the mrbrown show: you are so champion

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The Home Team needs to feel your love. If every Mas, every Singh, every Wong can sing, so can you!

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29 Responses to “the mrbrown show: you are so champion”

  1. Mas Selamat Says:

    abang, tak ada lyrics ka? saya england tak boleh lah, tak powderful lah….

  2. offpoint Says:

    Well done!! Any parody with Queen is great for me!

  3. lorrytyre Says:

    hahahaha! dun even need to sing the song. the moment i see the song title….

    anybody able to fill in the lyrics for us?

  4. Wondering Says:

    Given our corporatized govt, we have been taught that when there is a mistake, heads simply roll. People involved should claim responsibilities and face the consequences.

    When we had a blogger teacher previously, his head roll for simply venting his frustration about his work because it was deemed “wrong”. Any love for him??

    Yet now, when such a serious mistake is made, we are told ” what to do” and we have to just move on from here. On top of all these, we are now asked make them feel the love. Why should there be an exception this time?

    Think there is a double standard here.

  5. you are so champion « bubble of isolation. Says:

    […] you are so champion 24Mar08 mrbrownshowpodcast […]

  6. ghostline Says:

    Damn farney song, mr. brown!

    Here’s a rough transcript of the lyrics for all the Home Team/Queen fans out there…

    They laughed at you, when he got away
    He did the crime, but you gonna pay
    A small mistake, a toilet break
    And suddenly the mobs are pointing their fingers at you

    On and on and on and on…

    But you are so champion, Home Team
    We sure support you to the end
    You are so champion
    don’t listen to them
    No time for bloggers
    and kopitiam uncles(?)
    of the world

    Causeway so jam
    people blame you
    but illegal workers and cigarette smugglers
    you’ve caught a few
    Your boss is kind
    he don’t resign
    stay back to give his moral support
    to encourage you

    (We go)
    On and on and on and on…

    You are so champion, Home team
    you mustn’t feel so down and sian
    you are so champion
    burn all your weekend
    this is so boring (?)
    but we know you’ll catch him

    You are so champion, Home Team
    You are just like us - but common man
    You are so champion
    Work harder, you can

    Pray for us, Minister…
    that you’ll be the champion of the world…

  7. Asoka Says:

    I realise Wong “Sorry Also Must Explain” Kan Seng actually said sorry for once but refuse to explain when press to do so.

    Not nice leh, never practise what he preaches, how to be credible ??

    James Gomez, please make some noise, do not repay cruelty with kindness.

  8. adeline Says:

    So much for World Class Home Team.
    So much for World Class Security.
    So much for World Class MMMMs (multi-millionnaire ministers & mentors).
    So much for World Claas Republic Nation that world class every thing.
    One tiny island, smaller than LA & Shanghai, and yet, one limping supposed-to-be-unaided terrorist can beat our World Class MMMMs.
    So much for World Class mouths & technology!
    So much for World Class Champions!

  9. hengyu Says:

    The exact lyrics extracted from the MP3 file.

    They laughed at you
    When he got away
    He did the crime
    But you kena pay
    A small mistake
    A toilet break
    And suddenly the mobs are pointing their fingers at you!

    But you are so champion, Home Team
    We sure support you to the end
    You are so champion
    Don’t listen to them
    No time for bloggers
    And kopitiam uncles of the world

    Causeway so jam
    People blame you
    But illegal workers and cigarette smugglers
    You’ve caught a few
    Your boss is kind
    He don’t resign
    Stay back to give his moral support to encourage you!

    You are so champion, Home Team
    You mustn’t feel so down and sian
    You are so champion
    Burn all your weekend
    This is all bo pian
    But we know you’ll catch him…

    You are so champion, Home Team
    You are just like us, a common man
    You are so champion
    Work hard and you can
    Be a blameless minister
    Then you’ll be the champion of the world.

  10. JamesGomez Says:

    walau. win liao lah. i say sorry oso muz explain. y wong cunt sing no need? i take form oso cannot escape. how come mas selamat so easy escape? so not fair. juz becos mas selemat not opposition got such privileged treatment.

