the mrbrown show: sub industry

Photo by amyblog

Think Singapore are the only guys in our region with submarines? Think again.

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16 Responses to “the mrbrown show: sub industry”

  1. Ash Says:

    Technologiii… lol

  2. Canceler Says:

    Lol. Sotong Saga… And the Silence stages. Well done dude, well done

  3. Ben Ja Min E Says:

    Lawl, sotong saga submarine.
    Copyanise? o.O”

    Batam slient mode, shat up and don’t talk! Hahaha.
    Now rolling on floor laughing.

  4. xenoflux Says:

    i loled at “all hands! shut up and dont talk!”

  5. Kent Says:

    Is that guy standing 3rd from left naked ???

  6. Fahim Says:

    An interesting article on Temasek in Financial Times

  7. Wil Says:

    best… “the sotong saga submarine can go underwater!” LOL

  8. Namas Says:

    Eh where’s Ali ah?

  9. adeline Says:

    LOVE THE LAST LINE of the production/show…
    So loud and ask to shut up and don’t talk!
    FAB last 1-line.

    & yo! They may be all sotongs and copycats,
    but Sotong Saga folks have palm trees and coconuts trees
    to power their sub…unlike Singapore hor….we no such
    trees and no water to power any thing; even no wind power
    to turn the Singapore Flyer when it was ’stuck’!

  10. malaysiaboleh! Says:

    Proton have announced that they have decided to enter F1 as well!

    At the launch of the new car, lagislowwira satu, the team principal, Datuk Bodoh bin actionbedek mentioned the team’s goal for its year is to try not to get lapped by Lewis Hamilton and company…. as well as the safety car, the ice-cream bike and the pit babes on their catwalk.

  11. Yoshi Says:

    This is by far the most funniest podcast you’ve ever dished out… I haven’t laughed myself silly for a while man…

  12. alvin HO Says:

    Malaysia: Can we build low cost sub with low cost materials?
    Navy: YES WE CAN!

  13. Cheng Huat Says:

    hahahahahhahahhahahahaha.. that is all i can say :P

  14. Ah Hong Says:

    The silence mode sibei funny! :D

  15. yang Says:

    this is damn funny
    somemore i am malaysian
    sotong saga

    initiate the A-L-I mode

    ali…ali go outside and scout the enemy boat…

  16. Gab Says:

    No la..Indonesia is the first southeast Asian Nation to own a Submarine

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