the mrbrown show: the bread and butter sermon

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Inflation? Rising food costs? This minister has the answer!

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51 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the bread and butter sermon”

  1. Yang_man Says:

    Amen ! Praise the father and the son, and the holy GOHst ……

  2. meepoktah Says:

    Sermon on Mount Oxley?? Hail The Lord! Mea Culpa!

  3. bgfdd Says:

    Lol..The first part quite pretty crappy but i love the prayer bit.. Haha..

  4. Ahahaaa Says:

    Father and son. haha. lee kuan yew and lee hsien loong.

  5. rayfield Says:

    yea… keep raising the cost of living and their own bonus instead of using the money to give the citizens a better standard of living and helping the poor. good job…

  6. Fabian Says:

    mmm the prayer part was… maybe offensive to catholics? i dunno. haha. anyway mr brown always full of surprises

  7. kata Says:

    I didn’t think the prayer part was offensive. I guess we just have to listen to it with an open mind. I thought it was a really good spoof, rather.

    They used to say.. Singapore is run by the father, the son and the holy ghoul (goh) - ghost.

  8. t3r3nc3 Says:

    Come ON.. it’s creative but really very offensive.. i love the show but it’s not nice making fun of ppl’s religion!

  9. HaHaHa Says:

    I agree with kata, the prayer part is clearly a spoof, and a good one too. Anyway, the “Our Father” prayer is applicable to all christians, not just catholics. As far as I know, some clergy crack religious jokes themselves, so why not the spoof?

    My 2-cents, another good Monday joke.

  10. mrRoadshow Says:

    in future, please only do jokes that absolutely do not offend anyone! in fact, i think jokes in general should be banned because someone is always being mad fun of in jokes and spoofs. in fact, lets ban the internet! in fact, lets just all be journalists and only submit things that are approved by the government so that all people can be protected from everything all the time!

  11. stranded Says:

    If i got enough $ ah, I’ll migrate to Australia ah… the bad thing is, you’ll be contributing to CPF and tax that you’ll not have enough $ to migrate until your very last breath. F**k man..

  12. adeline Says:

    wOw! MrRoadshow, you sure has no sense of humour. Either that or you are working in the father’s office….oppps…supposed not to be working….or probably….you are working in the son’s office…or perhaps just a goh-st-buster! Yes, to some extent it may be offensive to people who adhere to the Christian Faith….am one of these too….and should be offended…but listen with an open mind and open heart….and there is nothing to be offended about. All those who are breathing and bleeding Singaporeans will know who the son and father are in this case and of course, I’m sure the folks at MrBrownShow have the common sense not to be targetting at any religions, right?….. After all, why make target religion or religious people when there are better other targets in Singapore???

    Have a sense of humour! Laugh. It is good fun indeed. It sure makes living in Singapore MUCH LESS STRESSFUL. This is how people who have little bread and little water and painful 2 legs react to a good spoof. GOOD JOB! you make living in Singapore more bearable!

  13. adeline Says:

    from what I observe….All the pure, breathing and bleeding Singaporeans ARE STRANDED and stranded for good as the greedy folks tied up all cpf, and tie us to whatever investements—big and small alike—so much so that there is ‘none left’ to migrate.
    As for all getting bonuses and pay increment….don’t be fooled….if ALL SINGAPOREANS are surveyed by an unbias insitution, you will be surprised how big a percentage of Singaporeans do not get pay increment and bonuses! What bread? What butter? Peanut skins for the majority! NOT EVEN THE PEANUTS! as said by the female Goh-st in the 3G family of…..your guess is as good as mine.

  14. elvadrieng Says:

    mrRoadshow was being sarcastic.

  15. Davic Chervonnier Says:

    We should be thankful we have such a resourceful government. As Monitor Minister has repeatedly said, the pending world recession will not affect Singapore. The Gov has been very for sighted to insure IR’ construction will continue, so many jobs still pay the foreigner. If world economy causes decrease in $ spent in Singapore, no problem, just send foreign worker back home let Singaporean take job.

    Is good to raise transport cost now because if times get tough Gov still gets OK money. or can make more popular by reducing big bucks. How come Singapore has no value added bucks collected but do not put back into transport system. How come transport system must make profit?

