the mrbrown show: best passenger experience award


You know you are getting an award-winning experience on our mass rapid transit!

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35 Responses to “the mrbrown show: best passenger experience award”

  1. Someone Says:

    Actually the MRT guys are making an effort to increase the train frequencies. Too bad it’s still not frequent enough, but I hope they’ll improve further.

  2. Akaryu Says:


  3. DOM the Clown Says:

    Dear DON,
    Your podcast is spiritually uplifting indeed.



    BUT WAIT!!! 66.6% people who are willing to experience the sinking experience in the Peesainic cruise should be spiritually more uplifting than your podcast. Check this out:

    hiak! hiak! hiak!
    Dominique Al Karput

  4. lorrytyre Says:

    hahaha! i guess the judges compare us (the steady marvelous really transport) with other countries’ transport systems perhaps. if u were to compare, elsewhere had much more people using the transport and i think they are more superior than ours in managing the heavier load of users.

    i had to tell ya, they should follow the school bus rule: no standing allowed! put more seats inside the transport, lah. otherwise, all standing rule with special modifications for the elderly and those really need to sit down.

    given a choice (if i wished to waste an additional upto 30 mins on the bus instead of train to the same destination), i would take the bus. and yes, i was ‘lucky’ to have the alternate choice of single direct bus trip from home to work (from interchange to interchange [(45-80 mins trip]).

    those voted for good experience must be those boarding and alighting at interchanges.

  5. aloy Says:

    Your podcasts is the only thing that keeps me from killing myself on mondays.

  6. Lion Investor Says:

    We are told the official figure for the average MRT ridership during peak hours is 1200 with a max capacity of 1400 (Can’t remember the exact number but that is not so critical for this discussion). This number is calculated using the number of people passing through the gates.

    I suspect the derived number is fundamentally (and mathematically) flawed. Why?

    Everyone knows that the train is more empty at both ends. The number of people on the train starts increasing towards the city, and then it will reduce again. An average ridership is meaningless without taking into context the location of the train.

    Let’s look at an example.

    Consider a rail network with 6 stations. A, B, C, D, E and F.

    Let’s assume the train has a max capacity of 1200 and at the different stations, there are the following amount of people in the train:

    A - 400
    B - 800
    C - 1200
    D - 1200
    E - 800
    F - 400

    From the numbers, you will find that the average ridership on the train is (400+800+1200+1200+800+400)/6 = 800 people

    If you look at the average number alone, it will seem like there is still a lot of room on the train when in reality, the train is literally packed full at C and D.

    Due to the nature of our commuting pattern, there is no way SMRT or SBS can achieve a ridership that is close to the maximum capacity.

    If they keep on using ridership number to determine the train frequency, we will continue to be packed like sardines.

    I could be wrong in my assessment, but unless SMRT/SBS are more transparent in the way they arrived at their figures, we will never know.

    So, let us not be complacent.

  7. RJ mugger Says:

    This podcast prevented me from jumping onto the tracks every morning! Waiting time so damn bloody long can?!?!?! Last time break down need 7 bloody hours to restore service, make me late by 90mins for skool somemore!!! And they call this BEST EXPERIENCE!!!! I really dunno who the hell can vote for this kind opf service quality!

  8. Injin Says:

    I seriously like this podcast.

    Hong Kong Metro is really World Class.

    Frequent, Fast, and last of all ‘Cool’

  9. wC Says:

    why some of the older podcast cannot be downloaded?
    like “results may vary” >

  10. XenoFlux Says:

    WOOOO MB!!! BEST PODCAST I TELL U AH!!! BUT we have to support our gahmen in whatever….. nt so clever decisions they make….

  11. xiphius Says:

    this is so funny!!!! i just couldnt stop laughing out loud!

  12. Wen Long Says:

    I like the use of Kampong News Network

    Take the 1st letter of each word and … haha

    Brown for president!

  13. yang_man Says:

    Yes…World Class MESS Rapid Transport System, driven by no-one…..

  14. Lee Toot Toot Says:

    Got train take must be happy.
    Can reach destination A to B, must be grateful.
    Got aircon somemore, must be thankful.

    You people neber learn… to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th ….. countries.
    We are World Class.

  15. Philip Says:

    Yeah, the full list of winners is here

    The local newspapers act until very big, say beat HK, Denmark, etc…

  16. Janet Says:

    I’m a Singaporean and have been living in Europe for nearly 10 years. I have not tried the Denmark’s metro but from personal travelling experiences I can confidently say Singapore’s public transport is no doubt world class. I took it for granted and did not not realise this until I left the sunny island. Everytime I’m back to visit friends and family, I marvel at the sophistication of the system, it only gets better each time.

    There are many so called developed first world countries out there who simply cannot hold a candle to our public services.

    If there is one thing I miss about home, it is Singapore’s public services. Don’t take it for granted guys. Enjoy it.

    Nevertheless, Mr Brown’s podcast never fails to tickle me !

  17. Klinsen Says:

    the point is, our transport system is world class for sure. However, we should not be content and complacent with this half-assed award, and continue to work and improve it further.

  18. lorrytyre Says:

    Off Topic:
    the current ST Headline really got me there at first glance
    “Teen detained at President’s pleasure for murder of lover’s husband”

    sometimes, names can really make serious Headlines not serious
    by the way, i found out today that got such term as President’s pleasure.

    i wonder what’s brewing next monday. would it be Duh News?

