the mrbrown show: no place for number 3


How can we reclaim our crown in the global aviation game?

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12 Responses to “the mrbrown show: no place for number 3”

  1. BlurrBl0ck Says:

    Whao… can’t it get back to daily podcast? or 3 days?

  2. Dr Chan Says:

    Seems that they are not very kan cheong about losing the title this time.

  3. adeline Says:

    ‘SEEMS’ ONLY….who knows, some poor guy or guys may have been terminated for not making sure we win!

    Mr. Brown & gang, thot of doing a production of what Singapore can do to save the environment while adding to air pollution with F1 races??
    Or on what MAS SELAMAT may be thinking while in the care of Malaysia???

  4. jondoe Says:

    Skytrax is crap lah.. All the aviation experts will laugh if you mention it.

    Their methofology is very flawed. Lets just say I could simply give my favorite airline/airport 50 votes.

    Please lah.. You know its crap when bad airlines like Qantas and Thai can be in the top 10 and Emirates ranks comparative low

    Anyway looking at the results Changi and Singapore Airlines have been in the top 3 every year and their press release on the Skytrax website said it was a very close fight for the top 3 in the Airport category.. They always wanted to make it 3 No.1s.

    No one at Changi will bother about this crap I reckon. Anyone who travels a lot knows Changi is still the best there is.

  5. alvin Ho Says:

    the airport in korea is clean and beautiful. the ones in Hong Kong is seamlessly design. singapore? hmm…

  6. huay Says:

    love the gahmen voice-over man…

  7. cy Says:

    just a suggestion, but maybe you all could add in the n.g. parts at the end like last time eh. ahah :p

  8. leinad Says:

    no leh.. singapore second place leh..

  9. Michael Says:

    is the budget airport that bring the singapore grading down. Just look at the check in counter….is worst than any part of the world. slow, screw up counter. always letting passenger queue at the wrong counter. and the staff there never smile…..treating everyone like dogs and monkey. SATS….take a good look and you know why we are 3rd…next year we are out of the list if nothing is done.

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  11. Direwolf Says:


  12. Douglas Says:

    haha this a great one. “BUDGET TERMINAL” hahahahaaaha

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