See What Show (video): Review of The Days (歲月)


See What Show week of 10 Sept 2007: Review of The Days, 歲月.

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  1. Randy Ang Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,

    Thank you so much for your review. It means a lot to all of us from THE DAYS. We can pop by your place anytime (I live actually quite near Katong) and we can get the Rat and the guys (and gals) over also.

    Swee Ah!

  2. Wayang Says:

    hi mr brown
    i gotta ask whr was tat motorbike behind u ? looks like a super zhng lc kia of yesteryears.. the cha kway tiao handlebars.. super jacked up rear end.. hahaha

  3. BUCKY Says:

    Nice! Is the DVD out yet? I’m in my early 30s now and back in the 90s, I remember there was one period when schools are infiltrated with all these Ah Beng gangs. Being a “white blank” (no association), you really have to be careful. Sometimes you get confronted just by looking at someone the “wrong way”. Lots of “staring” incidents then. I got confronted once in Ang Mo Kio MRT by this skinny Beng asking me for $2. I laughed and told him I don’t have any, and he just walked away. He looked nervous. I think he must’d been a newbie doing some kinda what we call now, an ‘initiation’. What Ang Song Tong lah, what 18 Xiao Gin Na lah, what a bunch of jokers. I hope they are thinking back now and they can see how silly and childish they were. Those were the days. :D

  4. BUCKY Says:

    BTW, I’m one of those quitters working overseas for some years now thats why I’m asing about the DVD. Hope to get one when I go back for Holidays. I enjoy reading your blog and all those podcasts. Keeps me updated with the current affairs in S’pore. Please keep up the good work!

  5. Jedd Says:

    I’ve been very disappointed that See What Show has not been updated for so long. There have been so many major movies that you guys have not reviewed. The Incredible Hulk, The Dark Knight, Mummy 3, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Wall-E…I could go on for a long time. I’m quite let down that you’ve ended the spree of emptiness with a relatively minor film like The Days. But still, I’m all for local cinema.

  6. Gameboyz Says:

    Um Mr Brown..

    what plugin are you using for the podcast? Do you use Podcasting or Podpress?

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