the mrbrown show: Singapore contributes to the Olympics

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The world needs Singapore to bring back the spirit of the Olympics!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 21 Apr 2008: Singapore contributes to the Olympics Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 6.3mb, Time: 00:06:46)


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31 Responses to “the mrbrown show: Singapore contributes to the Olympics”

  1. Handsome Says:

    Wha… you power rick roll your listeners!

  2. Someone Says:

    Damn, I got rick rolled!

  3. DOM the Clown Says:

    Mr Brown!!!
    So, either you’ve got the idea of Rick Roll from The Sammyboys….or are you notnilc888 who started this thread:

    hehehehehehehehe…..the podcast made me rolled on the floor when the drumbeat started…..


  4. Dan Says:

    LOL!! Nice rick rolled!!

  5. XP Says:


  6. Tetrflare Says:

    I’ve been rick rolled!!! Oh yes!!!

  7. adeline Says:

    Beep. Beep. RICK ASHLEY….gives me the shivers! Just as bad as that song “I Just Called To Say I Love U”!!!!

    To ensure that Singapore does a great job to protect the torch, Won’t Kia Si will stand tall and proud as he leads all the ministers here as runners carrying the torch. Like that then the security will be superb! & no terrorist—Tibetan or pro-Tibetan, limbing or running—can get in to whack the torch bearer or to get out after smacking the t0rch bearer!!! If this can be achieved, then all the Won’t Kia Su can stand singing WORLD CLASS SECURITY song once again.

  8. Waverley Says:

    Hey, how can you like that say my Rick Astley? I was (and still am) a huge fan!

  9. fm Says:

    damnit, rickrolled by MB.

  10. YongWei Says:


  11. Ashleigh Says:

    Quite good, although a bit too long

  12. Jedd the Jedi Says:

    Ahh! Rick rolled! You needn;t have put the whole song in lah!

  13. elvadrieng Says:

    WAH RICKROLLED AGIAN. Not april fool le!!!

  14. link Says:

    new version


  15. adrian Says:

    my goodness i was wondering how long were you going to let rick run and you placed the whole song in LOL! excellent podcast!

  16. Power Says:

    MB.. Power!

  17. blind Says:

    so will there be torch extinguishing ceremony during youth olympics? haha

  18. dasboi Says:

    ohmigod! the last place i tot i’d get rickrolled! damn you! muahahahahaa!

  19. aaron Says:

    yah man! good way to get rid of protesters! I oso siam far far wen i heard Rick Astley… harhar

  20. anonymous Says:

    should put celine dion ” My heart will go on” song. That will suit it better IMO

  21. offspring Says:

    wtf. the most disturbing podcast to date. rickrolled and profanities. i like.

  22. rich Says:

    lol april fool’s day is over and we get rickrolled…

  23. kevin Says:

    hey, wtf! i LURVE Rick Astley!!! … MB, you not scared those copyright people come & find you ah? normally you will spoof songs wan, this time is just copy & paste… hey, i think you’ve spoofed enough songs to compile into an album. liao… starting with that old podcast song you wrote back in 2005 for ginny (?) ..hey, my MB collection of mp3’s and videos are around 2.5 GB liao… cool ar..

  24. Winky Says:

    What’s going on?!?!? Theres seems to be an issue with the network as it neither could stream nor download.. Is someone out there censoring this??? Gee…Am I gonna miss my weekly dose of Mr Brown show???? Sighz…

  25. Polalion Says:

    OMG look at this video of Chinese police beating up Tibetan protestors:

  26. Regan Says:

    What is the fuss ? Boycott Beijing’s Summer Olympics for what real reason ?

    Do not know - only one good reason surfaces when reading website, with its entry of 13 May 2005.
    Quote “Paris based ,’Reporters Without Border’ receiving financing from the National Endowment Fund for Democracy, formed by President Regan in 1983, and an organisation dependent on the US Department of State”. Unquote

    No wonder the English call the French ” Frogs”.

  27. kkyz13 Says:

    lol didn’t expect the rickroll lol. Gd 1.

  28. Rowena Rose Says:

    This is awesomely hilarious! I almost fell to the floor laughing. Well done!

  29. Phatsounds Says:

    This is awesome & hilarious. I really like it!

  30. StealthNoob-Tony Says:

    OMG,not only americans got rick roll’d. We Singaporeans also kena. I’m too young to get Rick Roll’d

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