the mrbrown show: leisure island

Photo by e-chan

Singaporeans need to relax! Behold, Leisure Island!

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12 Responses to “the mrbrown show: leisure island”

  1. HaHaHa Says:

    Wow, your goat sounds so real!

  2. adeline Says:

    Singapore still got goats, huh??? Still got shit to step on, huh? Wahlau! Sounds so relaxing in this super hot weather!

    so what are you waiting for?

    Am waiting to see where the new EWP—Electronics Walkway Pricing—gantries will be erected on this Leisure Island before going on all those connected walkways… to walk in circles!

    U know lah…in Singapore, cars get ’sar mun’…sooner or later, even the walkers will get ’sar mun’ with EWP gantries! Or else how to get back all those humanitarian millions recently given away!

  3. XenoFlux Says:

    MB why today so late then gt podcast? i sianned the whole day u noe? and the Regimentally Enforced Leisure Activities Community day! PRING! Lesure Island….. GOOD ONE MB!

  4. missj Says:

    try a goat!?!
    oh gosh. make sure there are really corners to relac at - but be careful, the mamas will set up shop there~
    and is Leisure Island supposed to sound like the intro to The Simpsons..?

  5. tby Says:

    Let’s all relax 1 corner in the barn of the farms in Lim Chu Kang!!!

  6. regina lee Says:

    medical island for dictators too ?

    Mugabe in Singapore for cancer tests
    MR ROBERT Mugabe came to Singapore
    last week for the kind of medical treatment
    no longer available in his run-down
    hospitals in Zimbabwe, leaving loyalists in
    the ruling party to wonder who is really in
    charge with just a month to go before a runoff
    in the country’s presidential election.
    The Sunday Times quoted sources close
    to the government as saying the 84-year-old
    President travelled to Singapore on Wednesday
    to undergo tests for prostate cancer. He
    was due to return home today.
    For Mr Mugabe to leave last week
    suggested the visit was urgent. Though
    having been in power for 28 years, he faces
    a fight for his political life after losing the
    first round to opposition leader Morgan
    Tsvangirai in March.
    Sources close to the government said
    that the tests were being conducted by
    a top Malaysian urologist who was also
    known to have provided “certain financial
    services” for Mr Mugabe, reported The
    Sunday Times.
    AFTERSHOCK FEAR:Workers gather after an
    aftershock rocks their building on May 12.

  7. lorrytyre Says:

    24/7 supermarts price not cheap right? every industry should 24/7 and 5 day week.

    no more traffic jam, no more sardines packing, maybe can even increase the job market.

    leisure for everybody on sat and sun, 2 x family day every week. good huh?

  8. lorrytyre Says:

    i think, the team will taking a leisure break, because dunno for whatever reason, they kenna hacked by a nick call M41K00L, yesterday, it seems.

    the forums like emptied out, cant seem to go into the forum topics.

  9. e-chan Says:

    Hey, i’m happy you’ve selected one of my photos as an illustration for this podcast. I’ve been enjoying your hilarious podcast for few years and it’s fun to see my humble pic associated with you guys

  10. Eeeediot Says:

    First Arts Hub, then Sports Hub, Sports School, Integrated Resort (read: Casino), then Youth Olympics, and now this so-called Leisure Park….

    I wonder what will be up next?? And rofl, Adeline commented on what I was thinking of as well: the Human ERP… sooner or later sure will implement one… because SOOOO MANY people will be using leisure park that they have to employ ‘crowd-ctrl’ measures.

    Maybe in future all newborns will be microchip-tagged, like our dogs now; maybe when reach 6 million people liao everywhere also got the Human ERP gantry (e.g. shopping centres, food-courts, MRT stations etc).

    Makes you wonder if catching escaped criminals will be easier next time, since the personal info is stored in the microchip. Everywhere people go got gantry, even the toilets and forests. X-D

    Wait, did I mention TOILETS? oh yea i did….. maybe some bugger will forget to install a gantry in Whitley Detention Centre… ahem**

  11. yc Says:

    missing the point..if singaporeans dun have to spend so much time being competitive or stuck in traffic jams or crowded trains, where got the need to relax

  12. chuck Says:

    wow, even relaxation must be campaigned and enforced?

    Uniquely, Singaporean man.

    You guys sounded so perky and happy. I guess the campaign is working.

    Don’t just touch the goat, try the goats milk and goats cheese too……

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