the mrbrown show: formula ultimate queue-up system

Photo by paultanbbtc

You can be assured of an exciting time when you use this system to get your ticket to the races!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 25 Feb 2008: formula ultimate queue-up system Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 1.7mb, Time: 00:03:33)


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15 Responses to “the mrbrown show: formula ultimate queue-up system”

  1. meepoktah Says:

    FUQ-UP! Michael Shoemaker! LOL!

    “It’s an honest mistake!”

  2. ben@school Says:

    Wow! nice computer specs!=) and a nice price for the seats on the F1.1.Quite affordable~

  3. Lieu Zheng Hong Says:

    We even bought a new mousepad for faster transaction! FUKUP is the way to go!! rofl!

  4. kitsura Says:

    Wasted man, didn’t manage to take learn to FUQ-up for my Grand Pricks tickets.

  5. han Says:

    hehehhe this is one of the funniest yet!

  6. adeline Says:

    yup! our shoes maker will all be as happy as that ’shoe macher’!
    F1…nothing but encourages gamblers to become BIGGER gamblers disguised as car enthusiasts using their shoes to see the big time ’shoe macher’ driving around in circles at night!
    yup….this buying ticket sys is trial run lah….for the all year round coming up CASINOES!!!!
    If system can survive all the shoes in the line, then this system can be used lah for the Qs of people buying tickets to enter the INTEGRATED RESORTS…aka casino playgrounds.

    MBrown & gang! You are still the best AND HONEST funny bones around!

  7. Ryan Says:

    Wa. Great Server. Run windows vista/server 2008 on it and see if lag.

  8. toptensingapore Says:

    Its going to be a big year in Singapore…

    The Formula 1,

    The Casino…

    and the much awaited revival of the Pentium 2 processor!
    Yee ha!

  9. ali Says:

    wah! i sure go buy the tumpang seat!

    wa, onli Pentium 2? why not try using Pentium 1 running Vista? confirm no lag one!

  10. The great podcast from Singapore - Formula 1 and ticketing | F1 Wolf Says:

    […] We have a short break from F1 racing, a bit of breather after the 2 hot races in Australia and Malaysia. This is the right time to relax and listen to something funny. Fatfish, the regular F1Wolf reader and last year’s prediction game champion sent me a link to a podcast from Singapore. The topic was the Singapore Formula1 race and the now famous ticket sales fiasco. […]

  11. F1Wolf Says:

    I just listened to this podcast…

    Oh man you made me laugh :-)

  12. nieuwe Says:

    formula 1.1, gotta be the way to go LOL

  13. nieuwe Says:

    Formula 1.1, gotta be the way to go LOL, Where does he come up with this stuff :)

  14. LTA Says:

    I wonder if we should charge these F1 vehicles road taxes since we’re resurfacing the roads specially for them. Maybe COE is needed for the owner too… and oh, yes… its the CBD area! Hence, ERP….

  15. Chuck Says:

    I agree, no differential treatments for this F1 vehicles.

    But then the race is in the night. So how to charge ERP?

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