the wtf show (video): Panasonic Toughbook review

The Panasonic Toughbook very tough meh? We put it to the test!

You can download the high res file at!

6 Responses to “the wtf show (video): Panasonic Toughbook review”

  1. law Says:

    certainly quite tough. lol wtf.

  2. lorrytyre Says:

    toughbook is simply the best for light office work. i used to have a very old CFT1 last time. serve me well for 2 yrs before the keyboard gives problems.

    too bad my bosses do not want to purchase more of panasonic notebook series and switched to fujitsu, dell, hp.

  3. Not quite there Says:

    MB, what’s your definition of “quite”?

    Quite is “to the greatest extent; completely” leh …

  4. adeline Says:

    how i wish i can do those stuff that you did to the QUITE toughbook!

    It looks soooooooooo fun!

  5. ... Says:

    yeah. adeline i agree. so fun! but i everytime hamji, dun dare. scared later my laptop spoil. =.=

  6. .... Says:

    Yo Brown, I saw a black color laptop like out SAF use 1 huh the mitec can really tahan 1 person standing on to of the laptop 1 foot wif the laptop open!!!! that’s years ago. like 2yr back can’t really remember the name of the laptop liao. damn stylo!! Anyway u looks funny. hahahaha Panasonic Should use ur ADs mah.

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