It’s London in the house, yo!

After months of pre-trip preparations and countless rehearsals, it’s finally time to leave for London! As you may already know, the mrbrown show team was invited to participate in Singapore Day, London.

Here’s a few pictures of the excited team before they left :


I wonder if you know…


if there’s Bata in London



Excited team

The “ever ready to create content” mrbrown


All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go!


V for vLondon


Have a good trip boys!

Waiting for a present (preferably LV and 1 for Mo, Burberry),

16 Responses to “It’s London in the house, yo!”

  1. ksterk Says:

    bye… sad, this wk no update podcast to listen…………

  2. Jedd Says:

    Enjoy yourselves, mb and team! Remember to take some photos of the museums and stuff in London!

  3. Kevin Says:

    do you realise, after all these years; this is the first time Marc & Ivan have shown their faces? What about Movie Mama? heheh..

  4. Kang Says:

    Please to show both the good and bad parts of Singapore Day. Heard there was not enough food in New York and Melbourne … so hope they prepared enough for all otherwise many disappointed Singaporeans again. Why cant they spend less on other entertainment (not referring to the Mr Brown Team) but instead spend more on food instead. Singaporeans unite for Food!!!

  5. maryN Says:

    erm. actually BATA came from Czechoslovakia le. just a little tidbit :D

  6. Thiam Says:

    post more :)

  7. Delta Tan Says:


    Great show in general…

    Personally, I was looking forward to Native English Speaker version of “Bak Chor Mee Man” and “Johnny Zheng My Car”. LOL

    From a fan in London

  8. adeline Says:

    whaw lau! MR BROWN!
    Even the gahmen invited you and your gang….yo! is the gahmen trying to win your hearts and convey you guys into more ‘kweow’ obedient boys who will not product such offensive and cheeky productions about gahmen and their policies??? Alamak! now you are obigated to gahmen!!!
    what is gahmen up to? They let you guys sing your ‘naughty’ songs in London??? Alamak! you guys converted to gahmen ha?
    hope not!!!
    need you guys to sing the truth in Singapore, lah!!!

  9. Namas Says:

    Brown! Why you always ganna flanked by people more handsomer than you!

    Happy travelling!

  10. Dr Chan Says:

    You guys must be really busy over there. No updates?

  11. Matt Says:

    Sending MB to london was a WMD (weapon of mass distraction) away from the AWARE saga. That’s why we got no pockcast.

    Well done, gahmen! (sic) ;p

  12. cln Says:

    there is bata shoe museum in toronto… :)

  13. DoubleU Says:

    just to add on, kinda late, but, bata is considered fashionable in roma, italy’s capital. And haha i saw you guys on singapore day, haha i like the way you improvised with the horn ^^ and yea, they ran out of chilli crab went i arrived ^^”

  14. Passer by Says:

    Your videos are all very funny especially the mosquito song and swine flu song. the voice is nice, it sounds right and it is funny and famous!!!

  15. emoboi Says:

    bb lol

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