the mrbrown show: so hot (boomz remix)


Dedicated to our favourite beauty queen. We could not resist doing this remix in tribute to the Queen of Leopard Prince.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 11 Sept 2009: so hot (boomz remix) Download MP3 (MP3, file size: 2.1mb, Time: 00:02:11)


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57 Responses to “the mrbrown show: so hot (boomz remix)”

  1. chris Says:

    i can’t hear any of the podcast… not able to download as well..

  2. chris Says:

    ahhh.. i am able to download the podcast via tor, now everything is clear.. you are being targeted..i can’t listen or download the podcast directly from the website without routing.. i am using starhub MOL.

    when i am trying to download torrents from torrent websites (legal ones), they are being block as well.. so yes, we are living in such democracy..

  3. bong Says:

    Karma level dropz

  4. Shu Yen Says:

    Singapore’s LOL Moller!

  5. Kenneth Says:

    this podcast is so..
    you knw?
    you knw?
    you knw?


    you knw?
    you knw?
    you knw?


  6. jolene Says:

    Shame on her. From MDIS. Disgrace to my school.

  7. jer Says:

    thanks for making my day ;)

  8. Sam Says:

    did know MB can be so bad…

  9. Kirara Says:

    oh gosh… bimbo…

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    […] Update from Mr Brown: the mrbrown show: so hot (boomz remix) […]

  11. yuko Says:

    this is really good!

  12. Gav Says:

    how did she win the contest?

  13. Frank Says:

    I laughed so hard when I heard this. Another brilliant classic Mr. Brown. Thank you!

  14. john pee Says:


  15. charbaby Says:

    haha..this podcast is BOOMZ! Love it!

  16. Wilson Says:

    She has a nice voice. I want more!

  17. lol Says:

    paying more attention to WG . LOL

  18. colin Says:

    i cant open podcast.i cant hear anything..

  19. Risk Low Says:

    we have discover a new word


  20. Audrey Says:

    AWESOME! this is hilarious!!!

    should do one with black eyed peas’ Boom Boom Pow! hahahaha!

  21. fynyx Says:

    Celebrate the childish!

    It’s so — you know? Happening, trend and sexy!

    Speak good — you know? BOOMZ — English, it’s so rad(iation) and hot!

    But piss don — you know? Mangle bigini.

  22. Been Says:

    you are sooo wicked! too much time, i say!!! u need to watch the razor interview 20 times to really appreciate the beauty of what you’ve done!

  23. Nostalgia Says:

    You know, Boomz….

    5 Stars!

  24. A Says:

    Will her English teachers in primary and secondary schools, please stand up… please stand up!! LOL

  25. Nostalgia Says:

    +1 vote for the BEP remix….

    Boomz Boomz Powz (Lepard Preenz remix)

  26. browndwarf Says:

    brilliant! i love ris!

  27. James Says:

    Is she speaking English or even remotely Singlish? I’m a Singaporean and I don’t even know what is she talking at all!!! Ahhhh!!!!

  28. Jeff Says:

    Although I may not be able to do Queen’s English well, I never expect to not understand Singlish.. My apologies to all my English teachers.. ^-*

  29. KAREEM Says:


  30. Bruce Says:

    I think the runner up can follow her as she travels round the world.

    This is because she will need an English translator for her Sing…leshz.

  31. Big Return Says:

    Have not heard such a classic since Mee Siam

  32. HAHA Says:

    You can certainly pull off animal prints!

  33. Ris Low CMI Says:

    Woah lao a…..

    din know the english is worst than pre school…

    wahahahahaha… the school says it out… MDIS… OMG…

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    […] Despite the cheesy names, Lafayette Afro Rock Band have just about the most serious hardcore funk tracks in the history of funk music. They have been sampled by everyone from Public Enemy to Janet Jackson and I’m hoping Mr Brown will get to remix it soon (check out his popular remix of So Hot Boomz Remix) […]

  35. someone Says:

    please do not degrade Wonder Girls… =.=

  36. Marc Says:

    Anyone know the music track in the background?

  37. al lee Says:

    Love the booms bit but I guess it’s quite an insult to the song and Wonder Girls. Besides, have you considered the copyright issue that can be implicated in this? You better hope tt JYPE will not discover this.

  38. Brad F. Says:

    Who said retards can’t be achievers?

  39. Kster Says:

    wat the hack is she talking.
    She is local rite?
    well, u know guys, shit happens.

  40. meow Says:

    lair-pert and zeeebra prinz

  41. hamster1970 Says:

    This is a disgrace… beyond any comprehension.

    She is being herself nothing wrong at all, nobody speaks perfect English.

    BUT why the HELL those bloody Judge choose her? They are accountable for this Disgrace.

  42. Apl Says:


  43. Achen Says:

    Song is So Hot by the Wonder Girls :)

  44. wallace Says:

    haha she’s a disgrace, is it like miss retard or miss singapore?

  45. Kenneth Says:

    why is it that when i click subscribe on itunes, it says that the item that i’ve requested is not available on the Singapore Store? anyone facing the same problem?

  46. mb Says:

    We seem to be having some problems with iTunes. Somehow it got removed from the store. We are still trying to get it back in there. Meantime, use this URL:

    And manually subscribe in iTunes with it. Sorry for the trouble.

  47. No 1 Ah Beng Says:

    There are only 2 possibilities there she is a contestant.

    1. The person or panel that approves her is stupid.
    2. She sleeps with someone or with the whole panel of judges.

    She makes Singapore looks bad.

  48. adeline Says:

    YUP! NO.1 AH BENG…u may have hit bull’s eye!
    Should not make fun of her!
    Should poke fun at the judges!
    They & their lousy sense of selecting a winner!
    Probably they are partially blind and totally DEAF!
    But completely physically stimulated.

  49. Kelvin Says:

    Dont know the context …. but what was it trying to say about Boomz?

  50. Wolfee Says:

    power la brother…

  51. speakyourmind&theflakwillfollow Says:

    “Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.”
    — Abraham Lincoln


    riz is c0ck girl la she so dog feel like fucking her sia how can she like that

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    […] […]

  54. RisLowFanClubLOL Says:

    Check out this latest clubbing single!

    Boom boom boom - Black Eyed Peas feat. Ris Low

  55. Zaq Says:

    The guys @ Mr.Brown have done it again. Two thums up.

  56. BOOMZZZ??? Says:

    OMG 5 stars LUH!!!!… PS im too slow (ris low)

  57. CNA Says:

    Mr Brown, show your patriotism. Show your support for her, stand up for sg, do the best you can, reach out for your fellow men, you got to make stand. Your are a disgrace to your fellow Singaporean, we don’t approved your behavior. Must sent you people to boot camp for discipline punishment & reform studies.

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