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No catch doesn’t mean no news!

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15 Responses to “the mrbrown show: day by day”

  1. dkps Says:

    knok knok joke… Wahahahaha…

  2. pillowyay Says:

    Not as interesting as the others, actually too much of the “news music” playing

  3. Edwin Says:

    Mee Rebus without egg! Wahahaha! So Lame!

  4. fynyx Says:

    Do we see it coming?

    Day Infinity (resources used up):
    ‘…someone who likes to complain, get the best deal possibly for free, and live to work…’

    That would put the whole nation in lockup.

  5. Sean Says:

    not as good…

    too much of the “news music” being played

    on the same topic again

  6. Ashleigh Says:

    But I think this podcast is brilliant! I seldom laugh at jokes on the internet but this podcast made me laugh out loud several times! Keep it up!

  7. adeline Says:

    Alamak! Only 100days? Should have used “100months later” instead! That limping guy is probably sipping teh with Osama or some JI gang and laughing their heads off at our infinite-resource police in Singapore! Anyway, he is hardly mentioned in the news these days; he has taken the back seat of all news on tv! Wonder if he will be sweeped under the carpet in due time.

  8. benson Says:

    LOL! knock knock! mr brown makes me look forward to mondays. o.O

  9. concern Says:

    For the past few nights, the queue for the lorry/truck lane has extended from the Woodlands checkpoint until the cross junction between Bt. Panjang Rd and Woodlands Rd, and the lorry/truck drivers have been blaring their horns like nobody’s business. I called the police and they said they’re aware, there’ve been many complaints, and that there’s a “traffic jam” … what’s puzzling is that the media has not reported about it … something is wrong, very very wrong…

  10. EDMW Says:

    They said he has a mole on the right side of his cheek, below the eye, and has thin lips.

  11. amused anf confused Says:

    any accountants here in this blog.

    “Over 3,000 officers of the Home team have been deployed in the search for Mas Selamat. Some of these officers searched the MacRitchie Reservoir on Sunday.” CNA

    trying to see how much it is oosting tax payers. 3000 * 20 days * $30 per day is costiing MHA $1,800,000 and still counting. Mind you this on manpower alone not accounting for overtime, weekends. What about the other operational costs? Please help me out to find out the real damage as this fiasco plays it self out.

    Who pay - you and me, tax payers lah. or else how to a modest budget surplus next with all the increases !!

    This is conservative, what about the other agencies? causeway jam, public’s time and productivity, Committee of Inquiry. SAF personnel.

    Wah Lau the price for bonding is quite high hor!!.

  12. amused anf confused Says:

    They fine us for our lapses and misdeeds, then in all fairness, the public should rightfully fine them back. It is the only correct thing to do.

    Everyday citizen should get some bonus share or tax relief come april 1st 2008.


  13. yuene Says:

    amused: Seconded!

    Nice curve ball at the end, mb. I had to stop myself from LOL-ing in the office!

  14. Bob Says:

    The part that he may be a ‘woman’may be worth looking into. Imagine he in the religious cover all ‘ninja’outfit!! hmmmmmmm

  15. dK Says:

    Why do you like Singlish speaking people so much? (not that I hate it) How come almost every1 speaks Singlish?

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