the mrbrown show: wash your hands too

Photo by kalavinka

Don’t touch me until you wash your hands, baby!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 25 May 2009: wash your hands too Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 3.6mb, Time: 00:03:54)


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61 Responses to “the mrbrown show: wash your hands too”

  1. Shu Yen Says:

    Show the dance moves leh! Liddat then can be Wonder Boys mah!

  2. kb Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAH! Sounds kinda retro 80s though…not as contemporary as promised. lol!

    Loved the rapping part.

    P.S. Please upload music video of u guys dancing to this. Will be an epic hit.

  3. Cappella Says:

    *Two clean thumbs up!!!!*

  4. Sangrawi Says:

    Bravo!! Bravo!!

    Ken Lim, the record producer, and Butter Facotory will be calling you soon to cut albums and perform at the clubs…

  5. yz Says:

    come on show the smooth moves and lyrics!

  6. bb Says:

    Wash Your Hands Too

    I dowan you to touch me baby
    You go toilet nair wash hand right?

    When you wash your body, wash your hands too
    When you wash your body, wash your hands too
    You don’t want get swine flu
    Or someone pass to you
    You better wash your body your body your body

    H1N1 is confirm no fun
    Be careful where you go, US or Mexico
    If you have temperature that mean you got fever
    Don’t just take honey, this flu is not farny

    Maybe it’s time to wear a mask
    Maybe you have forgotten SARS
    Whatever the weather, must bring ther-mo meter
    Stick it in your armpit or down there!

    When you wash your body, wash your hands too
    When you wash your body, wash your hands too
    Though the level is yellow
    Don’t be dirty fellow
    You better wash your body your body your body

    When you wash your body, wash your hands too
    When you wash your body, wash your hands too
    Must wash after poo poo
    Or germs will stick to you
    Wash more than your body your body your body

    I know you use finger, don’t let the smell linger
    I know you dig gold, and wipe on some pole
    You scratch your backside, and think you can hide
    You play your below, take ice from my Milo

    Maybe it’s time to be hygiene
    Maybe you should be quarantined
    Don’t be a spreader, we stay clean together
    We’ll pick the kutus from each other’s hair!

    When you wash your body, wash your hands too
    When you wash your body, wash your hands too
    If you think you’re infected
    Don’t blur block go Orchard
    Don’t pass to somebody somebody somebody

    When you wash your body, wash your hands too
    When you wash your body, wash your hands too
    Must wash after pang jio
    The Wonder Girls damn chio
    They dowan your body your body your body

    Back in the days when we only took a bath monthly now
    Looking at you I feel, as sick Kim Jong Ill
    Your breath smell like kimchi, you see
    There’s no vaccine eugene
    Go wash your body
    Your body your body, wash your hands too

  7. Dato M Says:

    This is the best Mr Brown song so far!!!!

  8. Mike Says:

    Really enjoyed this… nice piece of work!

  9. fm Says:


  10. DVC Says:

    Video! Video! Video! Video!

  11. Noraj Says:

    where is the video leh??!!

  12. Ash Says:

    Superbly done !!
    U guys rocks !

  13. tux Says:

    Encore Encore

  14. MR YEO Says:

    mr brown dance dance moves show la

  15. Tod Says:

    they use this song from which one?????

  16. Xialar Tang Says:

    I have just called DICK lee, he ask me inform u guys head down to his office tomorrow.

    He gonna help release album for you guys. He even shum pa plus chop sure get TRIPLE PLATINUM status ah.

    Faster go wash your hands and get ready to shake his.

  17. kitsura Says:

    In case anyone wondering where the original song came from search on youtube for the song Nobody by Wonder Girls.

  18. ~jacky~ Says:

    u the man .. :)

  19. Kevin Says:

    eh, MrBrown…now the cinemas showing so many box office hits… your SeeWhatShow forgotten already liao, ar?

  20. jonathanNG Says:


  21. Mini Lfei Says:


  22. Laughing Edwin Says:

    You guys really make our day. In such an economy downturn, firesale here and there. billions were lost. we can still find solace in your production. Keep it coming …

    BTW it is in YOUTUBE now !!!