  16. DC Again Says:

    So sad Adeline can’t focus to the end. Or maybe dun know how read between lines. Nair mind, her missinterpret underscores what road show says. Must be direct lah. suum dae I want educate also

  17. Johnson Says:

    As a listener of Mr Brown Show, I do support Mr Brown’s effort to provide different in-sights for us to see certain issues. However, though he gained my support (morally), I still have to stand up against the so-called ‘the Minister’s Prayer’. For anyone that doesn’t know about ‘the Minister’s Prayer’, it was actually a changed prayer in Christianity known as ‘the Lord’s Prayer’.

    Christians (regardless of Catholics or Christians) revered this prayer because it was the model prayer Jesus prayed for His believers to understand the ways of correct prayers. I truly loved Mr Brown, but I have to say that his joke should be having limits. I am a Malaysian, and I know the effect of such jokes. In Singapore, I supposed nothing happens, but if this happens in Malaysia, I don’t think Mr Brown can walk through the streets without people praying for him. So far, I love Mr Brown’s jokes, but for this one, I have to stand up and against it.

    However, I have to say that, just because I am againsting this ‘the Minister’s Prayer’, doesn’t mean that I am againsting Mr Brown. In fact, I wanted to encourage Mr Brown to think of some other ways creative to tell jokes. Just don’t step into others’ toe lah… Remember, I still up for Mr Brown.

    Loved, Johnson.

  18. Akatasuki Says:

    it is ok a bit offensive but it was creative and it is what that inspired me to do pod cast for my class every other day

  19. tby Says:

    mr roadshow, u seems to be sum1 tat others is makin a joke of.either tt or u r not thinking tru ur can u ask ppl to ban sumthg when u r using it to tell them to ban?!?!?

  20. ruth Says:

    i'’m a christian i think the spoof prayer quite funny. not offensive in anyway leh :P the prayer never made fun of religion what… :)

  21. Kevin Says:

    to reiterate what Johnson is saying, mrbrown, try to remember one of your most cherised conversations you’ve had with your father, and then have someone make a joke out of it.

  22. K Says:

    da funniest part i have to say(sry mr brown)is how ppl say they r a supporter n u r creative n all da bullshit.da emperor is doin a great job in education.the great teaching”you can speak as long as u shut up”.
    mr brown,u r too offensive.are u livin in our dynasty?
    maybe thats y this is free.
    we ban this n condemn that.but when are we banning religion?if it is as what u guys describe,it kills n get ppl offended easily.many are killed bcause of something harmless.
    or shld we adapt to today world.if a chicken have a problem.we kill millions of it.if a human have a problem,y aint we startin?da virus of stupidlity is spreading n v fatal..
    kevin,try to imagine one of your hottest time surfing porn.u saw someone took a photo of ur sister.u are outrage naturally and ask them to tk it down if not u r suing them.sounds familiar for u?

  23. Don Says:

    the name of the father, the son, and the GOLDEN spigot

  24. Don Says:

    “Kevin Says: to reiterate what Johnson is saying, mrbrown, try to remember one of your most cherised conversations you’ve had with your father, and then have someone make a joke out of it.”

    some very funny fathers would even make a joke out of it.
    Mr Brown is a father too. i m sure he understands.

  25. Leo Says:

    Bottom line is, religion is a sensitive issue. Let’s not try to venture into it to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.

  26. Anon Says:

    Please do not make fun of other people’s religion.

  27. VFKK Says:

    eer… I think very soon the comments will be banned again.

  28. Kevin Says:

    haha.. K, you were reiterating what i was reiterating,… it seems ok as long as it’s not your father or your sister… I can start a circular argument and say that if i take something K’s father or sister said and made fun of it, would it be right then for him to ask to take it down?

    What if someone made fun of his daughter’s condition? Would it be funny then? Or would he be “outrage naturally and ask them to tk it down if not u r suing them”.. ? Doesn’t he think he’s doing to same to christians now?

    i remember watching the movie the Mummy long time ago… there was a scene where this guy was facing the Mummy, then he started praying in christian, muslim, jewish, even sai baba… you could hear the audience laughing in different waves…. some sections laughed when it tickled them, but kept quiet when it touched a raw nerve..

    Or the big international hoo-ha when the Danish cartoonist made fun of the Prophet?

    “we ban this n condemn that.but when are we banning religion?if it is as what u guys describe,it kills n get ppl offended easily.many are killed bcause of something harmless.”

    Pls don’t advantage that christians are taught to turn the other cheek. And pls, who ever said about banning religion? let’s just hope the fundamentalists and evengelicals don’t hear of this, or mrbrown will really get hell from them.

