the mrbrown show: this is duh news 9

Photo by charlesmok

The mrbrown team reports duh news again!

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5 Responses to “the mrbrown show: this is duh news 9”

  1. adeline Says:

    GREAT JOB! Very creative job in ‘mixing’ so many real life issues/incidents togther.
    Wish you had ‘given more, much more, news’ on the escaped limping terrorist who has shamed…your guess is as good as mine…. Wow! His “strategies” and “focus” are World Class standard…so good that can even make our Home Team changed strategies after 5weeks! How awesome can it get.

  2. Ashleigh Says:

    wow, another fantastic job done!

  3. lorrytyre Says:

    dear sir mr brown, more feeds from ST for next monday’s storyline,
    LTA’s masterplan is really very exciting indeed!

    Abstracts (5):
    Measures to slow down traffic (ouch)
    More rain shelters for motorcyclists (

  4. lorrytyre Says: did my comments got cut off….oh well.
    less “cheap” parking space available in CBD, encourages public transport.

    remove the use-ful lcd monitors in the trains and build more seats instead. can we have just a few double deckered bendy busses during the peak hours? thank yous.

  5. lorrytyre Says:

    another MSK -aftershock headlines
    Guards were negligent, says MM
    ” Those who think nothing can go wrong are being complacent”

    perhaps the law is being too lenient on this type of criminal act?
    probably we should bump them off right away like how punishments were carried out in WWII - chop off the head, beat to death, bang bang bang, etc.

    oh well, i believe anything that can happen will happen. but to apply this on everything in this world can be difficult when years of experience are put in to maintain a certain high standards of security and yet compromised so miserably.

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