the mrbrown show: alien invasion

Photo by e-chan

Residents of a small town think they have to fend off alien invaders!

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75 Responses to “the mrbrown show: alien invasion”

  1. LeChucky Says:

    The lady who went undercover reminds me of blair witch project.

  2. iHateKiasee&KiasuSinkeporeans Says:

    hahaha.. nice one.. nice pot shots at those typical kiasu & kiasee residents …. esp mind raping part .. which is common among SG women’s perception …. haha

  3. Juliana Says:

    We are on our way to becoming a xenophobic society, aren’t we? Except anything white is ok, everything black is not.

  4. Cow 76 Says:

    It’s darkly funny, but isn’t this a little too sensitive? If I were Blangladeshi worker, I won’t feel good about this clip. How about a follow on clip from their perspective?

  5. Ronald Says:

    Racist sia =x

  6. Damien Says:

    Cow76 and Ronald, you do know Mr. Brown and Co are not making fun of the Bangladeshi workers but the racist behavior of the residents, right?

  7. Onlooker Says:

    Hmmm is the Undercover female stompid reporter Dr ChuaLH(MD Quackery)?
    If so she must have enjoyed the under the cover interview ;) ;)
    I applaud them for the fact that they realize they have a right(as humans) to voice out their concerns.
    BUT the reason they gave is LAME.
    Not to say the people who implement the policy is right.
    Because they should have foreseen/predict the problem before they start the importing the cheap labour.
    Solving the problem after the problem emerge is comparable to searching for Mas Selamat after he escape.
    For all that might be happen, the escapee could have resided in any of those dorm all these while.
    6 Mth and they still haven’t found what they are looking for.

  8. Ixnay Says:

    So I guess they wanted our elderly to move and make room for FWs now…

    “My personal view is, our land is expensive. But we have nearby neighbours in Johore, Batam and Bintan. The elderly want to reach their doctors within half to one hour. So retirement villages in neighbouring countries is possible, barring the cross-border hassle. It is best to find cheap land on short leases,” said Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan.

  9. gong gong Says:

    Remind me of certain femes person mentality ” your wife, mother, sister will be maid in foreign country…..” very similar.

  10. The Walker Says:

    umm im laughing at this really but im worried. I mean I thought Singapore is kinda strict on these kind of comments.
    Like its abit racist…?

  11. plow Says:

    I guess I am extremely sad about the behaviour of a typical S’poreans on this entire debacle…

    Our “FT” loving gahmen thought that they can push this down “people’s throat” without too much hassle.
    Land and “personal space” is alreay so scare and is at a “premium”.

    Some of the reasons given sounds so “lame”

    I could help wondering if we can house them near an area where our esteemed Ministers are staying ???

  12. xiaoming Says:

    if our minister wan to house them, they should do it by examples by living with them. if million dollar pay, ministers can only talk and cannot show by doing it in example, don’t expect the people to do it.

  13. yongwei Says:

    lol i study at the school nearby, i’m also against it

  14. beLIEve Says:

    iHateKiasee&KiasuSinkeporeans -well,u seems to not be kiasee and kiasu with ur name.if that is the case,do u dare to say that u didn’t go all out bargaining to save ur 50cents?do u dare to say that if s’pore is in a crisis 1 day,u will stand and defend singapore willingly?will you ask ur child to defend s’pore with his/her life insteading of dolling them up like what u do to ur barbiedolls?

  15. “Where is Chomp Chomp?” « Reclaim Land - A journalism project about space in Singapore Says:

    […] “Where is Chomp Chomp?” Posted in Uncategorized by Sam Kang Li on September 8th, 2008 With regards to the foreign workers housing saga, click here to listen to the views of the Residents’ Action Committee Expelling Extremely Smelly Trepassers, or RACEES for short.  […]

  16. Alastair Says:

    I agree that it is controversial and sensitive but it wouldn’t be the Mr Brown Show if it wasn’t. I mean anyone can make a funny podcast but one that also highlights the issues in our society, thats special.

    Just remember the lyrics from the Avenue Q song “Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist”:
    “Ethnic jokes may be uncouth but we laugh because they’re based on truth. Don’t take them as personal attacks. Everyone enjoys them, so relax”
    So Singaporeans, please don’t be offended. But maybe this podcast will make you more aware of the Middle-class racism that is everywhere, not just Singapore. Even here in London I have to put up with White Middle Class racists.