    I am not a big fan of the father, son and holy goh either (there, i’ve said it) but anyway, the bottom line is, i’m not offended as mrbrown didn’t insult me; but rather hurt by it. And it is not me who is owed an apology, but Someone…

    I’m not here to start bible bashing either, but the Lord’s prayer is a cornerstone of the faith, as it redefines the relationship between God and man, and teaches the preference for a real conversation with God (free form prayer) instead of fixed formulaic prayers.

  29. Freddie Tan Says:

    Very the good podcast.
    I love it.
    Swee man.

    More more more…..

  30. Lieu Zheng Hong Says:

    Ahhh.. I see it now. We are the source of our own problems! lol.
    P.S. Mr Roadshow was being sarcastic diao -_-”… What was the snoring sound at the back for anyway?

  31. eeee Says:

    come on lah, if you can’t see that the it’s the ministers being made fun of, instead of the religion, may God bless you with some intelligence.

  32. paul Says:

    …father…son…and holy goh.

  33. kevin Says:

    eeee, what if mrbrown used your surname to make fun of the ministers. If you don’t get the joke, are you less intelligent?

  34. kf Says:

    Religious sensitivity or insensitivity aside, I think we need a bit more sensibility. Personally I think too much sensitivity is hypocritical here. Come on people, this is a satire site. If you expect 100% safe and approved content, perhaps you are coming to the wrong place.

  35. Leo Says:

    Yes, he’s not ridiculing the religion. Yes, he is instead poking fun at the ministers. But no, he shouldn’t be using religion as a platform for such podcasts. Bottom line. =)

  36. LeoFM Says:

    The Minister’s Prayer is not offensive at all except to the Ministers… is very creative! One of the best Mr Brown podcast!!! Well done!!! Keep doing what you do best! The Mr Brown show brings much laughter to an otherwise mundane and all-too-serious life!

  37. kevin Says:

    okie, i stand corrected.

    thx guys~!

  38. 666 Says:

    for goodness sake, where in the podcast did mrbrown mention anything about christianity? walau. the the hokkien ppl muz be making fun of religion when they say ‘limpeh ke si!’ (your Father go die). dunno some religious grps always like to cry Father cry mother.

  39. K Says:

    K,Blah blah blah blah ahh blah fullstop.kevin,pardon me,i really cant see your point.or perhaps repetition doesnt really get to me.i dont think u got my pt too.but u did prove my point at least.y aint u focusing da point of this podcast n tryin to sidetrack it to religion.thats not da whole point of this really.u can laugh at others.but others cant laugh at u?so if u are that narrow,dont look for laughter.its like tellin ppl to joke but only joke what u want to hear.u r just like da ppl we are laughin at now.u can look at us laughin at others.but u just get offended when u find smth u can associate with.i hear u say abt da mummy makes me sad to know how many singaporeans are like u.and how da education has gone wrong and how our “leaders” have lead us.and about da danish incident,it just prove my point when i say about banning religions.i have nth against religion itself.i have everything against pple who speak abt religion like u do.that why it cause da bloodshed of so many innocence bcuz of narrow minded ppl who take their religion as an excuse for its own ignorance n stupidlity.and what are u talkin abt those fundamentalist or whatsoever organisation who have such narrow minds if its like what u have describe.if there are really gods,and if gods are this narrow like ppl who proclaim to be diehard believers,then its clearly not god we are talkin about not offended but im just hurt?well im not angry but just frustrated.bottom line is,i believe u are bruised all over to even live in this world.u actually get hurt by a side track like this?”eeee, what if mrbrown used your surname to make fun of the ministers. If you don’t get the joke, are you less intelligent? “Absolutely.what u are sayin,bottom line is “we can speak anything we want as long as we shut up”
    suddenly,i felt stupid for this little talk.u doesnt have much sense to start with.just concentrate on ur conversation with god.but i pray for u he actually gets it.

  40. Hai~Ren Says:

    Hilarious. I’m not sure if many people caught the references to Animal Farm.

  41. xian Says:

    come and think about it, i do miss those traditional bread. we can only get them in some old estate hawker center these days.

    as for the high standard of living, isn’t the inflation affect the whole world? don’t everything blame the government or your neighbours. we have not/did not faced the worst yet (and hopefully, not).

