the mrbrown show: safe sex education

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The education authorities are concerned about its sex education program after some complaints from concerned parents!

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41 Responses to “the mrbrown show: safe sex education”

  1. ted Says:

    Funny for most part as usual. Can’t catch the reference to the taugay bit though….hmmm

  2. fm Says:

    towGAY. LOL

  3. Kenneth Says:

    Tau GAY..

    GAY = Homosexuality refers to attraction and/or sexual behavior between people of the same sex, or to a sexual orientation. As an orientation, homosexuality refers to “an enduring pattern of or disposition to experience sexual, affectional, or romantic attractions primarily to” people of the same sex; “it also refers to an individual’s sense of personal and social identity based on those attractions, behaviors expressing them, and membership in a community of others who share them.”[1][2]

    Homosexuality is one of the three main categories of sexual orientation, along with bisexuality and heterosexuality, within the heterosexual-homosexual continuum.


  4. nutcase23 Says:

    @ted: taugay looks like tadpoles. tadpoles look like?

  5. K Says:

    to Ted.. tauGAY??

  6. Dr Chan Says:

    A sausage between 2 buns? That’s really funny! Good one, guys.

  7. Cloudywind Says:

    hahahaha! tauGAY!

    pls send tis to MOE! :D

  8. Donaldson Tan Says:

    “We don’t want impressionable young minds to think that pink is neutral or normal.”

    I like the chemistry reference the most. The pH indicator Methyl Orange turns pink when the solution is pH-neutral.

  9. red Says:

    The Ribena berries comment was hilarious! Thanks for this LOL post!

  10. MR YEO Says:

    classic man

  11. cy Says:

    LOL. nice one. titration. xP

  12. Jedd Says:

    That was very good. I’m one of those people who tries to find the innuendo in everything, but even I couldn’t come up with that titration example. Terrific, especially the first part about Chastity claiming they were “anal” about things. The sausage between two buns was excellent stuff as well!

  13. Mat Says:

    TauGay! That was unwise to use.
    They might even ban ChinGay in the future.

  14. Night Says:

    taugay look like tadpols,LOL

  15. adeline Says:

    WAULAH errh!

    Now I have to think of ways to eat my hotdogs, my towkay and my all-time favourite Ribena!!!!

    ALAMAK! WHY u use Ribena lah!??!!!!

  16. poslow Says:

    if “towgay” is deemed not appropriate, then what happened to “Geyland” or “gay-lan” ?
    Should Geyland be removed from the Singpaore teaching syllabus for geography ?


  17. Bernardo Says:

    Ms Chastity’s English is indeed “im-peckable”, itz iss tlue dere arr steel air-lucasen ofisers who spik lite dat ! LOL! This is one of your best podcasts indeed. Two decades back, I recall taking a peek at a nephew’s hand-copied song book, and in it was a song entitled “My Grandfather’s Clock”. He spelt the third word minus the “l”. Intentional, it definitely was not. But still a source of mirth we often share till this day…but not so sure if Ms Chasitiy would approve of it.

  18. akbo Says:

    Potato phallic meh? where got konek so round one?

  19. KILLERSINZ Says:

    taugay is bean spornt

  20. kaineng Says:

    haha nice one here, but then seems like some lessons teach incorrect stuff, or inaccurates bah, here also studying titration, well the correct way, one…

  21. humph Says:

    One of your best podcasts that had me rolling around in laughter, but you better rate it NC16 otherwise later conservative-majority-concerned-parents come after you.

  22. manting Says:

    funny song. HE! HE! HE! HE!

  23. manting Says:

    go search for :
    banana phone
    don’t forget-Demi Lovato

  24. hoho s Says:

    it is not methyl orange, it’s phenolphtalein!
    ~ A chemistry teacher! haha

  25. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t think it’s very funny lei. It’s the worst mb podcast by far. U seriously think Aware’s cse material is appropriate for young kids? No wonder so many manly girls on the street. I even saw them in gents toilets. It’s a mental condition

  26. Dr Chan Says:

    Huh, Mr Anonymous. AWARE is responsible for the manly girls on the streets meh? You not lesbian or homo, neutral sex education can make you lesbian or homo meh? You don’t know last time all the “manly girls on the street” hiding inside the closet only meh?

  27. realist Says:

    That’s the worst comment I’ve seen.

    Are there more now? Where did you get your statistics from?

    Are you saying that girls are, and can be, taught to be “manly”?

    I was from a all-girls school twenty years ago and there were already “manly” girls. It’s just that they were more discreet in the past.

    Burying your head in the sand doesn’t make things go away.

    Btw, I love wearing skirts and have gay friends. Omigod, why wasn’t I influenced???

    Because I am lucky I was born with perfect XX chromosome. And like a normal human being, I have a mind of my own, or rather, a preference of my own.

  28. Denzuko1 Says:

    Very funny indeed! Din catch the Taugay until reading the comment.

    Love the sng though.

  29. Kenneth Says:

    yes.. com’on. like what realist says, the worst comment.
    probably u are suffering from a bad child hood experience in primary sch during health education uh?

    Dr Chan, probably have some other docs in his contact and might have some recomendation for some other Docs for u.
    might help though!

  30. Jasmin Says:


  31. sarcass Says:

    Do you guys use garageband to make your podcast?

  32. alvin ho Says:

    What would APA do? What does DSM-IV-TR say about gender identity disorder?

  33. whatlah Says:

    Funny but was so dissappointed with no Shut up and Sit down OR I was on page 73 podcast. I was expecting them since that two lines are so catchy and so suitable for brownshows.

  34. ben Says:

    I didnt get the titration part… Why did they have to use titration.

  35. akbo Says:

    titration= use burette to squirt acid inside flask of alkali or the other way around. So it seems like the ahem ahem that man an woman do when they are married.

  36. dey Says:

    vagina + penis = baby

    but you see ah in singapore…

    penis + penis = pink dot

  37. bo Says:

    Taugay part wasn’t funny. Just lame.

  38. mogui45 Says:

    Chao Chee bye!inciek nabei!!!

  39. Jumping jeeves Says:

    by the way, Donaldson tan, no hard feelings.

    I could not help but notice that it is not Methyl orange that turns faint pink at a neutral pH, but in fact i do believe it should be phenolphthalein (colourless at first) which turns to the latter colour at a neutral pH. in fact methyl orange, if i remember correctly (do correct me if i’m wrong), turns from orange to colourless on reaching a neutral ph.

    just so that you know in case you kena that mistake in a test =)

  40. maxwell Says:

    raibbina berries run around naked!Even ah!They so fat!

  41. teapot Says:

    naked hahahahahahahaaahaha

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