  19. FWAH! « The Big Blacks Says:

    […] Anyway i just heard this podcast from mrbrown about smrt winning the BEST PASSENGER EXPERIENCE AWARD! How can they win that la siao! Best lao sai award more like it man. Anyway just go listen to the podcast on that, super funny, i can send it to you if you want to. There’s this funny part : Hello uncle have you had a best experience with smrt? yah everytime is an adventure got one time the air con suddenly off, then the driver say, “the air-con is spoil and if you want you can take the next train, if not too bad” FWAH!!! the assperience beeeest ah! So you enjoyed the warm service of smrt? ya. so warm , warmm until my armpit sweat ah! After that assperience i lost 3 kilo from sweating, better than sauna man! […]

  20. blind Says:

    thanks mrbrown for letting us know how warped the mainstream media is. pap can never be trusted to furnish us with the truth.

  21. Johnson Says:

    I really missed the foul language (N* B* CH** CH** B**), it has not been here in the podcast for a long time… Way to go, Mr. Brown…

  22. Fahim Says:

    Just look at the web site of the awards:

    look at the sponsors of those awards and play “identify the logo” game during your next MRT ride. You will find these names quite familiar. So you do not want to cut those hands who feed you. Off-course the organizers of those phony awards have to please the sponsors and the sponsors had to please their clients. I am just amused with the fact that Best Metro Project MENA was awarded to Dubai, while the service will not be operational until 2010. On the other hand they failed to mention Tehran Metro, on the best in the region. Offcourse you might want to cut those hands who feed your enemy. Welcome to the world of free market capitalism!

  23. HaHaHa Says:

    V funny, ha ha ha! Packed with punches!

  24. Simon Says:

    There are so many awards awarded that I thought every metro get an award… just nominate, sure get one!

  25. adeline Says:

    MR BROWN & GANG….YOU ARE THE BEST!!! The best in creativity & in innovation…fast & furious….& ON BULL’s EYE too!

    Singapore…as usual…boast…boast… forgot to boast that it has been 2mths since one limping man got more than 4million people sitting up and swearing at the gahmen!

    & LionInvestor, yup, you are right. Statistics always lie! Statistics from the gahmen and media are certainly ’scary’ indeed. Horrendously questionable all the time.

    & Janet, the train system in Western Europe sure surpasses the MRT here by miles!!!! Of course, there may be sporatic boycotts & walkouts there once in a while; here of course, can not, lah, unless the demonstrators/walk-outs want to see the insides of Changi Prison, or perhaps, the ex-resort room of Mas Selamat. The MRT here is nowhere near those in Europe!

    One award the MRT here can probably win….BEST FAVOURITE SUICIDE METHOD AWARD! since there seems to be an increasing number of people either trying their luck at horizontal bungee jumping at MRT stations or aiming to meet their Maker as soon as possible. FAst & furious!

  26. DOM the Clown Says:


    One vote from me for MRT to win your BEST FAVOURITE SUICIDE METHOD AWARD!


  27. MTRC Says:

    Thankyou boss! We bring you world class service and world class passengers! Clean,Fast,Cool and most important, very coehesive crowd. Almost everyone keeps to the right so that people in a hurry can get pass. You seldom get this kind of courtesy from most Singaporean comuters. I guess we Singaporeans should do something about our own behavoir in public if we wan to be a truly world class public transport system. And SMRT better do something about the 7-hour disruption. The worst disruption on the MTR was only 4-hours due to a fire on board(serious! No injuries fortunately).

  28. Mas Selamat Says:

    i like the “na bei ccb’

  29. the mrbrown show: best passenger experience award | 【【张庆琳】】 Says:

    […] source: […]

  30. XenoFlux Says:

    love the laughter at 1.37! and and the ‘like the OSIM massage chair liddat!’ eh. mas selemat noe mb website leh.

  31. Venom Says:

    Just wanna leave some views on this subject. I have been staying in Paris coming to 2 years and have travelled quite a bit to UK, Germany, czech, sweden, holland, switzerland, France and etc… Of course there are good and bad experiences with their MRT systems. But I must say that our MRT is one of the best that I have ever taken in the world . The Paris metro is totally smelly, damp, dirty and any repair work takes at least 3 months. I have been trapped for 15 mins in the london tube, it was so stuffy (no ventillation at all) that every one began to feel very uneasy. Talking about the crowdedness, we can never beat Hong Kong and Tokyo during peak hours (it is so pack that you can never fall down). Even the very advance and rich countries like sweden do not have their underground system nicer than ours. I can assure you.

    SMRT is indeed one of the best around and like janet said “don’t take it for granted guys”… try living overseas for some time and you will really appreciate Singapore…

  32. Aaron Says:

    Since you ppl think that u ppl are not experience best service on the MRT,go buy a car then!

  33. Juliana (aka Bukit) Says:

    Guys, Like Janet said, don’t take for granted. Our public transport be it BUS,MRT or TAXI are indeed one of the best public transports in the world beside Japan. You try to leave in other country! see if you experience the same experienced. If you don’t have license,you’ll just have to live at the mercy of your friends to drive you around. Worst still if they can’t make it,you’ll have to take taxi that is costlier than in S’pore. I’m ordinary S’porean working in some part of USA. My experienced tells me how to appreciate what we have here. If you don’t want to be in the crowded public transport? change your working hours to none peak hours. You’ll get what you want, more space and most of all the whole train is yours.

  34. Eeeediot Says:

    Actually, the shareholders/owners/CEOs or whatever of the SMRT should take their own Public Transport (SMRT) to work everyday instead of driving. Then they will know how it feels like for people who take the train daily, who missed 2 to 3 trains daily, etc etc….

  35. chuck Says:

    I lived in HK for 6 months.

    Indeed HK deserves the best metro asia pacific award.

    The most outstanding feature is the blinking lights showing the stations for the lines inside the carriages. Passengers who are hard of hearing can see when they should alight and where they should alight to change lines.

    Fabulous and so user friendly. I love HK metro.

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