  11. Fahim Says:

    Something similar happened in Pakistan when a wanted suspect involved in terrorist charges fled Pakistani prison. A respected Pakistani journalist asked Pervaiz Musharraf about this incident at a press conference in London when he was there to “charm” the western media. On that Pervaiz Musharraf replied angrily and asked his supporters to teach this journalist a lesson. Now Pervaiz Musharraf is a lame duck and that journalist is vindicated. Below is the link to the incident. A lot of people in Pakistan think that government here has played the drama of terrorist threat in order to divert people from real issues and continue to get American support at the expense of independent judiciary. Some people also speculate that security services work secretly in collaboration with these so-called terrorists. Now it seems that critics of Pervaiz Musharraf regime and his policy towards terrorism are vindicated.

    By the way one of the reasons fallacies of Musharraf regime were exposed is because Pakistan has a vibrant and aggressively independent media.

    Having said that I am in no way implying that this is the case in Singapore. The two countries are entirely different. Singapore is a world class bureaucracy with first rate policing regime while Pakistan is a third world country and I have full faith in the efficiency of Singapore’s security setup and its foolproof nature!?!

    For more details about the incident please refer to the link below.

  12. JC Mugger Says:

    Great job mrbrown and team! It’ll be greater if you could get us some real Sops..Like Ruby Pan. I haven’t heard her for a while. Wish you all the best in producing ever better podcasts! =)

  13. Jedd the Jedi Says:

    I love the funny false and the lovely piano background music!

  14. Tot Says:

    whoot. Killer Brown man.

  15. RS Says:

    Alamak, I suffer from the Singaporean Amnesia. Almost forgot about the “Sorry, also must explain.” Tsk, tsk…

    Wonder how would the “it’s an honest mistake” defence work against this argument.

    Wait, something is slipping my mind. The price hikes! I better scribble it on a piece of paper in case I forget yet again….

  16. LeeTuaSian Says:

    “What to do? It has happened.”

    Let’s move on everyone!

  17. Asoka Says:

    Yep, James Gomez committing a normal administrative mistake of misplacing his form have been played up by Singapore Media and PAP as end of Singapore if he is elected.

    But the Minister’s mistake is played down by the Singapore Media as a one off , a lesson, a chance to rally together and is a good thing.

    Terrorist Escape Vs Administrative Mistake. No brainer.

    Where is justice man. Its quite a joke. Only people with no logic will actually believe crap spin by the media.

  18. Kit Says:

    If anything can be so hilarious yet meaningful, brother, you guys are the only one man. Credits for you guys!

  19. fynyx Says:

    Dear mrbrown and team,

    The song started real low, and stayed quite softly sung throughout.
    I would’ve thought a more boisterous and raucous version would have warmed the cockles of their hearts, and been a real morale booster.

    They might even adopt this version for their own karaoke bonding sessions!

  20. hypermast Says:

    nice 1 bro!hope u got more episodes that are songs!

  21. littlecartnoodles Says:

    Coming up next : “We Will Lock You” ?

  22. memphis Says:

    I thought the pronounciation of the lyrics were unclear. I couldnt make out the lyrics in the song.

    It would be prudent to also display the lyrics in text in your posting. Btw, i cannot stand the typical Singaporean accent singing a song because it is inarticulate and unclear.

    Perhaps, the singers should sign up for the business pronounciation course in BBC.

  23. No_one Says:

    memphis: Perhaps you just need hearing aids. You can get them at the local department store, I think.

  24. Jujitsuka Says:

    Not really funny considering the fact of the time and effort alot of ppl has put into apprehending the escapee… Mr Brown has always played on the ‘great disconnect’ our PM has with the local populace, but it seems like he and the rest of ppl here fares no better.

    Ignoring the fact that countless weary souls from various agencies are having sleepless nites and spending less time with their families so that the escapee can be caught asap, in oprder for life to return to normal as soon as possible in Singapore.

    Great pains has been made to ensure the operations do not interfere with the daily lives of ordinary citizens, with the exception of the Causeway. I believe the man on the street has not experienced much changes to his or her daily routine except for the increased presence of police and other enforcement agencies.

