the mrbrown show: we need you baby


Singapore has a national crisis! Men and women! Prepare to be mobilized!

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26 Responses to “the mrbrown show: we need you baby”

  1. match Says:

    Well done… Farney.. Very very… *clap..

  2. khai Says:

    haha this is the coolest podcast ive heard! imagine how they would respond to “akan tembak fudijua, isikan peluru. hormat! tembak!” haha and probably rusuk senjata? hormat senjata? and what about strip weapon? haha

  3. KL Says:

    HAHA! Very funny! Keep it up!

  4. mr citizen Says:

    “dun be so sexcited… dun waste your bullet…” LOL!!!

  5. Alvin Ho Says:

    NSF… Impressive… what kind of uniform ah? LOL

  6. adeline Says:

    Left turn. Right turn. No turn. U turn.
    U guys at the best! U turned my Monday blues into laughter & fun. Always firing my week with at least a smile!

    Yo, Mr Brown, you can continue to do your national duty, leh. Then Singapore can have more little browns running around to hand out more love. Singapore needs more thrust to move forward, ya, like what you all said.

    CEPAT REPORT FOR DUTY at your firing range, MR BROWN.
    If you and your gang report for firing exercise, am sure the Platoon Sergent will be most happy!!! &
    Don’t stop at 2.
    Singapore has the technology for U NOT to stop at 2! U know lah we are a country driven by technology! Everywhere technology. Even the bedroom must have technology! We have the technology and the money to make all firing gadgets work when they can’t work or are too old to work. We have the technology, the brains to make procreation easy!
    Platoon Sergent opens mouth and gives order, and every thing will start and run like clockwork!
    Mr Brown & gang, U all can still make it for the ‘deadline’ as stipulated by WKS.
    Only a country like Singapore can impose deadlines even for making babies!
    If the Olympics have a new sports….make babies….our Singapore is bound to win! $1million for every gold medal made in procreation. Who doesn’t want a cool $1million?!!!

  7. Julian Says:


  8. HaHaHa Says:

    OMG, I still remember the “Put some years between us” poster, which brings to mind the “not enough pau, etc” advertisements in the 70’s.

    NSF (national sex force), LOL!!! But then, if the sex force don’t work, then not enough cheap labour NS-men for exploitation. :-D Guess someone(s) is(are) really worried after so many years of easy source of cheap labour.

  9. Chow Keng Says:

    Recurits during pre enlistment briefing.

    Sargen Brown:listen up shitbags ….our country needs you more than ever.The Taleeban has invaded our bedrooms.This moblisation is to train all you men and women of our country to fight the Taleeban.Any questions?

    Recurit:YES Sargen!Permission to report sick!

    Sargen Brown:Whats ur plobem?1st day oni you wanna keng ah?

    Recurit: No Sarge!I got serious problem and I can’t be enlisted.I can’t erect!I want see M.O!

    Sargen Brown:Can’t elect ah….Nehmind,now go find ur buddy and both you and her in humping position knock it down 20 or I charge you,understand!

    Recurit:Yes Sargent!Btw,Sarge,what is hump?I only know mee siam mai hum….Same hum si boh?

  10. Hendrick Says:

    Need to serve reservist for this?

    I think alot of people won’t mind..

  11. Onlooker Says:

    If only this mob is true :)

  12. michio Says:

    where do i sign up?

  13. YarmageddonY Says:

    Another great masterpiece, keep it up :) u rox

  14. cy Says:

    humping positions!!! 1 sir! 2 sir! LOL. baby only need ur downstairs so upstairs headache nvm. hahas. really killed me seh. nice one MB.

  15. Wong Says:

    Very funny, very Singapore! Even my GP tutor played this in class. Keep it up Mr Brown!

  16. Sky Says:

    Good stuff…well if gals get enlisted into army, i’m sure the birth rates would go up…lol..own time own target carry on!

  17. emuu Says:

    if BMT is really like this. i will love it.

  18. Kaiyi Says:

    LOL this is super hilarious. Very creative. Keep it up Brown!

  19. Jotham Says:

    I want to hear this podcast but i can’t seem to open it or download. The podcast oso cannot buffer. T_T

    Some1 help me

  20. spicejar Says:

    So creatively funny! More of these, please!

    Also, I appreciate the jungle and firing SFX!

    ‘your downstairs got headache or not?’ XD

  21. Aaron Says:

    Can sign on and be a regular???

  22. Dr Chan Says:

    “Your downstairs got headache or not?”

    That really did it for me.

  23. someone Says:

    not bad

  24. Professor C Says:

    sex is gd, increase brith rate

  25. nL. Says:

    Err.. so scary!
    Can get to choose who you practice with or not?
    very pai seh leh!

  26. Dragon2012 Says:

    Bang… Who misfire??!!

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