the wtf show (video): Make your old Macbook into a Macbook Air!

Who sez the Macbook is not as slim as a Macbook Air? Let brown show you!

You can download the high res file at!

6 Responses to “the wtf show (video): Make your old Macbook into a Macbook Air!”

  1. ralliart12 Says:

    Hi Mr. Brown, may I know the title of the song in the background of this video?

  2. mb Says:

    It’s from the commercial.

    It’s called New Soul by Yael Naim.

  3. thedanielrichard Says:

    Interesting experiment! Unfortunate tear of the envelope in the 2nd experiment. Lol

  4. john Says:

    Nonsense! Although the MacBook is thin, the MacBook Air is thinner, therefore allowing at to SLIDE in easily. (The MacBook had to be pushed in with some force.)

  5. homer Says:


    you’re the king of understatement.
    ever heard of deliberate irony?

  6. nicky9499 Says:

    John, it’s meant to be taken as a joke, and you apparently have little or no sense of humour.

    Good one, Mr Brown!

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