  42. jbeji Says:

    hv a break guys,dot be liken “holy” when u r not! be pragmatic, laugh a gd laugh, contend e spirit with acceptance is juz a poking slap of reality that faces us, even e CHRISTIAN GOD can’t help you with increases after increases!!so do you ‘holy prayer’ in ur domain, as for MR BROWN, WELL DONE!! and is not crossing any line, for those holier than thou, then pray that God shall grant some form of relief to the suffering nation, or MOSES to find us the PROMISE LAND, where food aplenty and shelter r free! truly, awaiting to see a ‘true beliver’ in this economic of all thing GROWTH, i mean increase…maybe i should start prying also, in the name of the Creator, the Earth & the Comic Force!

  43. adeline Says:

    Gee. It is just a fun thing poking fun at our dear ministers and their ‘positioning’ in gahmen. Why so much ‘ding-dong-ding-dong’ among us readers and listeners of Mr Brown Show? I do not know the gang at MBShow, but I think they have no intention to poke fun at any religion.
    It’s their creativity and probably craziness that got the better of them to use the father, the son and the Goh.
    I should say the UNHOLY TRINITY….IN Singapore context all breathing and BLEEDING Singaporeans SHOULD KNOW who MRShow is referring to!!!!
    No need to give names, lah.
    Gee. United we stand. Divided we fall….something that will thrill the unholy trinity.
    & please, please no bashing up here just because I use the word “trinity”.
    Have a sense of humour, lah.

  44. Expat-wannabe Says:

    Probably off topic, but what the heck. Anyone read the 18 Feb issue of TIME magazine?

    On page 35, in an article about where wealthy people stash their $$$, a Michael Troth, Asia Pacific head of global wealth restructuring (where to hide $$$ so dunnit to pay tax) for Citigroup was quoted saying when asked about Singapore’s tax environment for the wealthy “To get ALL the BENEFITS one MUST NOT be Singaporean, nor should one’s beneficiaries be Singaporean”

    So, let me get this straight, if you are rich, you should quickly convert your Singapore citizenship to something else and then come back and stay here to maximize the benefit you can squeeze from Singapore. And of course, if you have a son, jolly well make sure he convert also — maximize benefit and no NS!

    Is there something wrong with this?

  45. Local-wannabe says Says:

    Singapore is just following London… or any major global private banking center…

  46. Wesley Says:

    I just read the thread and can’t stop myself from voicing out about being sensitive to ‘Relegion’ thingy. God is bigger then we think He is and will He be insulted be our mimicking the ‘Lord’s Prayer’?. Trust me, God really have a great sense of humor (if not, he would not have created you and me..)

    Dun be a fanatic like those who blow themselves up or pass death sentence on and carry it out behalf of their god. If their god exist and is indeed insulted, he jolly well do the justice and killing himself. Getting ourselves uptight on ‘religious ground’ is reflective and indicative of our inner faith(& lack of) then ‘protecting’ the God we trust.

    God is more interested in how we project His character through us den censoring every ’sensitive’ talk, making Him a cosmic tyrant. God loves us and is not offended when we tell pple the liberty we have in Him.

    Go ahead and have a laugh, God is good and great and there is only laughter and goodness in heaven.

  47. jael Says:

    I adore u , Mr Brown ! Great job !

  48. PROTEST Says:

    As much as you want to make a name out of yourself, I think in all ways you should respect the different types of religion, be it Christianity, Buddhism, Muslim. You should not even make fun of your own government. If you do feel so ashamed of living here, then I would think you should just live this country.

    Whoever adores you is a pain in an ass. I think it is too sensitive to even use the Lord’s prayer as a joke, I think you are no different from the JI member.

  49. quitter Says:

    Useless ministers! Bravo, Mr Brown. Way to go!

    Maybe next time I get to lead prayer I will say the Minister’s Prayer :-)

  50. AsceticDarkness Says:

    Wohoo! Nice one MR Brown! The Prayer is awesome. And I love the Animal Farm Quote.

    “2 Legs good, 4 Wheels bad”.

    The orginal one is “4 Legs good, 2 Legs bad”.

  51. Regan Says:

    Coming back home I find it refreshing that Mr Brown is still around after the New Paper episode.
    Whatever will happen (perhaps Mr Brown becomes an MP in the coming election), Mr Brown is the original Singapore treasure on social issues.
    I hope we do not lose him to the west; if we do perhaps he can come back as a FT.

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