the mrbrown show: why pay more

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The second stage of pay hikes for our leaders is here and Singaporeans are relieved!

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16 Responses to “the mrbrown show: why pay more”

  1. XiAoDoNgDoNg Says:

    yeah… the ministers are really going overboard this time… after the 33% pay hike… which is less than 1 year ago, now they are increasing on a 21% again… that is absolutely rubbish!

    Why are we people always Pay & Pay to feed on the miserable ministers who suffer so much by eating lobosters, abalones sharkfins everyday…. can’t they just live normally like others by eating a bowl of rice?

  2. PAPisaCCB Says:

    at least the ppl from Worker’s Party don’t talk to us like we are morons.
    pap is an insult to singaporeans’ intelligence.

  3. RS Says:


    Because our brains are too small.

    Too small to contain events of more than few months ago. By GE time, we WILL forget whatever we have experienced and said.

    Remember if you don’t learn the lesson, life will make you go through repeated remedial classes till you do.

    Period. I am sorry but was getting a bit tired of the complaining. Din we keep doing this every 5 years. Be it online or at the kopi tiams? The platform is different but the situation is the same.

  4. HengCK Says:

    One reason why they should be given the pay rise is the fact that THEY ARE ONE OF THE BEST IN SINGAPORE. If we dont pay them well, they are not willing to commit their best to Singapore. Haha … Its just so lame and stupid … lolx … Instead of 21% pay rise, might given the 100% pay rise … lolx …

  5. Dr Chan Says:

    RS is right. How can we blame the ministers? We can only blame ourselves. There are too many kiasu, kiasi, gian png and forgetful voters around. If you ask to be screwed, who can you blame for screwing you? It’s better that we just vote with our feet.

  6. me Says:

    you mean there’s someone who actually wrote that letter??!! he deserves to be shot!

  7. Me Says:

    The letter was meant to be sarcastic:

  8. adeline Says:

    PAPisaCCB has to remember that so many of us Singaporeans do not have PhD lah!!!! & RS, it is not because our brains too small. It is our guts that is too small, lah. Not enough of guts to speak up!

    Oh, on the other hand, speak up also no use! They only want to hear, but not listen, so speak up for what, huh?

    So, they have to assume we all Singaporeans who are not in Parliament have to be talked down to and have our intelligence insulted. Opps! Do we have intelligence?

    Also, we Singaporeans also not very excellent in Maths; except for those who remember that 2years back was 33% and last year was 21% and that makes a total of 54% within 2 years. Hhhmmm….there are millions who don’t even get a pay rise despite public announcement last week that there is 5% pay rise!
    Oh, they forgot to add that bosses of not-MNCs tend to say this: Sorry, hor. Business is not doing too well, and profits are down. Inflation hor. Business costs are up. Cannot give bonuses. Cannot even give pay rise, not even 2%. Sorry, hor.

    Ohhh….oopppsss! We Singaporeans are not intelligent people…don’t know how to calculate, and worse still, memory super bad!!!! Like Dr Chan says, we have ourselves to blame.

    Like they said lor….no good pay, they won’t commit to Singapore, lor!

    Sad, huh? Gone are the days when politicians….like the many inidividuals who made up the Old Guards….really work for
    Singapore because of Singapore! Now people are only working for money! Talk about national loyalty! Wow! Very good model to follow, lah! No wonder soooo many materialistic people around these days! Good role models to look up to, what!

    Better go and get your PhD;
    Go and get your head permanently damanged
    so that when people increase GST, put ERPs in housing estates and
    increase salaries, even our head can’t even register what is going on and better still, can’t even remember what had happened, what has happened and what will happen!

  9. CT Says:

    Dear adeline,

    Increment of 33% 2 years ago = 133%, 21% pay hike again meant 133% x 21% = 160.93%. Therefore it is a 60.93% increment over 2 years. Do hope you could calculate better during the next pay hike.

  10. Ruinlord Says:

    I`ll be rich if I am one of minister!!~ Lolx…..jk,

  11. zack Says:

    CT you dont action hor.
    133% x 21% = 160.93%.,good job la.
    say people your maths also ka na sai.

  12. jael Says:

    pay and pay and pay and pay … non stop paying … This is Singapore and world cl-ass garment ! lol

  13. riddick Says:

    hey, seriously do you really think there will be a better singapore if not for the present government? on what grounds do you guys think that other political groups can lead us to a better life, or even the life we are living now?

  14. ahbeng Says:

    “higher pay to ministers is to prevent corruptions”. does this mean he will corrupt if his pay is low? So how low is considered low ? No one in this world will think that his pay is high enough!! to corrupt or not is all depending on his integrity!!!!

  15. neutal for nation Says:

    Well as say we have to thank the previous Ministers and the Ex-PAP members who have contributed to our Country’s growth, PLUS a lot of other BIZ and individuals who have too CONTRIBUTED to SINGAPORE’s growth, and our fore fathers whom have work for as low as s$2 a day in the past for the current Singapore. Remember the ruling and opposition party ratio then was closer then now. There was more seeking of concensus rather then I say you do. Most ex ministers know that the governence needs to change thats why they leave after all feedbacks have gone to deaf ear they give up and left. Its all up to the ppl now since you can all see that we have not much say power and Unions are in favor of goverence. Vote wisely. And remember the after math of a wrong vote……

  16. Chuck Says:

    Perhaps they need the extra money to buy necessities like Damien Hirst’s $25 million golden calf or $100 million skull covered with 8600 diamonds.

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