the mrbrown show: so hot (boomz remix) Music Bideo!

We could not resist doing this remix to the Queen of Hospipatalipality and Leopard Prince. She’s so so so Hot Hot Hot (echo echo echo).

This time, the music video is another hit from our favourite girl group, the Wonder Girls. Who, incidentally, look like they are into Leopard Prince too!

What a Boomz combo!

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28 Responses to “the mrbrown show: so hot (boomz remix) Music Bideo!”

  1. somethin wrong Says:

    at home she must be cursing you……………

  2. Low Risk Says:

    In his 1999 National Day Rally Speech on 22 August 1999, Goh Chok Tong, Prime Minister, highlighted the necessity for Singaporeans to speak good English. He emphasised that Singaporeans learnt English in order to communicate with the world, and therefore, they should speak a form of English that is understood by the British, Americans, Australians and people around the world. Thus, he claimed that for Singapore to become global and a first-world economy, it was essential that Singaporeans speak good English. Previously on 14 August 1999, Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Senior Minister, had also highlighted the importance of speaking good English, saying that Singaporeams ought to speak good English “so that we can understand the world and the world can understand us”. He noted that Singlish was a “handicap” he did not wish on Singaporeans. The government felt that something had to be done to promote English and hence, the speak good English campaign came about.

  3. pande Says:

    she could be crying now! BOOOMZ

  4. angmo Says:

    in the beginning, after watching the interview, i laugh until tummy pain pain, i think got some tears cumming out from the eyes oso. then there are sooo many beoble in the intermet toking about her.

    i gas we have some good luff over this bery hilarious episoap can liao, lets not dwell on her plo-nunsay-tion anymore, cum to think of it, her family may be undergoing tremendous pressure now.

    my persenal view on her boomz is that the fault is not entirely hers, the most-big if not biggestest culpricks are the judges, anyhow judge.

    leave her alone lah…. she has a long long road ahead if the organisers honour the contracts with her to be the ambare-serder repreejenting singapore….. lets not boomz some more. if the pressure is too huge, who knows what she will do when she reaches her breaking point. cross fingers.

    ah blown, anyway to come out with something on the judges?

  5. Wahlau Says:

    Give it a rest … ee ma wu la bu seh ai hor (she someone daughter too)

    Next please!

  6. nicholas Says:

    achely, peeple got shot tongue mah. So cannot po-nounce poperly mah. Have a hart for arse handicap peeple lah. pristssssss………

  7. bacteria Says:

    Hi Mr Brown

    Personally I found it really funny but I thought you may want to remember that you have a daughter who could be linguistically challenged. Singapore is full of morons u know.

  8. eileen Says:

    i also say…she like got speecch problem. so cannot laugh at her … so poor thing liao.. judges eye ta stamp…thats why like that.. poor thing

  9. ckm Says:

    lol mr brown u so mean leh make fun of ppl

  10. bimbambooms Says:

    whether you’re for ris low or not, this vid is a hoot! thanks MB!

  11. jolene Says:

    It may be a beauty contest that judges people other than how she pronounces her words, but the thing is, we are sending her to an INTERNATIONAL competition. So shouldn’t we expect our representative to be someone who can at least speak in proper ENGLISH?

    By the way, good video!

  12. Ris Low, Miss Singapore World 2009 and Spoof Videos of Her Razor TV Interview | Wayang Times ~ Funny, Entertaining and Sexy Asian Picture-Video Collection Says:

    […] mr brown show: so hot (boomz remix) MV – by Mr Brown […]

  13. Jeff1244 Says:

    LOL!!!!!!! she must have gone mad by now

  14. Crown Prince Says:

    she study health science and horse pee tellrry tee

    she wears beginee and shruds down orchard road

    she like leopard prince and zepra prince

    ok la.. enuff laffing.. hahaha.. she could be the number 1 hater of Mr Brown now..

  15. adeline Says:

    MR BROWN…she will join those in white to hate U & your gang!

    But all of us will continue to love U & gang!

  16. Voo Suan See Says:

    Well,if I have a choice between being beautiful or brainy,I would prefer to be beautiful.I have to look at myself every day in the mirror you know! Don’t feel bad Ris!You are blessed with beauty.

  17. Risque Low Says:

    RECENTLY crowned Miss Singapore World Ris Low, 19, had earlier been found guilty of credit-card fraud.

    The beauty queen was convicted of five charges of misappropriation, cheating using illegally obtained credit cards, and impersonating their users’ identities.

    The first-time offender was sentenced in May this year to 24 months of supervised probation, said a Subordinate Courts spokesman in response to a query from my paper.

