the mrbrown show: job loyalty

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You think only stores have loyalty programmes? Jobs should have them too!

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16 Responses to “the mrbrown show: job loyalty”

  1. Someone Says:

    Good one.

  2. zero Says:

    of course it’s not just about money! it’s about job satisfaction and work life balance too. and given that levels of both are at all time highs in sg, you silly shhep should count your blessings and dun cry father cry mother lah!


  3. Someone Says:

    To add to the former comment,

    “It’s not always about money”.

    GST increase. Minister salary increase to attract talent. $300 for the extremely poor, because we don’t want to have a crutch mentality. No announcements to curb rising inflation. “Decrease your standard of living by buying cheaper goods.”

    Not always about money.

  4. lorrytyre Says:

    unable to download the mp3….no responses.

  5. ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ Says:

    yeah bullshit… cough*cough*… lol~

  6. bgfdd Says:

    I like the last to my eyes after listening to the loyalty pursuasion

  7. Ex-NS man Says:

    Another great podcast about the hypocritical nonsense from our multi-million dollars minister. Yah, right. It’s not about the money. LOL!

  8. fynyx Says:

    In discussion with rich commercial bosses & powerful societal figures, who ask for this & that in the form of A,
    our ministers decree new policies in the form of B.
    The masses raise their usual ruckus collected as C,
    which gives the ministers pause, before they modify into D.
    Then the rich & powerful clamour for E,
    leading our dear ministers to now declare F.
    Our typical people on the street then react by way of G, …
    … and so the gameplay goes ever on & on … HIJKLMNOP …

  9. p65 Says:

    Thanks for another great podcast.

    We’ve rewritten some of the lyrics to the songs Grease and Grease Lightning. Wonder if you’d like to use it for the upcoming Actively Ageing campaign?

  10. lol Says:

    bulls hit bulls hit lol *cough* yeah!!

  11. anony Says:

    i don’t know why.

    everytime i see that Mr labor Chief Mr Lim Boon Heng’s lan cheow face, I kena constipation. really need to labor…..

    hey, Labor Chief Lim downgrade your lan cheow face to lower cost, please.

  12. DOM the Clown Says:

    Bro anony,
    Oi! Why so vulgar? Labour Chief doesn’t have such a XXX face wat! Don’t pray pray hor!

    In fact Labour Chief has a super white face. In chinese, Chao Ji Bai Lian.

    Come on guys! Let’s give complement when it’s due.


  13. Goodman Says:

    Nw alot of company got more then 40% not local. Also thank to PAP. so many local jobs has been snatched.The so call angmo talent(espeacially austrialia and uk) come to our country and bully our ppl. still not contributing much. Go which company also same mah. how to be loyal? few dollars more also can buy toilet paper mah. wat is wrong to jump to a higher pay job? pang sai alo needs money leh! By the way, alot of ppl out there still jobless, we are in no state to talk abt loyalty for jobs yet. wat is PAP trying to cover up!? Amount of Jobs created does not mean, the local jobless ppl gets the job. So 1% jobless in singapore is bull shit! Percentage of jobless should be apply to singapore citizen only, not even PR! Plot!

  14. Deceased Says:

    Yep man…Loyalty really pays!

    When economic good, employees loyal to company.
    When economic bad, employers retrenched employees.

    Get Real!!!
    Don’t get job hop???!!!

  15. hero Says:

    that zero so wet blanket.

    zero, you that street artist izzit?

  16. LoveMeNot Says:

    ya dun job hop.. it’s isn’t abt $$
    i was headhuntered n it wasn’t my FAULT!

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