  17. Alvin Ho Says:

    Dont hide behind a paperbag Mr. Khoo
    Are Singaporeans racist? I hope not.
    But it is note worthy, bicycles are not equipped with headlights.
    These workers are hard working and has travelled far to earn a living.
    How about coming together to provide our friends better living quaters.

  18. Alvin Ho Says:

    How about coming togther to house them near bukit timah where our esteemed minsters stay?

  19. illusion Says:

    lol haha, dawn of the blangla >>> dawn of the dead??

  20. hoyksg Says:

    I always enjoyed the podcast on Mr. Brown….I’m also a resident of S’goon Gardens. Mr. Brown, what would you say if Mr. Mah manages to convince HDB to allow his ministry to house the workers in the block next to yours. Take a walk down the alleys in Little India, visit any one of the dormitories in Kaki Bukit or bring your wife and kids and walk along the Lorongs in Geylang….then answer my qn. Racism is not the main issue. I have 20 of these workers of my own another 30 are coming. I can eat with them, work with them, joke with them. But I’ll not stay with them.

  21. Aloy Says:

    Good one Mr Brown!

    I was appalled when i read about this in the ST the other day. In my opinion, this is outright bigotry and racist.

  22. e-chan Says:

    (please don’t publish my first comment)
    Glad you used one of my pictures as an illustration for this topic.
    As a foreigner, i’m not supposed to make any comments on what is told to be a national issue. However, i appreciate your funny and witty approach on the topic, and i think Alvin Ho’s comment are interesting.

  23. Hougang Resident Says:

    But seriously, why Hougang? Just because it is in the opposition ward mean it can be bullied? There are in fact many better places that can better house these workers. There are lots of old folks that are also poor and neglected by Singaporeans - just that they are old and easily hidden into a corner and therefore away from public eye. The elderly and young in Hougang is as important as the rich elderly and young in Serangoon Gardens. It is the heartlands that are more important as these are pure-hearted true Singaporeans rather.

    In fact I feel soory for foreign workers as they currently some living in corners such as in off Jalan Kayu amongst the “lorongs” - no transport in or out for them and they only come out once a weekend. Perhaps it is because these “rich” people in Serangoon Gardens don’t see them or interact with them before that they are so worried.

    Generally we are all humans, they have families like we do, they also have feelings and fears like we do, so do reach out to them, give them a break and give them a chance to live and work in Singapore - for you and me - doing the things that we don’t want to do.

    Just my 2-cents worth.

  24. Msky Says:

    Lol… The New KKK, this is gonna be controversial…

  25. johntanyishin Says:

    Lol, yeah, I saw them holding hands walking around.

    But it’s kind of sad if you know that some of them are paid less than $800 per month.

    And now, people are complaining about them.


  26. dangercomesinvariousforms Says:

    yo! property prices IN BUKIT TIMAH area can afford to drop in value since it is already so darn high! SO PUT THESE FOLKS
    Gahmen should walk their talk, live out their talk, set good example, then people can’t complain!
    There ARE land in Bukit Timah for these 2,000 workers! What about housing them at the Old Race Horse Tracks area???!!! Lots of space leh.
    Am sure there is no gahmen living in Serangoon Gardens!

    Personally, putting so many in the neighbourhood is asking for trouble. Try visiting Serangoon Road on weekends. See and count the number of locals, even Singapore Indians, along Serangoon Road. Then you will understand why the folks at Serangoon Garden are terrified by this news.

    I asked an Indian friend once if she does her shopping at Serangoon Road on weekends; she replied: U must be mad!

    I do understand how the Serangoon Garden residents feel and why they feel this way. Those who have no inkling, may I suggest you visit Serangoon Road on weekends for a few weekends. DON’T DRIVE. Take bus. Take MRT. It’s interesting indeed.

  27. adeline Says:

    Good production, Mr Brown&Gang.
    It is funny, but on hindsight, if there are going to be 2,000FTs in my backyard, it won’t be that funny at all.
    Anyway, all the reasons given by the gahmen are simply LAME. They probably are thinking….put these folks near the opposition area and if there are problems, it will spill over, and so it may not be our problem any more. Your fan is right. These talents should have more communion with our esteemed ministers; the key ones should be fellowshiping with FTs to show role model.
    Anyway, racism will always be around…in Singapore and in all parts of the world. Racism, just like terrorism, can not be eliminated. Look! Mas Selamat gone! Gone, mind you, not eliminated. He is still around…just like racism and segregation! The rich will be rich and be among themselves, and segregate themselves from the poor. The FTs will be FTs until they become citizens of this tiny nation.
    Sad though that the gahmen didn’t put much thought about housing FTs after working so hard in importing talents.

