the mrbrown show: S.W.I.N.E.


No stone must be left unturned in the fight against this plague upon us!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 9 July 2009: S.W.I.N.E. Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 2.1mb, Time: 00:04:11)


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16 Responses to “the mrbrown show: S.W.I.N.E.”

  1. Sab Says:

    hmm this pales in comparison to the chipmunks’ bridge

  2. CoMeDy:) Says:

    Hey, do one about Micheal Jakeson. PLEASE?????

  3. mb Says:

    goooooood oneeee

  4. Limee Says:

    Nice one you have for this podcast and PLs do one abt Micheal Jackson as a tribute to him…

  5. adeline Says:

    Funny indeed, but not as funny as CHIPMUNK’s bridge song.
    Most funny r the sexual transmission connection and the Mexican connection…. how come didn’t poke fun of gahmen staying cool and calm (all pretending…probably given up in containing/battling the SWINE) ???

    Do one on MJ….not poke fun on him okay…’grew up’ with him lor…

    MEDIACORP was so….distasteful…
    showed/telecast MJ’s memorial service and directly after it came JUST FOR LAUGHS FOR HALF AN HOUR!
    Wonder if we can get 1hr of Just For Laughs if some great old men go off here in Singapore!!!

    So much for the sense & sensibilities of an award winning broadcaster!!! :))

  6. xavier Says:

    but pls do one for MJ as a form of rememberence……
    dear MJ RIP……..

  7. sadist Says:

    can ple you email me a link to all your podcasts cos i lost my fone and all of them was lost . please help me!!!

  8. Dr Chan Says:

    I think this podcast would have a lot more substance and also be a lot funnier if it can highlight the 2 different schools of thought, the witchdoctor thingie …

    Should also try to explain what going into the “final leg” of the battle against H1N1 really means. That will really make the experts look funny.

  9. ByPassing Says:

    wah~swat music at the background…

  10. emo king Says:

    want video

  11. manting Says:

    this is funny but serios at the same time

  12. Kiasu Guy (H1N1) Says:

    LOL! Swine flu attacking!
    Looks like the team was more “kiasu” of me!

    ” You are about to sneeze! ”
    ” I’m just going to yawn, you idiot! ”

    ” Sex is not recommended. ”

    ROFL! Good one, mrbrown!

  13. AAron MindyWoon Says:

    Mr brown although i am only 10 years old ur song in our class is very popular we love ur mosquito song ,wash ur body and the lekuasimi!!! you are our fan!((: :D

  14. AAron MindyWoon Says:

    yamj song beat it or black and white, the song u create will be very funny

  15. mr yellow xP Says:

    th song u cr8ed bout nobody is a total humiliation to my favourite girls band . how bout i cr8 a song called mrbrownshow sucks ? many ppl would lurve that .

  16. Don Says:

    any idea the title of the track in the background ?

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