the mrbrown show : of schemes and plans

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Some people have best laid plans..while others have schemes…

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12 Responses to “the mrbrown show : of schemes and plans”

  1. Someone Says:

    Who wants to get e-bucked in the backside?

  2. ヘ(^_^ヘ)(ノ^_^)ノ Says:

    haha sunshine empire! their promise is to get back your 10k within a year and for the subsequent year, you will get $1k per month!~

    Where got such nice thing in the world… even government can’t do it!

  3. GG Says:

    Oh well, let’s see when CAD will come out with a result

  4. blank at Hear Me BullShit Says:

    […] mr brown uploaded a very interesting podcast @ The MrBrown Show if you are involved in sunshine, please don’t bother listenin. dun sue me too. […]

  5. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,
    So exactly how much you want us to send you for this free podcast har? I want to jump onto this bandwagon early leh!

  6. XenoFlux Says:

    YO MB!!

    i love ur podcasts!! but errr.. will mr miyagi be coming back? and wat has he been doing since the Robo -Bot-Enforcer-Next-Generation episode? Anyway, mr brown and singlish all the way!

  7. james-the-charlatan Says:

    what you guys dont know is that not only are these people conning naive singaporeans into this ponzi. they are also evading taxes in the guise of ‘rebates’. This cult has converted many singaporeans into worshippers of the Golden Calf, selling souls for a brief moment of hedonism and pecuniary benefit.

  8. hahaah Says:

    i want a piece of nigerian action !

  9. Edison* Says:

    What the hell? Copy money?

  10. we shall wait and see Says:

    we shall see when everything clear up and remember what u said today juz don’t join if u don’t believe

  11. Nameless Says:

    I being introduce to that “program” before.. Luckily i never “invest”..

  12. adeline Says:

    The super greedy and the poor are usually victims of such schemes!

    If money is this easy to earn, I’m sure the Singapore govt will be the 1st to be there!

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