the mrbrown show: letter to US navy

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Drink to the foam at the mrbrown show!

Heave a ho there sailor
Everybody drink up while you may
Heave a ho there sailor
For your gonna sail at break of day
Drink away, Drink away,
For you sail at break of day, Hey!

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13 Responses to “the mrbrown show: letter to US navy”

  1. MC Bo Chup Says:

    Justice must not only be served, it must also be seen to be served.
    For this incident, not sure whether it’ll be seen to be served. I wonder why are all Superheroes, American when they are less than super and often found lacking for a hero.

  2. VFKK Says:

    The headline should be “The day I saw a Singaporean flew…”

  3. PAPsux Says:

    the sg gov is such a fellator. since when did sg bend (and offer its posterior) to US? it’s a totally different take from the michael faye incident. singaporeans have been reduced to third class citizens. the first class are the foreign trash. second class, the tourists and military guests.

  4. Ex-NS man Says:

    I wonder if Singapore belongs to Singaporeans or the US military. Looks like US military breaks law in Singapore can bohchap about Singapore’s law and Singapore police can do NOTHING about it.

    The police just let that US military guy go instead of charging him with breaking Singapore law of hurting another person willfully.

    If that is the case, I really hope that the drunk US military guy can give a punch or two to our useless MPs.

  5. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,
    Looks like we can humtum their guys without charges too, since their guy can humtum ours! If we don’t fight back, sooner THAN later, we will see sign boards all over Singapore that read:

    “Dogs and Singaporeans not allowed!”

    WTF is our millitary training for? …… to start training now. It’s friendly matches without charges anyway…..

    FXXX the CCB No LC Gahmen!!!!

    DOMnan the Barbarian

  6. AvalanCH3 Says:

    i think its the stupid law, a few time similar incident happen in the papers where one people beat another, and the police say it isn’t serious enough to be charged or handcaff.

    so our law is accepting that going around and beat people is lawful.

  7. RS Says:

    Well, S’pore is definitely the safest place to live. Aren’t we glad that we have lawyers and judges to protect us when our police, who is so ever deserving of 2 month bonuses, is too busy monitoring the masses of unsavoury characters wearing red tees.

    We are grateful that our mums, wives and daughters dun have to travel to unknown lands to work as maids. Why bother when they can be SPGs in the safety of our motherland?

    We are so blessed…

  8. fynyx Says:

    It’s a big deal to even hit just once, a Member of Parliament during a meeting.
    It’s also a big deal for the US Navy personnel who gets detained, for whacking some local unfortunate enough to sustain injury.

    It’s no big deal to be that whacked local enduring those injuries.
    It’s also no big deal for locals whacking other locals, but not amounting to serious hurt.

    That’s the impression I seem to be getting too, how things work out now in Singapore.
    The cost of justice must now be borne more by the victims, who have to pay further for orders from court, just to confirm their aggressors have done them wrong.

    Thereby freeing our precious police resources towards greater political & social threats, including disrupting potentially dangerous peaceful protests, and neutralising people with alternative gender relations.

  9. Freddie Says:

    Ah brown always got halarious podcast. Thanks Dude.

    Singapore police have classified the case as voluntarily causing injury.

    For reference;

  10. fynyx Says:

    2 latest news items that could link into the replies here:

    1) In today’s Sunday Times, at the bottom of main section page 8, it was reported that our air force (RSAF) servicemen in Tucson, Arizona, USA, crossed the road divider, collided with another car, and caused the death of an old lady.
    The driver was in shock over this tragedy.

    People make mistakes.
    We treat others the way we hope to be treated.
    Let’s hope we’ve already done right.

    2) In yesterday’s (Saturday’s) Straits Times forum, Ms Tan expressed her fear for the safety of her Sengkang neighbourhood, due to what she claims is a lack of police visibility.

    Let’s cheer on our friendly local guardians of the law, so that they may be seen to better protect us!

  11. Dr Chan Says:

    When we were caning Michael Faye, we were trying hard to please China. Almost every single day, we could see or hear the media extolling the virtues of the “Asian Way” and condemning the decadent West. We even strongly supported Malaysia’s censorship of Schindler’s List. When Steven Spielberg complained, our very own journalists came to Malaysia’s strong defence.

    Why did we do that? The US was in recession after the Gulf War and China was the new and booming market. Fast forward 12 years. We completely changed tack during the second Gulf War and that pissed off the proud and ever consistent Dr Mahathir. If Michael Faye had been caught now, he might never be caned. Our only principle is that the economy must run ahead of our neighbours’. Nothing else is important.

  12. adeline Says:

    Well said, Dr Chan. Well said, Mr Brown & Gang!!!
    Singapore cares only for the NATIONAL REVENUE/INCOME. Any thing that doesn’t contribute to what is ‘income’ is ‘disposable’ and can be ignored.
    Well….if the injured happened to be the kid of some minister, things will be different….or if the injured happened to be some kid of some foreign VIP who happened to be studying here….things will be different.
    You can be sued by the gahmen left right till you are upside down, till you pronounce bankruptcy, just because you speak up against them openly; do think Singapore will protect its local citizens knowing that…like what one of your fans said…the pure, bleeding Singaporeans are merely 3rd class citizens while the offender is a 1st class or 2nd class visitor?!??

  13. US Sailor Says:

    I know I’m a few years too late, but I’d like to inform anyone who may listen to this podcast, or read this comment, that the US Navy does not take lightly, the disrespecting of local citizens or governments. Each US Navy Sailor understands, and accepts, the fact that WE are guests, and must show the utmost courtesy and respect to our hosts, whether it be for 3 years or 3 days. Fights, regardless of who started what or who did what, are immediately grounds for “Captain’s Mast” which results in demotion, forfeiture of half-pay for two months, and 45 days of restriction and extra duty on the ship. I don’t know what the Tarawa Sailor did, but please understand that we are not a bunch of disrespectful animals who try to cause problems or disrespect our hosts. However, when it happens…it’s dealt with swiftly and severely. For instance, there was a ship in port from Japan a few weeks ago. On the first night out, one of the Sailors was involved in an incident with the local police. What happened? The entire crews from each US ship in port were recalled, and restricted on board until they left.

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