    MR BROWN, you should make a production to reflect how bonkers a gahmen can be….push and push for globalization and then now working so hard even to the point of having a tv drama SENSE OF HOME to get our Singaporeans to return home to Singapore! That man should have forseen it lah….you encouraged globablization, encouraged Singaporeans to leave and build business on new shores, of course, they may not return. Why? Why should they when they are so used to being the FTs of their new homeland? Why should they when their new homeland has more to offer than Singapore? OBSERVE. Only actors are used in SENSE OF HOME. Obviously they can’t get a real Singaporean to be depicted in SENSE OF HOME. Why should they? Because they do not want to come home regardless of whatever reasons these actors are trying so hard to promote in this coming tv series on Channel 5. Such a sneaky propaganda!
    U guys should do a production on this sneaky propaganda!!!

  28. Serious Issues Ahead Says:

    The Government has over the years systematically adjusted policies and wages to make the country dependent on foreign labour. It is too late to re-adjust - imagine trying to build the
    IRs or the circle line without foreign labour.

    FT is next - slowly and surely there is a make believe that for Singapore to continue grow - FTs must be here and in millions too.

    Serangoon Gardens is merely the start of visible people’s reaction. Its residents’ views are relevant; the Bangla factor is incidental.
    Hope the Government take note, take stock and listen seriously to the MrBrown show.

  29. TiredAhLiang Says:

    yo! property prices IN BUKIT TIMAH area can afford to drop in value since it is already so darn high! SO PUT THESE FOLKS
    Gahmen should walk their talk, live out their talk, set good example, then people can’t complain!
    There ARE land in Bukit Timah for these 2,000 workers! What about housing them at the Old Race Horse Tracks area???!!! Lots of space leh.
    Am sure there is no gahmen living in Serangoon Gardens!

    Personally, putting so many in the neighbourhood is asking for trouble. Try visiting Serangoon Road on weekends. See and count the number of locals, even Singapore Indians, along Serangoon Road. Then you will understand why the folks at Serangoon Garden are terrified by this news.

    I asked an Indian friend once if she does her shopping at Serangoon Road on weekends; she replied: U must be mad!

    I do understand how the Serangoon Garden residents feel and why they feel this way. Those who have no inkling, may I suggest you visit Serangoon Road on weekends for a few weekends. DON’T DRIVE. Take bus. Take MRT. It’s interesting indeed.

  30. liverpool 5-manchester united 0 Says:

    good one but calling them black is racism at it worst.somemore whynot instead of using bangla why not just talk about foreign workers in general

  31. ouam-chotte Says:

    Good picture

  32. Snow Says:

    I agree that it may be a bit racist, but that does reflect the mindset of some Singaporeans. I wish that people can stop this discrimination against Bangladashis and recognize them for what they have done.

  33. Alvin Ho Says:

    thanks e-chan for your comments about my views from Sydney Australia! you are a brave person who dares speaks out when others shun away.. good on you mate!

  34. gordon Says:

    Singaporeans are narrow minded sometimes. we only care about ourselves and become selfish towards others.

    Without Bangladashis workers, who will build our houses? funny how some residents expect them to do their job but refuses to recognize their contributions. they are not slaves, one can’t expect them to only work and to be locked up in a cave at night.

    Singaporeans, please be more gracious and open minded.

  35. Marcelo Says:

    Its just a little laugh of the day. Shouldnt really go into that kinda sensative topic.
    Thank them for wat they have done for us. Do realise that paying them isnt everything. Don be so proud, singaporeans.
    I wish those WOrkers dont hear this audio.
    So heartbreaking

  36. hoyksg Says:

    After reading the comments posted, it goes to show that a lot of readers here do not go to Little India during weekends, walk the Lorongs of Geyland with their families after dusk, take MRT or bus to Mustafa on Sundays or given the opportunity to visit the dormitories in Kaki Bukit or Jurong.