    Another 60 charges were taken into consideration for the purposes of sentencing, he said.

    Court documents show that Miss Low spent a total of more than $2,400 on at least four separate occasions, using at least three different credit cards in April and May last year.

    my paper understands that her previous employer, a health-care company, made a police report about her in April last year.

    It suspected that Miss Low, who worked there for five months as a patient-service assistant, had used credit cards belonging to its patients. It asked her to leave the following month.

    Before leaving, she was said to have returned a part - an unspecified sum - of the total amount she had spent using the cards.

    When contacted, Miss Low, now a student, said that she was “not in a position to comment”.

    The international Miss World pageant will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa, in December. It is unclear whether Miss Low will be allowed to leave the country to take part in it.


    For the full story, grab your copy of My Paper tomorrow morning!

  18. James Says:

    I honestly cannot believe how shallow people are, with regards to this incident. People everywhere are slamming this lady due to the fact that she is unable to articulate well. Don’t they realize that they are actually attacking the wrong person? Are they trying to say that someone who is unattractive or unrefined is unable to participate in a beauty contest? I believe that anyone has the right to try, to do something for themselves, to prove something to others.

    If people are so unhappy over the fact that this lady won and that she is representing Singapore, please pour your hate to the right people i.e. the judges. They are the ones who crowned her Ms Singapore. These are the “experts” who certify that this person possess all the qualities necessary and is fit to represent the nation.

    People, stop having this herd mentality. Can’t we think for ourselves before acting on something?

  19. Aaron Hong Says:

    I think the real shock here is that the music video had leopard prints in the first place. At all. Ahem.

  20. Jasmine Tea Says:

    Just watched the video clip of Ris Low’s interview. Like almost everyone else, I cringed at the way she spoke. But after reading some of the comments, I agree with those who said the blame should rest on the judges as they’re the so-called “experts”. Were they wearing blinkers and ear-plugs? They should be more than aware that poor Ris would be competing on an international scale. How did they expect her to carry herself when she had to think so hard over simple questions? If I were a beauty pageant organiser, I’d make sure NEVER to invite them as judges again.

  21. Eugene Says:

    Actually, if she rly wants to go to Johannesburg(I think there’s where the international competition will be held) for the Beauty Competition, the least she could do is touch up on her English. We don’t want international EXPERT judges from around the world to ask her a question and she goes “uhhhhh”. Other than that I’d admit she is pretty and beautiful. Only her English is lousy.
    She rly needs to touch up on English…especially her ‘blur’ speech.

  22. Suggestion Says:

    We can always hire translators in beauty contest anyway she isn’t pretty anyway.

  23. DOM the Clown Says:

    From Ris Smith the Flesh Preenz from Bel Air: Boomz Shake The Room

    You know……Boomz Shake Shake Shake the room!
    You know……Boomz Shake Shake Shake the room!
    You know……Boomz Shake Shake Shake the room!
    You know……Boomz Shake Shake Shake the room!

  24. KwokFoo Says:

    Hi all. With the latest development of the news of Ris Low. I think this represent the classic example of how Singaporean behave. I have to admit that I had fun watching those clips on YouTube and also enjoyed the remix songs. I relate this latest huha of Ris Low case in Singapore to the latest Ali G movie Bruno. In Bruno movie it really shows the true American. And now I relate the story of Ris Low to Singaporean. I think this show very clearly that Singaporean are not very forgiving nation, they also like to laugh on other people, they don’t give anyone a chance to survive in their society, they wanna to be the best, they are the only nation in the world that have no sin and many more characters that represent the bad side of the nations. Though I adore how technological advance the country is and also how good quality living standard but the people …

    Ask yourself … how about those Hokkien speaking ppl of the country, think their England standards are any better than the rest of the world? or you simple majority of the country nation that their England is lot better? I have a Singaporean colleague sitting next to me, he spoke on the phone and he said “You is …”

    So… ask yourself first.

    Me not a supporter of Ris Low but just wanna be a bit realistic.

  25. Armand Says:

    Mr Brown…2 words for you

    Par excellence!

  26. stupid fool Says:

    i tink she’s such a u know…….female dog?but then again,tis isn’t ur best production jyjy~ plus ris low…………u are so……..

  27. CNA Says:

    Mr Bown, how can destroy a good MTV video. Excuse me, how old are you people??? Must be some restless young punk having too much free time. Do you want me to spend 3 hrs lecture you on filial piety is this how you spent your parents money on overesas education coming home with rubbish.

  28. tongue-tied Says:

    i think ris low is the exact opposite of the real Wonder Girls,
    she is another Wonder Girl(Wonder why we have this Girl)

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