the mrbrown show: singapore celebrates obama


We talk to Singaporeans for their views of Obama’s win at the US Presidential Elections.

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20 Responses to “the mrbrown show: singapore celebrates obama”

  1. Alvin Says:

    Yay I think I am first few to listen to this.
    Btw why everytime when i receive the email about the new episode and the itunes podcast is not available yet?

  2. PET Says:

    Haha… Nice one … us Cannot afford ….. cos spend too much money on something else….

  3. nanonano pudding Says:

    hahaha U.S can’t afford to pay Singapore Minister. LOL come on quality stuff are not cheap.

  4. dK Says:

    I have been waiting so long for this. I knew that there would be something like this.

  5. Ashleigh Says:

    the part on removing more seats to stand for a change is hilarious :)

  6. elvadrieng Says:

    Well, that’s funny. Especially the change part.

  7. kevin Says:

    .. so when is the top private sector salary going to go down huh? ;p

  8. Alvin Ho Says:

    Mccain got lau Chio wife meh? Anyway you are right Brown, I agree US government might not b able to afford our gahmen politicians also not many can speak well too.

  9. Alvin Ho Says:

    High class gahmen needs high class pay.

  10. fm Says:

    Lau chio bu for president! LOL

  11. adeline Says:

    LOL!!! Superb production!!!
    Creative indeed for the ‘change’ part! It is a pity the SMRT CEO and staff do not demonstrate the standing daily with the rest of Singapore!

    At this rate you guys are going, Obama better hand out green cards to you guys. When you were on your road trip, you should have told Obama that you guys do not want to take up residence at MAS SELAMAT’s ex-hotel in Singapore.
    It is tang-ku-ku wait long long for our politicians to make a speech similar to Obama’s outstanding winner’s speech that night! Drawing up such a power-speech is the last thing on our politicians’ minds as they are just too busy thinking up of reasons for their expensiveness. AFterall, this is what a world class gahmen is all about….have merits so can be expensive, and can make more people stand…stand for a change pregnant and handicapped and all…stand all the way home instead of sitting….so world class efficient…. not like some bush somewhere else….no merits, so can’t be expensive, but only a pain in d xxx to so many voters!

  12. No1AhBeng Says:

    Anyone watched the presidential debates? Why we don’t have them in Singapore? Wu chee, debate lah!

  13. CounterTerrorist Says:

    LOL USA copy singapore in having a black president HAHAHA. That was funny

  14. frenddy Says:

    Demoracy is alive and well…..Barrack H.Obama has proven it.Stand up Singapore!!!!!

  15. taylor Says:

    mr brown, this is totally cool!!!!!

  16. chuck Says:

    MM.calling Obama flash in the pan? Wow…

    Wonder whether Obama will hold the remark against Singapore?

    Perhaps if we claim that MM is senile and don’t know what he’s talking about these days we have chance of forgiveness.

  17. Donaldson Tan Says:

    I love the follow excerpt from the podcast. It is so sarcastic:


    Mr Desouza: The US should not choose a President based on popularity and persuasive powers. Look at us! Half our leaders has no charisma, and the other half cannot speak in public to save their lives. But we still vote for them, because they are very capable and experienced.

    Reporter: Perhaps we could send our leaders to the US to teach Obama how to run a country

    Mr Desouza: Maybe, but the US will never be able to afford our capable leaders.


    There are some truths in that competent leadership with years of experience will not prevent catastrophic failure.

    You might be familiar since it hit the headlines by becoming the first country to become bankrupt overnight, crashing from its first world status. Iceland was led by the same old incumbent Independence Party since 1929.

    The same party leadership that led Iceland into first world status also led Iceland into national bankruptcy. The scary thing is that even well-established leaders are not immune to the boiling frog syndrome. In essence, Singapore needs a change from PAP.

    We cannot continue to have PAP leading the country, otherwise Singapore will become the next Iceland.

  18. Zhanzhao Says:

    Donaldson, playing the devil’s advocate here:

    But would having another government in place have prevented or averted what happened? After all they are but one country (government) wallowing in the mire of a worldwide crisis.

    Anyway its not the leaders that are supposed to foresee and plan the financial direction of the country’s economy. Its the financial/economics experts they hire who are supposed to monitor, analyze, plan and advise on the direction to take. Then the leaders take the advice, add a political spin to it and put it as their own ideas. Now these experts I wouldn’t mind contributing my taxpayer dollars to :P

  19. Crazyzen327 Says:

    Sitting is still better than standing, what…
    P.S. Mr.Brown, Can have lyrics for every song podcast or not?

  20. no GRC lah Says:

    President Bush lost the election because he did not learn from Singapore- Bush will still be President if he implemented GRC!!!

    Mr Brown- you should do a broadcast on Bush review- why he lost the election :))

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