  23. Laughing Edwin Says:

    Please ignore my earlier post YOUTUBE link !

    Here is a wackier YOUTUBE link featureing Mr Browns’ dancers :


  24. Akat Says:

    This song is great! I think one day all the parodies can be compiled together into an album and people will buy. Though copyright issues remains a huge hurdle.


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  28. samwize Says:

    Mr brown, just wondering where you get the no vocal karaoke version?

  29. chaosmage Says:

    Now washing is damn important man…first case in singapore…
    Crap, crazy person not well still travel here…stone him/her!!!

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  31. Mohd Hisham Says:

    @ChaosMage: I will stone you first!

  32. Hamzah Says:


  33. fleek Says:

    The lyrics a bit sala lah.

    The chorus should be.

    If you eat already, wash your hand too.
    If you pee already, wash your hand too.
    If you poo already, wash your hand too.

    What do you use to wash your body? Washing machine?

  34. Huan Lin Says:

    Hey Mr Brown,
    I love the wonder girls!
    I want more wonder girls!!
    Thanks for uploading this!

  35. darrren crow Says:

    OMG,so damn funny lol wash and wash again like no sense lol.

    by darren crow(not real name). 8) LOL

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  37. alvin ho Says:

    stay true to your swine flu methods

  38. Jasmine Says:

    What a disgrace! My korean friend saw what
    you did to our idol, wonder girls and totally
    changed their view toward Singapore.
    Can you stop taking Idols and do this kinda
    thing. It is fucking embarrassing!!

  39. c.f Says:

    lol jasmine obviously has no sense of humor. go to the nuclear korea la.

    anyway, nice job mr brown! this kind of humor is what we need to keep us sane during boring office hours!

    PS. I use Detol. kills 99.9%

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  42. [c=13]Victoriaaa[/c]♥(: Says:


    aiyoh . should show it on TV :D .

    on buses also . xD

    andd andd

    *sincerely appluads.

    for th effort =)

  43. SoloXis Says:

    seriously this is so much better than those lameass PCK courtesy videos on SMRT/SBS Transit trains!

  44. sunkissedcandy Says:

    why did itunes say ‘this item is not available in the Singapore Store’ when I click on itunes? :(

  45. Dragon2012 Says:

    lol , i am a student , primary , and i damn hate the wishy washy song , i hope M.O.E will adopt this song immediately and let us sing it.

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  47. michaelkon Says:

    wash ur body wash ur hand tuttt….

  48. Sarah~ Says:

    Great Job~!!! love dis song~~~ It’s de best so far…
    Hey MrBrown, I was wondering if u’ll give me de permission 2 create an mmv (maple music video) out of it… pls T-T but if cannot then it’s ok… rmbr~! I’m not doing dis for profit! Just wanna paste it in youtube that’s all, I’ll try editing some parts too~! *Cross my heart.
    Hope you’ll reply me in my email.
    *Claps hands Keep up the good job anyways ^^

  49. Franziska Says:

    It’s just a parody, why the hate Jasmine?

  50. Yi Bing Says:

    sigh….this song is a motivating one which reminds us to keep our hygienes at good quality, so it’s kind of idiotic when you say they shouldn’t edit this song.anyway it’s also indirectly advertising the original song. now many people in my school like the original 1 alot

  51. dnbt_yu Says:

    I really like ur lyric :x Pretty funny!
    So is it ok if i make a vietsub for it?
    mail me if u agree ok?

  52. taskan Says:

    :”) i like it

  53. no_wash_body Says:

    why mr brown nvr do mv for this?
    if make mv super cool,put on youtube become top hit video!!

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  55. Rachel Yen Says:

    haha.. u can bcum wonder girl liao.. nono, shud be mr wonder brown

  56. Ken121 Says:

    RAWK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    why don’t you make a podcast on the Kennedy Family

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  58. Kat Norris Says:

    I love it! song is so catchy.. funny.. yet educational! I posted it on my Facebook.. & i’m going to send it to our local stations to see what happens!

  59. kevin tang Says:

    cool song i like it

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