    For those with children, ask yourself how often have you told your child that if they don’t study, they’ll end up like the “FTs” (pointing to the workers be they Bangla or Indians). I bet these are the same people that are here pledging graciousness, saying we should “embrace” them for their contribution.

    There are big vacant plots along Dunern Road and Bt Timah Road. Plots that were empty for ages. There are also similar plots in Siglap and Katong.

    Why was there no uproar when the residents of Joo Chiat were protesting of teh influx of VN ladies around the area? Aren’t they human too? Aren’t they making a living too? Aren’t they servicing the “needs” of people too? Why was there no compliants of racism? Haven’t these ladies of the night “contributed” to the economy?

    Please stop being hypocritical. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you WILL welcome 25% of workers population in your estate. Think.

    Nobody is being racisit here. Like somebody here said, there’s segregation everywhere. Go to the Middle East and you will see. Even in their home country, these workers face segregation.

    Just to answer to dangercomesinvariousforms, there are MPs and ex-MPs staying in that area….but maybe because they are new or ex, they were not given consideration.

    Gordon, nobody treat them as slaves, everybody I believe in one way or another recognize their contributions…..but I think being gracious and living together are complete different issues.

  37. ppk Says:

    the Bangladeshi workers are generally friendlier and more gracious, but the PRC workmen are ridiculously inconsiderate and ill-mannered. How often do you see a PRC spitting, compared to one from Bangladesh?

  38. ppk Says:

    Please dont place the blame squarely on private property owners complaining abt the influx of such FTs into their neighbourhoods.
    In January this year, didn’t the HDB u-turn on a plan to house foriegn workers at the empty blocks in Jurong West after complaints fron Jurong residents? Why suddenly have a double standard here?

  39. CRAZY Bombayian/ Boonlayian Says:

    haiyo… serangoon? Boonlay is the new BOMBAY. Gosh, here was like Bombay then, but recently flooded with PRCs. Eh, so we are the new Bombay? or the new Chinatown? Certainly not singaporean. It looks like the population of locals vs these FLs: foreign laborers (i mind you, LABOURERS! not talents! At least the majority of them) are almost 6:4. Or just because the local Boonlay-ians had gone to hiding once the darkness falls. Every weekend nights you can see blangahs bathing moonlight near Jurong Point or PRCs in action (talking loudly, spitting, blocking the way, staring at ppl). This super racist, blame it on the frustration brought to us by our dear gahmen la, marginalizing boonlay. Here’s like some lousy airport, with overwhelming crowd with our residents in their daily activities, the FLs walking around, and overwheming crowd of factory workers and NTU students…. and all the constructions going on. DUH! i am going crazy!!!!!!!!
    MR BROWN! you must come down here and take a look. Journey to the West! Do a special about boonlay.

    to ppk: yesh this is so double standard. Jurong are being marginalised. We breath the crappy polluted air, constantly disturbed by the increasing existence of the FLs…. Wah Sey, never ending complaints one. I can only blame my poor parents for not being able to buy better HDB flats elsewhere.

    The gahmen sud shuddup, stop talking about FTs or gracious society, ask the mps to stay here in bombay and experience the Bombayian life loh…. lets see how well long can our gracious MPs tolerate.

  40. adeline Says:

    Poor Boonlayian. The gahmen should not be putting all their energy and brain power to promote and implant propaganda stuff regarding any thing and every thing to do with F1 Grand Prix and focus their brain power on this FT housing issue s!
    Instead, $ is more impt than the issues/plights faced by red-blooded Singaporeans! Sad indeed. No wonder people refused to return to Singapore and others want to leave. Mr Brown. Do one to show the sillyness of coming tv drama SENSE OF HOME….really all nonsense and no sense! Getting Hardy, Edmund Chen, etc. to act, to portray Singaporeans overseas…. gahmen should wake up! With stunts like FTs and F1 (nothing but to increase gamblings & bettings), why would I as a Singaporean overseas want to return to Singapore??? NO good reason to return! Worse still, Chinese FTs behave as if Singapore belongs to China and they do walk, talk and behave as if Singapore belongs to China. Observe. U will see what I mean.

  41. Dr Chan Says:

    I don’t think the residents at Serangoon Gardens reject the idea because they are racists. It’s not just about body odour and skin colour either. I would feel equally uncomfortable sitting next to a loud and spitting Chinaman.

    I’ve blogged about this issue too.

