the mrbrown show (video): beat it (the singapore ping pong song) music video!

We thought it might be fun to record this music video of our “beat it” song, aka “the singapore ping pong song”. So we did it LIVE, via Several hundred people caught our foolhardy and impromptu attempt.

Special thanks to Marc who volunteered to video us, even though he sang on the original track with us. He sacrificed his limelight for the cause. Respect.

This is the Youtube clip of the off-the-cuff performance itself (complete with annotated karaoke lyrics), for those of you who missed history in the making. Next time we pull a live stunt like this, we promise to tell you early, ok?

Vodcast iconVideo Podcast: the mrbrown show (video): beat it (the singapore ping pong song) music video! (MP4 Video, file size: 12.57mb, Time: 00:03:01)


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25 Responses to “the mrbrown show (video): beat it (the singapore ping pong song) music video!”

  1. VFKK Says:

    I don’t really know how your trackback works so here.!40438927F6F6F4B!554.entry

  2. Fish Says:

    Chio dao Peng..! (ROLF)

  3. KL Says:

    Nice video, but the sound is quite muffled. Keep it up!

  4. Benny Says:

    Good one!
    why you always have so funny ideas??

  5. kman Says:

    Another moment of Singapore history and spirit…immortalized!!! The Mr Brown way.

  6. california Says:

    its not funny when something good is made fun of. I’m proud that Singapore has won a medal

  7. Mlam Says:


  8. xq Says:

    lol why is the ping-pong president no.2 in the world? xD

  9. illusion Says:

    ROFL… wait i take my ping pong bat and beat it..

  10. HaHaHa Says:

    xq: lol why is the ping-pong president no.2 in the world? xD

    Think it’s cos China’s ping-pong president is the no.1 since China won the gold.
    Singapore with borrowed talent’s from the no.1 country won silver, so Singapore’s ping-pong president can only be the no.2.

  11. Brown Fan Says:

    Great remix of “Beat It”..a fitting birthday present (belated) for the “King of Pop” 50th birthday .. and U GUYS SIMPLY ROCKS

  12. adeline Says:

    U guys delibrately blur and muffled your video huh? So can’t get sue as no clear identification can be made huh? Keep it up. Good move.

    After all…the media here is for and by the gahmen…. the 2nd president found out the hard way…. poor thing…. now won’t speak to the press any more.

    The next thing that might happen is that female coaches may be hired and brought over from mainland to train our male layers here! Then maybe men table-tennis can get medal too the next time round. :))

    After all, it is just medals they want leh, so give them medals lor. Colour doesn’t matter lor, as long got medals, who cares lor. No need to put in 101% sweat and blood. 99% is okay. Still can get medals what.

  13. Anti-Iras Says:

    how abt a spoof on the recently published IRAS 60th anniversary book in the papers ???

    who the hell wants to pay for the book after paying them taxes? They should give it to taxpayers for free…. I need a table top book to balance my uneven sofa chair.

  14. jayel Says:

    We give Mr Brown a Kallang Wave for yet another creative piece of work. By the way, this is no ordinary Kallang Wave. This Wave I’m talking about is made up of people falling to the floor laughing in appreciation of the wit, then they get up thinking their knees are strong enough only to roll onto the floor laughing again when the next catchy chorus hits.

  15. Gameboyz Says:


  16. T.Stark Says:

    Hello there, Mr.Brown! Your podcasts are truly witty and interesting! I would like to enquire as to how I may contact you.

  17. Brown Fan 2 Says:

    A request for more ” Mee Siam Mai Hum” type of dishes please. Need to destress and enjoy Brown’s (laughing) Therapy.

  18. gordon Says:

    AWESOME! u guys rocks!

  19. Alvin Ho Says:

    yes your guys did it the brownian way!! beat it!!!

  20. boliao Says:

    eh, howcome the video no longer available? :(

  21. Dr Chan Says:

    Well done. Very funny.

  22. Chuck Says:

    Mr Brown,

    Its mind blowing talented people like you that makes me proud to be a Singaporean. Not the the silver medal Singapore won.


  23. Ping Pong Says:

    How nice and peaceful when LBW is no longer in the ping pong news ! Nicer if there were to be a new STTA president sooner, - it will then be back to the universal ping pong spirit re, Nixon & Chou En Lai.

    Miss you for a whole week Mr Brown, during which JBJ died and Wall Street tumbled beyond expectation.

  24. Saviourdevil Says:

    Hey MB, I must say u r very talented. Thanks for ur potcasts that really bring colorful lifes in us. Keep up ur excellent work. Cheerz

  25. haha Says:

    is the downloads free?

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