the mrbrown show: kayu patrol

Photo by solsetur

A new patrol is in town! Jalan Kayu has its own foreign national patrol team!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 28 December 2007: kayu patrol Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 2.1mb, Time: 00:04:17)


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8 Responses to “the mrbrown show: kayu patrol”

  1. FG Says:

    Fantastic, the true singapore way. Rat out your own to stay ahead in the game.

  2. hengyu Says:


    1800-5252-6529-8726-4377-2666-8648-9723-3892-6373-2874-8977 6532-8

    This owns.

  3. Xenoflux Says:

    CALL! ‘1800 jalan-kayu-rangers-community-safety-and-security-project’ or 1800-5252-6529-8726-4377-2666-8648-9723-3892-6373-2874-8977-6532-8′ HAHAHAHAHA!!!

  4. kevin Says:

    hey mrbrown, your seewhatshow forum must register wan ar? so leceh man… you were reviewing Flashpoint and asking what’s the deal about pre-1997 hongkong cop movies right?

    Well, the fundamental difference is that PRC cops AREN”T allowed to carry guns - only the military does. So that may play up the image of pre-1997 hongkong cops as being more “gung-ho’… hope that helps. ~_~

  5. kevin Says:


    the audio quality of your video-cast is superb! the sound is crystal on my sony ericsson phone!

  6. Dr Chan Says:

    Just like empowering people like Nsmen and students to get lots of unpaid or miserably paid workers. Brilliant.

  7. Lance E Sloan Says:

    So… What’s the rest of the phone number for mrbrown? I’ve been waiting so long for you to make a new segment of the show giving the complete phone number!

  8. Joanne Says:

    Mr Brown show really kill me. LOL

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