the mrbrown show: a hong kong crime wave


The Hong Kong police are after the mastermind of a major new internet crimewave!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 18 Feb 2008: a hong kong crime wave Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 1.9mb, Time: 00:03:52)


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17 Responses to “the mrbrown show: a hong kong crime wave”

  1. han Says:

    Heh mr brown, trust you to come up with a new twist on the scandal.

  2. Lieu Zheng Hong Says:

    Lol. Really Funny!

  3. Joey Says:

    hahah funny

  4. Link Says:

    omg $1 abalone

  5. Lieu Zheng Hong Says:

    Great Hong Kong accent, haven’t seen one better in 2/12 years. Lol.

  6. hon Says:

    i wonder if they will start


  7. adeline Says:

    Trust you guys to come up with a hilarious one on Edison!

    & wow! the ‘HK’ guy….he sure sounds 101% HK….great job!

    You guys must have watched lots of HK drama indeed.

  8. adeline Says:

    Oh, real or bluff hor???
    where can I buy that $1 abalone in Singapore?
    Must be made of pure rubber! :))

  9. NLSN Says:

    Lol… HongkY Yea?

  10. Phatsounds Says:

    Good Effort! Good Hong Kong accent! Great job guys!

  11. Johnson Says:

    Hey, great job man… When do you want to start a Chinese version… must be very funny lah… Keep the good job on.

  12. Starshine Says:

    I like the ‘you wouldn’t..’ parts and how they come into the song with rhythm. Daaaaamn funny!

  13. fynyx Says:

    Hello mrbrown,

    One week from this podcast, Edison has finally said really sorry, and promised to withdraw from entertainment there.
    This latest gesture seems sure to draw many sympathy votes, especially from adoring fans.

    Apologising is very fashionable, it can sway public opinion.
    Very hip, scores media points.
    Thank you for the lessons, Gillian, Edison.

  14. Bevan Chuang Says:

    This is really funny and I knew that you will come up with something great.

    The guy does sounds like Hong Kong-er, but from time to time, I can still spot that little bit of Singlish. Ahh, a picky Hong Kong-er eh?

    Funny how your clip about crime has became a reality - HK police and the immigration department is really working towards stopping people from posting these online, after Edison had claimed copyrights on his photos. And yes, that would be the same background music they use. As a matter of fact, the same advertisement!

    Spooky Mr. Brown. You obviously has some extraordinary vision!!

  15. Xanda Says:

    Haha, although the Hong Kong accent sounded more like a jap accent initally but the content is still pretty funny.

    Sex photo theft = “sess photo teff”

    “this is a public service Oh-nouncement that will be broadcast nashonwide”

    Good job guys =)

  16. Chuck Says:

    Hey good job hong kee Brown… did u immerse yourself in HK for sometime to learn the hong kee lingo?

    Humor is a great way to pass on the serious message of respecting peoples privacy and not destroy it by stealing and spreading.

    Edison in my opinion did nothing wrong. What he did in his private life with other consenting celebrities was his business and rights.

    Its the intruders including the millions of downloaders that are guilty of trespassing, pillage and destruction of people’s life.

  17. Tingting Says:

    Hahaha that was really funny guys, great work!!1 :)

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