the mrbrown show: taxi troubles

Photo by Ian Fuller

Some cabbies should get an award for their ’services’.

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14 Responses to “the mrbrown show: taxi troubles”

  1. DOM the Clown Says:


    ………………………Jaguar Cab…………wanna try?

  2. Ah Jan Says:

    Beep Beep Beep….hahahaha

  3. fynyx Says:

    Pirate taxis are back in Singapore.

    According to Sunday Times, the police are hard pressed to do something about it.

    Progressive Singapore has taken one big step backwards.

    It’s like moving backwards from credit cards & bank loans, to loan sharks.

  4. CD Says:

    This cab situation had been on going for years. It has proliferated since the emergence of luxury cabs.

    To make the matter worse, the cab companies are protecting their own interests by covering the cab drivers.

    According to the newspaper, the cab companies claimed that they couldn’t do much as competition is rife.

    To get to the root of the problems, we can maybe look into 2 issues.
    1) Surcharge “business strategy”
    2) Taxis driver “monetary incentives” and their rental charge

    The surcharge is meant to work like the most fundemental economic theory. Demand is high during peak hour, increases price to lower down the equilibrium, so that with “limited” supply(?), can they cope(?) with the demand. The reverse is true for the midnight surcharge. Low Demand vs high supply(aka taxis driver), need to bring it to equilibrium so that the cab companies can earn millions.

    I repeat myself. SO THAT CAB COMPANIES CAN EARN MILLIONS. It’s not the taxis drivers that are earning all this.

    To be fair for the taxis drivers, they are earning a living. Most of them are the breadwinner for their families. Some of the children are going to university, some of them have many kids, some of them have illness such as diabetes, some have mistress to cater to, some have “needs” that need to be release.

    What the cab drivers are doing now is due to the high rental cost and their greed for money. Naturally, greed is something that we cannot change in a short span of time. But rental cost? Millions of dollars earned by cabs companies and the taxes government profit from it? Can we come up with a strategy that deal with it?

    Lower rental cost, or maybe have a flexible rental cost? Lower rental cost at night so as to remove the surcharge? Abolish phone surcharge that is within the areas that have cabs density?

    Maybe fine the cab companies for having these “priates” taxis drivers? I’m not talking about $100 or $200 bill. I’m talking in the range of $10000 per cab. Fine can have a deterrence effect. Look at our train.

    Finally, I’m not a cab driver.

  5. Robin Says:

    These taxi drivers are easy targets for robbery. Next time don’t go punggol, go to choa chu kang more ulu, easier to rob and kill. haha

  6. bgfdd Says:

    Looks like cabbies are going into the study of economics or smth. Taking advantage of a very inelastic demand during certain periods of time. However, don’t insult the drivers too much, it is only the minority few that makes the rest look bad. Moreover, it is not as if we ,singaporeans, are polite and kind to them all the time.

  7. Max Says:

    Very funny - but would be more funny if was not so close to being totally true
    The MRT looks nicer every day

  8. meepoktah Says:

    Sinkapoor: From Hero to Zero!

    Looks like we’re heading back to the good ole days of “Pirate Taxis”! Time to spruce up our rides and hit the roads!

  9. kutetee Says:

    Can not afford to take taxi in Orchid go to Jurong, Shengkang there are plenty of taxi waiting for you there!!!

    Why worry, foreign talents can afford this, we need them to inject more money to our vibant economy. Mind you, our taxi fare is still very cheap compared to Tokyo and London.!!

    Taboleh tahan already lah, cost of living so high

  10. Taxi Driver Says:

    Why not just pay the taxi driver more.. did’nt a wise man once said that the way to a anti corrupt government is to pay them more.. like hmm $1million.. so maybe we should just pay taxi drivers more $$.. maybe $60,000 a year.. Pure peanuts!

  11. The Sinnest Says:

    found it liao!!!™

  12. The Sinnest Says:

    lol $75 bucks for a ride!!! what the …

  13. adeline Says:

    & on top of it, we have so many ERP gantries all over the island to rip off more money from the laymen!

    So many rules and regulations till cab-riders are even blur blur and will end up paying more….as usual to unscrupulous cab-drivers…and there are so many of such drivers!

  14. Chuck Says:

    Taking taxi in town is such a nightmare with all these rouge taxi drivers playing tricks. Who wants to stay out late? How to have vibrant night life in Singapore???

    Cab service in Hong Kong is wonderful. Cabs are everywhere and whenever you need it.

    Inexpensive, and no surcharge anytime of the day.

    I love partying out at night in Hong Kong.

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