the mrbrown show: big family dinners

Family Dinner
Photo by patterned

Family dinners are so complicated…especially when you’re the ASEAN kind of family.

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9 Responses to “the mrbrown show: big family dinners”

  1. bgfdd Says:

    LOL.. ” I am going out with my friends and bash up some monks.”
    Lol.. nice one.

  2. Keiko Says:

    I love the mr brown show! i’m a japanese uni student, but i used to live in singapore for 4 yrs and really love there. wat i miss the most about singapore is schicken rice (of course!) and the singaporean sense of humour!! listening to ur podcast making me wanna go back there asap! looking forward to listening more of it :D

  3. fynyx Says:

    Towards the end, “Myanmar” sounded like a spoilt, rebellious, apathetic teenage brat.
    And of course, “Singapore” was the pitiful, strained, conciliatory elder sibling; too helplessly compromising, actually.

  4. Gaurav Says:

    Whatever! :D

  5. HaHaHa Says:

    Fantastic! * bows *

  6. pratakid Says:

    So funny lao! “whatever” Mr. Brown this is on of your best. Yes, ASEAN is a family, a very xiao bodoh family.

  7. isftish Says:

    why does the sg guy sounds so gay?

  8. Fenrir Says:


    i love you, you love me, we are one big family XD

  9. Mama Says:

    Mr Brown Show rocks!

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