Fan-created Wash Your Hands Too videos!

We knew that the ingenuity of our fans who lead to this sooner or later. Here are two videos remixed by fans of our latest podcast, complete with singalong lyrics!

Now we throw another challenge down to you, gentle listener. Can you do a video with your OWN dancing to the song? Muahahahaha!

37 Responses to “Fan-created Wash Your Hands Too videos!”

  1. cheem Says:

    WICKED!! Haha….dedicated fans!! :)

  2. zhihao Says:


  3. HaHaHa Says:

    Very nice! Thank you, mb, fans 1 and 2.

  4. Jason Says:

    Kudos to the MrBrownshow team and the fans….

  5. MR YEO Says:

    i cant see the vidssss dunno why can upload to youtube

  6. samwize Says:

    I love Nobody, and this is a great remix!

  7. Cappella Says:

    Will love to make own version, but I believe I will cause a widespread massive puking incident if it is posted online.

  8. Bryan Toro Says:

    I LOVE MR.Brown !!!

  9. mich Says:

    mr brown, do make a video of you guys dancing and singing along! with the wondergirls’ moves, it’ll be hilarious and an instant hit! :D

  10. adeline Says:

    MR BROWN’s FAN 1 & FAN 2…..fabulous!!!!

    Those dances are exactly what went thru my mind when I heard MrB’s song production without dances!!! FANTASTIC videos!!!

    Hey, Mr Brown, maybe you should do recruitment too!

  11. fm Says:

    But we want to see mb and co dance, not some dance mashup or by other folks. :(

  12. tux Says:

    MB should sing in NDP hahaha

  13. cy Says:

    you guys shd do your own video of this eh :D

  14. mas selemat Says:

    nabey, see bei Ho !! currently no.1 hit in johor bahru cell… Bludder brown, you must “cu” album lah…..

  15. PM Lee Says:

    You guys need to be in the National Day Parade. You guys are national assets! :D

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  17. yh Says:

    the first one is super funny! XDDD

  18. iep Says:


  19. Lee Chee Wai Says:

    Can you guys do something to salvage this piece or is it beyond redemption? >.>

  20. fynyx Says:

    The first one ( by axis1019) is better synchronised, and comes across as more authentic & successful.

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  22. ice Says:

    this might just give some idea on dance moves for nobody nobody but je… i mean you .

  23. alvin ho Says:

    dance moves and awesome songs!! nobody but you Brown team!

  24. Weiqi Says:

    HaHa…the video is so so intersting can you send me the video please and thanks through my msn hotmail

  25. Ong CY Says:

    hahaha well done! Just curious if anyone can comeout with something similar with this MV, which is currently very popular in Korea and Taiwan.

    PS: Taiwan TV has already done something rather funny.

  26. Wonder Girls Says:


  27. YummY Says:

    well done mr brown good job and i love it n wonder girls i love u

  28. C2 Says:

    This is full of win.

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  30. D-Jan Says:

    I did a new remix for Nobody by Wonder Girls, can check it out over here:

    have fun, cheers!


  31. John Says:

    Thumbs up X100000000. Great!

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  33. polarsnake Says:


  34. xXGirlzgarlzXx Says:

    i love it!
    Stick it In Your Armpit Or Dow There!!
    Great Part!
    Thumbs Up!

  35. RyanShadow Says:

    funny song replace Nobody to WashYourHandsToo

  36. JJ Says:

    How can i download this video

  37. Emika Says:

    its so funny i could hardly breath!!!!^.^

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