    It has never been a question of “What if terrorist act descends upon our soil” ? but rather a question of “When”, and hopefully by staying vilgilant and steadfast we could postpone the “inevitable”. As the MSK case has shown, we’re not invunerable but suspectible to mistakes and laspes as we’re only human…

    It is said “a crisis reveals a person’s character”, and it seems like some fellow singapoeans here indulge in a “We” and “They” mentality, which is so xenophobic that disgust me. We’re all Singaporeans, sure work for different “masters” but at the end of the day should anything bad happens in Singapore, everybody loses and everybody pays!

    Its just not right to take the mickey out of me and my fellow colleagues, just for somebody’s listening pleasure… We’re not asking for sympahty but rather just a chance to put things right.

  25. lorrytyre Says:

    i have a swallow & simple mind, please do not take me too seriously.

    dear sir jujitsuka, i just want to say, we (at least myself) cannot have lived so peacefully without your forces’ constant vigilance in protecting this country.

    “we” and “they” (actually i dun even know what u meant, apologies): we lived for ourselves and indirectly for others as well. if we made mistakes, we will too affect others indirectly. thats how i see myself.

    many of we, the normal people here in sg, might have already forgotten MSK or don’t even know who the heck is MSK.

    about those side events like catching the illegal immigrants, etc, while trying to chase after MSK, it only shows that well…nothing can be made perfect.

  26. justanothersurfer Says:

    to Jujitsuka -

    It is in my opinion that until one day that the escape in broad day light by a high profile detendee are fully accounted for to the public, you and your fellow colleagues will continued to be made mickey, or even goofy or minnie.

    I appreciates the extra hours spent hunting for MSK and emphatizes with you and your colleagues lessen time with the family due to the incident - I agree with you that it is of no-one’s interest to have MSK on the loose. I just wish we do not lose sight of finding out the root cause and adressing it.

    I am not a big fans to asking someone to resign due to a single mistake - but I do feels that for forgiveness to be given, one have to come clean and account for the mistake.

    my 2cents worth.

  27. Trillion Says:

    Hi Jujitsuka and justanothersurfer,

    No offense, but if I recall correctly, someone once said something about how we have trillion dollar economy and we cant afford any mistakes so thats why its justified one gets so much pay.. something to that extent. Well, what do we have here…a mistake.. a dangerous one… why should we bear the burden of paying the one who can’s sing his salary then? When its HIS job to ensure such things don’t happen? Remember, his pay comes from TAXES.. which comes from that extra 7% you pay for each thing you spend on.

    Don’t like it?

    Sorry, its a mistake.. let move on..

  28. monkeysee Says:

    To Jujitsuka:
    The indignation you express is noted, but not appreciated. You feel that because the various agencies are working hard, they should not be mocked or faulted. Well, I’m sorry, but welcome to the real world. Someone, somewhere f**ked up big time. Might not have been your agency, (whatever agency you might work for) but the Million Dollar Ministers have been paid well, and their justification for their stellar salaries is that they head first class teams and deliver top knotch work.Based on such expectations, the institutions and agencies that they head (as well as themselves) are expected to perform up to scratch. Failing which, criticism is well warranted.

    Not to mention that any political opposition is so effective oppressed and suppressed by the Forces That Be, and yet real Security and Safety risks are so badly handled, only further erodes confidence in not only the ruling party, but the agencies that report to them.

    In summary: Kena mocked? Too bad. Deal with it. Prove us wrong and make things right.

  29. Eeeediot Says:

    This excerpt is from the link below:

    “Mas Selamat ran away. But PM Lee said that Wong Kan Seng was not at fault and should not be punished in any way. The reason being that Wong Kan Seng personally did not do anything which allowed Mas Selamat to escape.

    Strangely, if your maid runs away, it IS your fault and you SHOULD be punished. Even if you did not personally do anything to let her run away (apart from giving her a day off).

    Similarly, if your maid becomes pregnant, it IS your fault and you SHOULD be punished. Even if you did not personally do anything to make her pregnant.”

    Enough said….for more info go to the link..


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