Windows Explorer problems

It seems the show is not loading for Windows Internet Explorer users. I have sent a help ticket to my provider to see what seems to be causing it.

The shows are all fine if you use Firefox or Safari, on either Mac or PC.

Apologies for the inconvenience. Will update you guys once this is fixed.

5 Responses to “Windows Explorer problems”

  1. bloodsky Says:

    hmmm….. windows explorer or internet explorer?

    sign off: bloodsky :)

  2. fanjw007 Says:

    Hi. I use Internet Explorer and Firefox. The show loaded ok on both. Dosen’t seem to have any problems. :)

  3. Huh Says:

    I have problem playing back with firefox, so I reluctantly launched the internet explorer and i finally managed the load the show.

  4. iLLusionX Says:

    my IE works leh

  5. Testing Says:

    It also doesn’t really work in Linux. (I’m using the Xubuntu distro).

    Mind helping out there as well by making your site 100% cross platform?

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