  42. David Says:

    Hi, just in case that you are unable to stream the audio, here’s an alternative link to dl

    no virus, no worries :)

  43. Claudia Says:

    I really don’t think it’s fair to label residents of the Serangoon Gardens as selfish or snobbish.

    I think this podcast is displaying more racism against foreign workers than anything else.. Such a shame..

  44. peter Says:

    Why is it not fair, Claudia? I think it is pretty clear the residents there are displaying some level of racism.

    Are you a resident there, Claudia?

    If anyone should feel ashamed, it should be those residents.

    If you are reading racism into this podcast, you are certainly not getting the point.

  45. Angry_one Says:

    This is a very hard issue to debate, but there is no way you can be generous to people of another culture by letting them live near you in great numbers. It’s not a matter of skin color, it’s a matter of cultural differences. In their countries, it’s ok to be loud, to litter, to fight in the streets - but that’s not the norm in Singapore.

    You can acknowledge them as humans and sympathize with their plight, but the only way to help is to make their countries better. Letting them into your backyard in hordes will destroy your neighbourhood.

    Those who accuse these residents of racism should offer their own houses for these workers. Or take a walk in Geylang, Little India, Boon Lay etc. These places have become slums and locals are dying to move out. Get off your moral high horse and chuck away that textbook! Face the FACTS!

  46. Claudia Says:

    Peter: Selfishness and racism is not determined by the location we live in. I expect the same response from residents from any HDB estate or high class residential area to react in a similar manner.

    Like a comment earlier mentioned, HDB cancelled plan to house FW at empty blocks in Jurong West after complaints. So a percentage of the residents who complain means the whole of Jurong West is selfish?

  47. Bangalas are so black Says:


  48. cy Says:

    these ppl are after all still helpin our economy indirectly mah…ya. nice production once again. :p

  49. e-chan Says:

    Although this is obviously a serious issue this topic is dealing with, it seems some people here are taken this too seriously.
    This is a satirical podcast on a weblog famous for its caustic spirit and sometimes pretty dark humour. Sarcasm, irony and naggings made in this podcast have to be taken with a certain distance, i guess. What the french call : “second degré”… Don’t you think so ?

  50. Mr Fair Says:

    Seriously guys, why can’t we just accept FTs? They are all human, like the rest of us. Have we all forgotten our roots? All of our forefathers were FTs, like those people who you label ‘bangla’. Face it, we all have to accept this fact, whether you like it a not, unless the younger generations of Singaporeans are willing to work as construction workers.
    PS : You can’t have the best of both worlds, S’G gardens is already a mini-Holland V. Give and Take :D

  51. Hotwater Says:

    Mr Fair, tell us where u stay & we will propose to gahmen to house the BW next to u. u are so kind.

  52. Mr Fair Says:

    Don’t be sarcastic, Hotwater. I am already living next to a FT building anyway. Why is it that I do not hear people getting raped, robbed etc? They are humans, like you. Not every FT is so evil as you think, you are just overly suspicious. I feel sad for you, having forgotten your roots, why don’t you just call yourself an angmoh and claim that you are from George Washinton’s family. Get a life man.

  53. Chuck Says:

    Thank you Mr Brown and your team for being the voices of concience.

    Countries like Norway or Australian societies chose egalitarianism and pay blue collar workers decent wages so that they too can hold their head high and not be despised.

    Pay people high enough, even citizens will do the work and hence no need for foreign workers.

    Others like Singapore chose elitism. They get foreign workers to do menial tasks and pay them lowly, deny them rest on Sundays and often abuse them, despise them and complain when they live too close.

    Its just Singapore way of life.

    Its elitism.

    Do we want to change this picture? If so, can we change this picture?

  54. Jotham Says:

    Nice!!! Its quite racist…

  55. Hougang Resident Says:

    Sad Case. Holland V is called Holland V because a lot of “white” are there. Little India is called Little India because of our fellow Indians Singaporeans has their roots there, then on weekends the other FW will be there. What are Lucky Plaza or Orchard Rd? Or even Beach Road? What are we doing about it - Racist? White or black or in-between? Hey we need Foreign Workers, and they need a roof over their heads - treat them fairly - but taking the trains with them on weekends is scary. Try to put them in all corners of the small island. We need them so let’s share them!

  56. John Says:

    Too racist! But it is nice.

