the mrbrown show: coach of the year

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Singapore sports awards have more than Olympian standards.

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25 Responses to “the mrbrown show: coach of the year”

  1. nL. Says:

    So bad!
    Give him at least a little credit lah!
    haha! first one to hear this podcast! XD

  2. hongjun Says:

    Second one to post.

  3. hahahaha Says:

    Mrs Cha Boh aka CB really is CB hahaha

  4. chaosmage Says:

    Hey, you guys got good material.
    Waited so long for this since you guys were in London.
    Keep it up, give you coach of the year, ok?

  5. eZcapital Says:

    Some how STTA did not learn the lesson. The LBW should be sack!

  6. DOM the Clown Says:

    What a coincidence! The CB MP who called the poodles to arrest the low IQ boy is also known as CB!………….PHUA C. B.

  7. jolene Says:

    I think STTA is right. Silver= 1st loser. Why should we reward mediocrity?

  8. Bernardo Says:

    Looks like another opportunity’s ripe for another self-styled sports veteran/mentor to stage a takeover of the association bestowing the awards! Hahaha…. Anyone knows when’s their next AGM?

  9. jj Says:

    i t so loooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllll

  10. meep Says:

    achievements should be recognised no matter how small it is.
    a silver means 2nd best in the world.
    2nd out of 7 billion people.
    how many can achieve that?

    STTA, please look at the white paper instead of the single black dot on it.

    even i a 1 year old also know this simple moral.

  11. meep Says:

    dat meant 18 year old, not 1 year old. =.=

  12. Kenneth Says:

    hey mrbrown, i can’t seem to subscribe to your podcast via itunes. it says that its not available in Singapore store. and when i set to US, it also says that it’s not available in the US store… any idea how to go about it? thanx

  13. adeline Says:

    soooooooooooooooooooo happy you guys r back from London
    & managed to get this production out.


    Mr Brown & gang…game for making a production on the best wayang in Singapore History? Make one for THE RETURN OF MAS SELAMAT… the David Copperfield of Singapore.
    Yes, do one about
    the greatest Singapore swimmer who made it past all those ships and sampans and our World Class Coast Guards who can catch aliens in the dark when they try to smuggle themselves into Singapore but can’t spot one man swimming strongly with an improvised floatation device across the straits to get into Johor after fleeing from his ‘palace’ in Whitley. Hhhmmm….MAS should perhaps represent Singapore at the next Olympics for swimming!

  14. kkb Says:


  15. Eugene Says:

    Hahaha… Nice one. At the end of a day, a move by STTA which simply speaks “No Class”.

  16. ThatGuyNextDoor Says:

    Awesome podcast…

    Just Wondering Are you Still going to make anymore movie reviews???

    Please reply thanks…

  17. Jin Says:

    o.O so fast ppl post…

  18. LeeWarnsYou Says:

    CB lubs chiu….. boiboi ish bery sad. *LOL*

  19. Kster Says:

    This coach of the yr thing. is pure rubbish by the sport council.
    Seriously, IF i m the head i also dun wan 2 give him lor.
    Better give to radom S-League Team Coach better than give him.

    BTW, Brown & Team, remember ( THE RETURN OF MSK ) & ( AWARE- OLD IS BETTER THAN NEW )

    pls remember to come up with something for them. HAHAHA

  20. Wilson Says:

    haha good job mr brown love you

  21. Dr Chan Says:

    I think if Coach Liu had played the good boy that the bureacracy expected him to, he would not only have clinched the award but he would have been promoted to the ranks of idols by the media.

    Nobody is perfect, but it’s a cardinal sin to rock the boat, openly defy orders and pull surprises. Liu is fortunate that the compliant press did not start a smear campaign against him.

  22. Alvin Says:

    no medals complain, got medals complain more. no coach complain, got coach complain more. no arrest complain, got arrest complain more… ah the irony keeps getting better each year. Heres to Brown and his team for spotting the Singapore irony. Yeah!

  23. DT Says:

    Well, my views are,

    1. When you commented and said something to the press and media, don’t goes into hiding.
    2. Such a small association, like, Singapore Table Tennis Association, already cannot settle and handle , we have to ask the member of the public are “YOU” fit to be a Member of Parliament. Being a M.P. be responsible and live up to your credibility just like our leaders. PLEASE DONT GOES INTO HIDING….maybe she is just like “MAS SELMAT” (Need to hide, no face already).

    If coach Liu, manage to train and win the next medals for the team that he (Liu) train, then ………… SINGAPOREAN, you should know who to Blame.

  24. chicken Says:

    wow its like u guys are the oni ppl that uses the current sg news to make fun of!

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