the mrbrown show: the singapore chase for olympic gold

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We may need to change strategy in our chase for an Olympic gold medal.

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22 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the singapore chase for olympic gold”

  1. Dany Says:

    This is praaattaaaaa!!!

    2 kosong and 1 egg coming!!


    Why not petition “wayang taiji” for Olympic sports, I am certain that Singapore can get gold for that!!

  2. Alvin Ho Says:

    LOL!! Funny podcast.. fell off my chair when chee gu ba came as a sport… anyway we got sliver in table-tennis already. Yeah! as long as “they” wear singapore jersey, I’ll support.

  3. Alvin Ho Says:

    Singapore can get gold in SMS texting too… petition this to IOC yeah!! Confirm win! Our fingers are well design for this SMS competition

  4. will Says:


  5. xenoflux Says:

    well, the tennis girls gt a silver back, so this is a little outdated.

  6. Onlooker Says:

    Good idea can implement at youth olympic or not? LOL

  7. mb Says:

    xenoflux: tennis?

    Not to take away anything from the silver medal of the table tennis team, of course, but Muthu is aiming for gold in his sport.

    So no, I don’t think this is outdated, hahaha!

  8. Reborn84 Says:

    wahaha..Speedo prata racer suit!! Prata is my passion and curry is my blood.

  9. adeline Says:

    This type of GOLD we can get! For sure!

  10. MSP Beckham Says:

    Spore hurrah!…..with a small nation like us we can have a imprint in Olympic…….as compare with our Neighbour with 10 times more ppl….

    Good foresight for the table tenis assocation for able to pick the youung crops from Beijing from young and trained to be world class………

  11. Tzai Wei Says:

    da youtube vid here

  12. mb Says:

    Tzai Wei, while we appreciate the Youtube versions, it would be nice if you linked back to here. Thanks!

  13. xenoflux Says:

    THIS IS PRATAAAAAA!! thats fun.

  14. Eeeediot Says:

    Allow me to quote a poster at Sammiboy forum; it is roughly this that he said:

    ” Let’s say i am a Singaporean and i go over and play some sport for Malaysia, then it’s Malaysia VS Singapore. Malaysia lose to SG, should I feel ‘lao kwee’ that i lost to my motherland? Or feel happy that my motherland won?”

    Anyway, why are they spending money just to win some medal at sports? Winning will help SG ppl meh? Winning a medal doesnt really do anything other than give the country face that’s all. Afterall, the monetary reward come from whose pocket? Taxpayer’s pocket…

    Ultimately, sporting events are some sort of way to promote ties with countries thus i feel that going to great lengths to get FT just to win a medal is bull-crap… In the end, there dont seem to be any meaning or pride even if there is victory. Yes, these gals represent us as SG citizens but however, do you think they are really PROUD to represent SG? Or are they here for the incentive and the chance to go to the Olympics? Only they themselves know the answer i guess.

    Many kids in China train for Olympic sports at young age but likewise many of them won’t ever have a chance to represent China. If another country’s willing to ‘pay-to-play’, so why not??

    Nowadays everyone is Global-Citizen. Everyone can represent any country as long as do some paper-work, get citizenship etc… With the work done, just don a jersey with the adopted ctry flag… win already also meaningless la… Macam football club like that, not international team… just trade players here and there. Crap….

  15. Sky Says:

    anyway they should have complaining and queueing as competitions..we’ll win gold, silver and even bronze!!!

  16. Eeeediot Says:

    Durian shotput sure Gold cos ang mohs dont like the smell; halfway thru competition will puke LOL…

    Prata discus? Bring it on! Our prata-men will do us proud!

    Ball-lifting? (read: carrying balls a.k.a boot licking etc) Sure also Gold. Some army regulars can rub and carry CO golden balls very well one….

    Dont understand why shooting no Gold lei… Army ppl alot of men get Marksmen but no decent Gold winner in Olympics. Maybe include M-16 rifle shooting competition or Combat Shoot. This one sure no need Foreign Talent one!!

    I wonder if include S.O.C (Standard obstacle Course) inside will our Army men do better than Usain Bolt? =D

  17. LIMKOPI.ORG - Staying in touch with each other Says:

    LMAO! I missed the National Day rally speech

    Noisy little girl and I missed the 2 hour speech. So we were wondering what the hell was being brought up this year.
    I was just randomly saying, oh, just check mrbrown. Its already been an hour after the speech, he will have something up.
    A 2 h…

  18. x-boy Says:

    no offense but the picture in the entry seriously look like this -> …CAUTION!

  19. Dr Chan Says:

    It might be interesting to discuss how Singaporean our silver medalists are. Did you guys hear the spectators cheering for the Singapore table tennis team as if it were their own team at the finals?

  20. VFKK Says:

    Hey Mr Brown and friends,

    I have made something that made interest you. it’s at my blog

  21. ehehe Says:


  22. Fahim Says:

    Some basic facts about Bahrain, whose Hijaab wearing locally born female national athelete brought a gold for her country:

    Total Population: 718,306 (non-national expatriates 235,108)
    Total Area: 665 SQ. KM
    Total GDP: $19.66 billion (2007 est.)
    GDP Per Capita: $32,100 (2007 est.)

    Total Population: 4,608,167
    Total Area: 693 SQ. KM
    Total GDP: $161.3 billion (2007 est.)
    GDP Per Capita: $49,700 (2007 est.)

    Here is the link to the story. It seems that we, in Singapore, can get some learning from Gulf Arab countries in addition to petro dollars we are vying for from that part of the world.

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