the mrbrown show: healthy messages

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Health authorities think their health messages are too generic. What might they come up with?

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5 Responses to “the mrbrown show: healthy messages”

  1. Fenrir Says:

    I love the tertiary part. Especially the Fat Bastud. XD


  2. Ivan Chew Says:

    Nice one. I understood the “primary level” one better (I can throw away my MSc. now). Heh.

  3. Dr Chan Says:

    How come I don’t understand any one of them?

  4. TheLee Says:

    LOL “Lack of exercise kills!!!”
    “I never kill anyone -.-”
    “shut up!”

  5. Chuck Says:

    Wow, Mr Brown and your team, such excellent communicators to people of all walks of life.

    The essence of good communication is brevity. So I like the high school level best.

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