the mrbrown show: lekuasimi (the music video)

You asked for video! We give you video!

Shot in France, Holland, London and a prata shop in Singapore!

International locations! Elaborate sets! Real Teh Si!

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  1. Chow Tar Boy Says:

    Wah …your car where got ‘Lau Pok Chia’ ?
    Better than many of us here leh …
    Production costs must be very high …shooting in Europe.

  2. Kenneth Says:

    LOL, nice.

  3. Sam Says:


  4. nicholas Says:

    Kum Sia u Mr Brown, now upgraded got video some more!

    Most Tok Gong video EVER ! ! !

  5. Tan Says:

    … speechless…

  6. sadist Says:

    you can only download at youtube and rss feeds

  7. sadist Says:

    brown getting standards back liao

  8. MJ idol Says:

    lol…..nice 1

  9. Roland Says:


    now got video =p

    more expenses liao…

  10. fm Says:

    Want veedeo, get veedeo! lol. mb rocks!

  11. Inko Tan Says:

    i kua ur video…lol

  12. Joseph Says:

    damn professional and got standard! I like!

  13. dave Says:

    any 1 know of a way i can subscribe via itunes in US? sez not avail here :(

  14. Nair Bluff Says:

    I love the album name…

  15. CoMeDy:) Says:

    Next year NDP song, u write!

  16. Bryan Says:

    wa seh!gahmen must sponser you more lor!Good for our National Education!Rock on,Mr Brown

  17. Jotham Says:

    Its been a long time since I visited MrBrownShow and this MV really make my day! ROCK ON MR BROWN!

  18. yanies Says:

    powerlah MR b
    cool video

  19. fynyx Says:

    Congrats, mrbrown & Electrician!
    Here you’ve brought out the true song of the heartlander hero in each of us.

    At least Ah Bengs can sing this for National Day, and not suffer the same as older folks and little primary school kids.
    This August, bring out your national passion for… cars, and hold your head up high for… being everyday warriors!

  20. Kendrick Says:

    Haha… I like yr MV. Cheers~

  21. Namas Says:

    Ho Say lah! Better than the ah qua songs they have been commissioning these few years! At least this one got seh! Onz lah! Teh si on me!

  22. isftish Says:

    knn, destiny become density!! virtue become virgin!!! ah brown you best lah. lampa one singer and band in seng-ka-bor

  23. Sakura Says:

    Wow. Cool video!

  24. Jeff1244 Says:

    Number 1 MV of 2009

  25. Jeff1244 Says:

    btw where the mountain i onli see hills

  26. lekuapangsai Says:

    walao so funny btw got any1 ask for video meh? anyhow say one!LOL! super chio rim?

  27. kim Says:

    So farneee and enjoyable. Thanks for sharing!

  28. CelluloidReality Says:

    Nice! Damn solid piece man.

    This is what a real National Day song should be, we can all find a little bit inside that resonates with us.

  29. Red Says:

    I kind of feel touched or what when I watch this…

  30. james Says:

    two thumbs and toes up, brown!

  31. Sputnik Says:

    Hwah… this is probably the best Mr Brown production. Probably best made in S’pore production this year… no, wait…maybe 2nd only to Upturn the Downturn video.

  32. adeline Says:

    wow! upgraded! now video!
    wow! u 2 free huh, mb?
    recession lah.
    chuar kang….find job lah!

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  34. CoMeDy:) Says:

    whao you being mention in today’s straits time! somemore got say that this one is better than the NDP song sia, eletrico no face liao lah!

  35. Vani Says:

    The lyrics really reflect an essence of the Singapore heartlands. I believe even more can connect with your MV better if the footages were wholly from Singapore.

  36. Bumper Sticker Says:

    I think a bumper sticker or some decal is in order.

  37. jigokushouju Says:

    Are u launching an album?~

  38. lolernizer Says:

    nice mv best mv i seen :)

  39. jane Says:

    I LOVE Mr Brown Productions!!!! :) Yay!!

  40. Bigbongbiang Says:

    This video is on tv man!
    Its such a masterpiece!

  41. Red Says:

    Wah seh, now playing on TV summore mediacorp help translate what is ‘le kua si mi’ haha.

  42. SIBEI HOU KUA Says:

    Hello Mr Brown, you tat kong lah… i fully enjoyed yr song k….. Make more videos k?

  43. Orange Says:

    Wa. Not bad ah the vid. I saw part f it on Tv the ‘qian xian zhui zong’ thing. Lols. Make more vid okay?

  44. PARRY Says:

    nice song man!better than this year’s theme song!

  45. lalaridr Says:


  46. lategourment Says:

    Keep up the good work! This really makes my day man!

  47. Very shui Says:

    very Singaporean!

  48. polarsnake100 Says:

    this is a nice song!!so funny

  49. Dr Chan Says:

    Nice car and a “professionally done” video.

  50. Mas selamat Says:

    NabeiCCB, Le Kua Simi ! Kua simi lanciao, kan limpeng siong. na ! ..i..

    sipey solid song.

  51. carol Says:

    i stumbled upon your video and had a great time watching it. Its refreshes my morning and lifted my mood. thank you

  52. maxwell Says:

    lekuasimi ah! so funny!

  53. maxwell Says:


  54. one shit Says:

    hi mr brown !ur video rocks!better than this year theme song

  55. benooi Says:

    wow the the video rocks! looks really well done

  56. Kevin Says:

    eh, MB, that car advertisement on class 95FM… is that you? sounds like Johnny from zhng-my-car leh….

  57. Mitch Says:

    Very cute eh mr brown very cute…hehehehe

  58. Ben Says:

    Enjoyed it v much, watch multiple times liow, everytime yr video cheer me up. Thx.

    Very creative video. Cetainly best in S’pore, JB & Batam hor.. ha ha

  59. Tom Says:

    Whr can i download this song or video? i want to put on my phone as ringtone.

  60. winston Says:

    ha ha ha this song is very very funny ever.
    Btw how to download the video ar?I want to download le.

  61. harrisliu Says:

    u make one is ndp song me and my friend make is god of war 2 song lol

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  63. Marcus Says:

    The real NDP song is put in your music video, then your song is put in the real video. It’s swapping of music with the videos (and the lyric subtitles, but the Lekuasimi lyrics is seen in both videos)!

    Should have posted this a long time ago.

  64. Justin Bieber Says:

    I love this made up NDP song. it totally rockzz

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