’t just involve the people taking the paper! How about we make things easier?

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20 Responses to “the mrbrown show: exam stress”

  1. SingaporeKopi~ Says:


    The MCQ questions were really entertaining haha especially the one on the marbles!!!

  2. bgfdd Says:

    Excellent post in response to the worries of the overly-reactive parents. lol..

    a) I am correct
    b) Duh
    c) of course
    d) sodium thiosulphate

    Choose one..=)

  3. Ultraman Cha Cha Says:

    Haaaa!!!!! good one… should let all kan cheong parents who thinks their kids are all no.1 listen…..can esp feel for this podcast since I’m a stressed out teacher too!!! :)

  4. Hiaks Says:

    Judging from the questions, kiasu parents shud send their primary school children for secondary school tuition which covers stuff like algebra, trigonometry and calculus.
    Being singaporean is stressful even for primary school kids. Because no matter whether singaporeans are old or young, they are just slaves to the govt. If cannot pass PSLE then can go sweep road, clean toilet, or work as maid already.

  5. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,
    I think the future PSLE papers of all subjects should have just one question, one paper and one correct answer, like this:

    Is your father a member or supporter of ………………..

    a. Opposition parties
    b. Rogues of the Sammyboys
    d. RCs, CCCs and Papa Anak Partai

    Answer correctly and you’ll be classified as an elite youths…..better than top students! Sure can get scholarship one!

    hiak! hiak! hiak!

  6. Moron In Melbourne Says:

    One of the most hilarious work in recent times! Great job!

  7. kitsura Says:

    I will attempt to solve question 3 to determine the number of marbles Ali had left.

    Ali had 47 marbles.
    He lost 3/18 of them to Robert in a Duel i.e. 7 & 5/6 marbles
    Ali now has 39 & 1/6 marbles
    After being mugged he managed to recover 0.72 of his marbles i.e. 28 & 1/5
    Ali then gives 12% of that to a beggar i.e. 3 & 48/125 marbles
    Therefore Ali is left with 24 & 102/125 marbles.

  8. mathescience Says:

    Aiya, O lvl E math and A math combined is more easier than Psle maths la, no nid to worry.

  9. fynyx Says:

    High 5 to -kitsura- (October 26th, 2007 at 5:09 pm)!
    (Hands clap each other)

    You mirror mrbrown’s latest dose of deliciously ironic humour, in all those laborious calculations for poor Ali.

    I initially thought that mrbrown was sympathetic with unhappy parents, until those MCQs & options started rolling out.
    I join many of you to rotflol!

    I actually solved the “tough” Math questions, as reprinted on page 3 of Straits Times, quite fast, by having the unfair advantage. of learning the primary school boxes & ratios techniques, from the kids themselves, some years back.
    Using what teachers would have taught children these days, the “problems” became “straightforward”, as 2 young brothers interviewed put it.

    What was so difficult, was the kind of independent, resourceful, open-minded thinking that many parents & children had neglected, in the narrow pursuit of the letters A, and the symbols *.
    And that’s what MOE purported to test. this PSLE.
    MOE 1, Kiasuism 0.

  10. sauerkraut Says:

    Oh goodness! Those are fantastic questions! The last one was really hard though, do you have model answers for that too?

    On a more serious note, parents these days are really getting out of hand. This begs the question: Should parents be concerned about the child’s grades or the child’s education?

    P.S. Whoever can answer that and disseminate that information to the public while ensuring that they comprehend and put it into practice… Deserves a Nobel Peace Prize…

  11. fynyx Says:

    In playful response to -sauerkraut’s- (October 26th, 2007 at 10:16 pm) appeal for answers to that last question featured (you know, the obsession with tanks of poured water …),

    here’s a simple hint that typical kids in neighbourhood schools would have taught me, during tuition, years ago:
    “The new base area is calculated by using the tanks’ combined length.”

    Now, I believe that this kind of lateral thinking comes more easily to schooling children, provided they are allowed their natural sense of play, and openness to new ways of seeing things.
    That is, provided we have not already massacred their innate curiosity.

    Not so for certain parents, whose thinking has fossilised, and which they’ve passed on to their own.

  12. fynyx Says:

    Sorry, need to clarify:

    If -sauerkraut- (October 26th, 2007 at 10:16 pm) is referring to this mrbrown show’s last question, then -kitsura- (October 26th, 2007 at 5:09 pm) above has done an excellent working,

    I refer to the Sunday Times last (October 3), main section, page 3.
    (By the way, the first 2 questions there are more wicked! Enjoy.)

  13. Ah Jan Says:

    This is hilarious!!


  14. ChessRocks Says:

    Wow. I like the MCQ questions. I was stumped by the last one, but when the question asked how many letters are there in ali’s name i laughed. LOL! Good Job!

  15. Lin Says:

    Seems like I’m totally out of sync with all these PSLE madness! LOL Could someone kindly post the tough questions that had appeared in ST? Thanks.

  16. Woots Says:

    That was pretty cool

  17. OCK Says:

    wow i would love to have these question for my exam too

  18. smartalex Says:

    haha… wad a ridiculous podcast.

  19. me siaoz Says:

    crap cant download to my itunes it is not in singapore yet…. mr brown how???? i really like ur podcasts and i want to let my friends hear it thanks

    mr siaoz

  20. JT Says:

    i would love to have such questions for my kid i am giving tuition to.
    if he still can’t do them, i think it is easier to go to heaven.

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