  57. lexie Says:

    i doubt the point of the podcast was meant to be racist, in fact MB was probably trying to approach a sensitive issue from all angles(except the FW themselves). The usual kiasu Singaporean, the nervous womenfolk and the moral voice of the narrator. Much like south park, which shows you clearly that Singapore is not ready for a full-on satirical look at THEMSELVES, instead of just laughing at satire aimed at the GOVERNMENT on mrbrownshow or talkingcock.

    As mentioned, just missing the foreign talents’ views, regardless of whether he is a PRC in Hong Lim food centre or an American at Holland V.

  58. Go Go Singapura Says:

    supper racist.Lolz

  59. Dark_Voice Says:


  60. Patrick Says:

    Great job Mr Brown! For those who say “I’m not racist but…” just admit you’re a racist, why don’t you?

  61. Gautaman Says:

    wow.. abit racist dudes.. but other than that a great podcast (:

  62. Dargwere Says:

    hahax,bangla factor ,so black and smelly,I totally agree!!!

  63. familyman Says:

    sad fact.

    I do not blame the Serangoon Gardens resident.

    Blame it on the govt going all out to raise GDP figures, pulling in foreign workers of all colour and race in a race to raise the GDP figures. Cos their perfomance bonuses depend on this GDP fig.

    They do not care about the racial mix and potential explosion of feelings and emotions.

    I went to Parkway Parade on a Thurday night, Outside the DBS ATM.

    I felt like I was in Shenzhen. Nothing against them, but we are growing too fast, too too fast.

  64. e-chan Says:

    In I-S magazine (7th of november issue), something many people should check. A (too) rare objective and interesting photo essay about what the real life of the foreign workers looks like. This pictorial essay by Andrew chew, with very few text but powerful pictures, try to show “what it would be like to walk in their shoes”
    Here’s an extract of the introducing text to this essay, where we can see some topics of this current blog entry :

    “We see them everywhere. But we don’t want to live anywhere near them. Our MPs talk of housing them on floating offshore dorms, islands or the like. We disregard their safety, busing them in the back of pick-ups - exposed to the elements - like livestock.
    Yet they are vital to our nation’s economic and social growth; building our homes, roads, office buildings, hospital and schools. So, why then are we suspicious of, and hostile and indifferent to migrant workers, who are retracing the footsteps of our forefathers? Do our frosty receptions, sneers and selfish attitudes make an already lonely, gritty and, at times, demeaning existence even tougher to bear?”

  65. CrUcIo Says:

    Personally, i think that this clip is super racist.

  66. silly wabbit.trix are for kids. Says:

    i just hate it when there are some dimwitted a holes,who STILL/or just simply ‘think’ that a bangla guy is from india.Like wtf,its a complete diff country for christs sake.And let them be black,at least some of us don’t have to be yellow about it.*hints*.lols.

  67. c4 Says:

    frankly speaking im scared of a all foreigners they are coming in all forms students, workers etc .etc. its crap really in my batch of students we are barely breathing under extreme pressure that the foreigners are doing too damn well for exams such that local students are finding it hard to actually do well

  68. Agnes Says:

    Not only the Bangladesh people are invading this tiny little island.. The China people also.. Some more dont know how to speak english.. They are also invading in Singapore schools , work, buses(bus drivers) ..and EVERYWHERE else.. Singpore = Foreigner Island .. No wonder Singaporeans hard to find jobs…

  69. Agnes Says:


  70. 100% pure singaporean Says:

    That’s so racist.. Talking about skin colour and all.. Anyways, the China FLs are everywhere too.. OMG! i can’t stand it.. Walk aroundthe neighbourhood, see them.. Ride the bus, see them again.. Go shops, see them again.. Go shopping centres, see them .. Go lunch, AGAIN!! Go school alsoAGAIN & AGAIN.. I can’t stand it.. driving me mad.

  71. EmoKid Says:

    Hahas dis mr brown show is lyk damn funny lorr… wish haf a part 2 leh…

  72. Nicole Lai Says:

    Haha! He is Raping Me With His Mind!
    Haha! Stupid Women!

  73. Bryan Says:

    RACIST!!! Don’t so mean lah, but really damn funny.

  74. Annoymous Says:

    haha! rape!

  75. Su Says:

    hmm, for those people who comment that this podcast is racist, it’s SATIRE la wah lau.

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