the mrbrown show: saving an icon

Photo by unseenshadows

An urgent meeting to rescue an icon from sinking into quicksand.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 17 Nov 2008: saving an icon Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 2.2mb, Time: 00:04:35)


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16 Responses to “the mrbrown show: saving an icon”

  1. Lim Meng Yong Says:

    Thanks Mr Brown. Your Show is more than a viable podcast. It’s the icon of Free Speech!


  2. cy Says:


  3. caramelmermaid Says:

    *snigger* “Temasek Holdings…rich, powerful, and mysteeeeerious…”

    frakkin’ awesome, Mr Brown :)

  4. Alvin Ho Says:

    Dollars and sense…. I think you forgot NKF… they know how to spice it up with gold…

  5. VFKK Says:

    WHY does ALL your podcast… SOUND Like THE MINISTERS… having CONSTIPATION !!!

  6. Dex-Tux Says:


  7. adeline Says:

    NOT ONLY Temasek Holdings; there is Donald Trump, lor…
    worse come to worse, get the TOWN COUNCILS lor!
    They are so ‘good’ in investing! Invest until all the citizens, esp those with household income below $1.5, laugh and cry about hearing at least $16millions took off to Heaven!
    Get TOWN COUNCILS lor! After all, they only invest 4% of their budget. They got money, what.

    U would have thot the Lehman Bros saga is over, but, they have to drop the bomb almost 3mths later! Wow! So strategic in planning. Wow! talk about ruling a country like a company!!!!

    & Mr Brown, U forget also NTUC can increase company’s revenues for this national icon. How? Get all the retrenced DBS staff to stand next to gamblers at Singapore Pool and sell them heart-attack-or-not-your-family-is-protected insurances.
    & also get UOB & DBS to sell guaranteed minibonds & unit trusts lor then get all the national icon working & banks happy earning money lor.
    & can also install jackpot machines in SMRT trains; and also in all the taxis! Get people all pump all for the opening of the casinos! Then got money to earn back lah.
    Last resort is to erect & implement ERPs on the MRT tracks lah. The national icons can be saved!!!

  8. adeline Says:

    KUDOS to you for a great job done!
    Very good production!
    So reflective of REALITY.
    Salute you guys!

  9. zade Says:

    hahas…this podcast is so funny…

  10. Kevin Says:

    MB, why no show again? Aiyar, you need a BCP lah… Brown’s Continuity Plan… in case you no mood to do pockcast liao, who will be your successor? Ryan? Tammy? Movie Mamma?

  11. Kevin Says:

    no moneyto eat mee pok, so must eat mee kia lor… ;p

  12. kk Says:

    in this depressing land we call singapore, we need mrbrown to add a tinge of laughter to our lives. so when’s the next podcast mrbrown?

  13. Ashleigh Says:

    Your podcast always so funny :D

  14. Johnson Lim Says:

    Ooi, no podcast again arr? Hey, brother, you cannot be like this one leh… Not only Singapore need your podcast, people here in Malaysia are also crying out for people’s sake! I can tell you unless you come out with new podcast, if not, people will scr*w you like Wong Meng Chi in Malaysia does… At least I would…

  15. kevin Says:

    methinks the MB read Johnson’s nice message… heheh.. ^_*

  16. anon Says:

    i can’t listen to it via flash!!!

    i can’t download it from the link!! neither can i download it from itunes!

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