the mrbrown show: this is duh news 10

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Our names are Bond, Mini Bond. More news from the Duh News team!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 3 Nov 2008: this is duh news 10 Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 2.1mb, Time: 00:04:19)


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16 Responses to “the mrbrown show: this is duh news 10”

  1. fm Says:

    “Download MP3″ link is broken.

  2. fdd Says:

    really duh news… no link…
    haaa maybe this is the joke!

  3. mb Says:

    link fixed. Thanks.

  4. Alvin Ho Says:

    Someday when Im awfully low, I will take a slurp of melamine and think of Julie.

  5. Daniel Richard Says:

    Link ain’t working again :(

  6. mb Says:

    So sorry for the inconvenience. I have checked the post and it works fine at my end. I shall test it further on other machines.

  7. rachel Says:

    “to which the public responded, huh?” totally true.

  8. tan. Says:

    hehe. 30 cents can mean a difference between a kopi and kopi ice for lunch. XD

  9. Saviourdevil Says:

    Yo MB, error opening. =P

  10. Ah Tiang Says:

    hahaa.. 30cents can let the people go toilet thrice.

  11. ac Says:

    cannot download leh

  12. adeline Says:

    Today announced, next day or 2days after, 30 cents is implemented.
    But when it comes to taking away the 30cents…
    today announced, 12 to 14days later then the 30cents is to be taken away.

    See how fast they implement when it comes to imposing fines but when it comes to taking away fines, see how slow they do things!!!

  13. M Says:


    Kampung News Network = KNN

    And I love how you tried to sound like newscasters.

  14. dK Says:

    Really funny. B)

  15. Somebody Says:

    Why did mr miyagi leave you?

  16. ERP lah Says:

    Dear KNN, we wish to duly inform you of an article we discovered in accordance to you report on transport.

    It concerns the very intelligent imposition of the ERP on public buses whose frequency are regulated by the PTC. As lowly peasants, we cannot understand the scholarly pursuits behind this move. We hope you can help us decipher the article we found located at:!26F399664A850E81!630.entry

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