the mrbrown show: the fourth university

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Singapore welcomes its fourth university and announces its new name!

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34 Responses to “the mrbrown show: the fourth university”

  1. Michele Says:

    It made me laugh and wonder why do we always go for such names? I’m sure we have lots of creative people in Singapore, including parents who came up with amazing names for their kids and we can’t name our institutions properly?!

  2. RHEA Says:

    OMG! Cracked me up!! Nice one :)

  3. lilDAWN Says:

    nice once mb! its hilarious, worth the long wait =)

  4. lol Says:

    FU forever!!

  5. sab Says:



  6. Shuntified Says:

    I wonder if the proportion of students at this new university will be mostly Chinamen as always.

  7. adeline Says:

    SO FUNNY! Good job!

    FU! That’s a good one! Yeah! FU will be a good name for the 4th uni. & perhaps
    maybe MERLION UNIVERSITY….MU….ministers university…IS ANOTHER NAME to be considered!!!

    In reality, do we really need so many universities on such a tiny, weeny red dot of a country???
    Sigh…. graduates in the near future will be
    the counter cashiers at the banks and behind MacDonald & Burger King counters!

    Where’s the foresight? I thought some legendary folks have great foresight?
    Where’s the foresight?
    Foresight long gone leh!
    [[ probably explains the root word “legend”….just a legend;
    don’t know real or bluf or fiction. ]]

    Now it is greed–not foresight–that drives thinking and decision making.

    Singapore…. S stands for “sinking”….S also stands for “sian”…. S stands too for “Sadness”.

  8. haha Says:

    FU forever!

  9. quietlytalking Says:

    HAHAHA!! This one is a classic!!! I think I’ll be giggling the whole day, damn you mr brown show!

  10. quietlytalking Says:

    @adeline, i think more universities are definitely a good thing. even if some people will always need to do the simpler and menial jobs, i’d rather that they had the chance to go to university too.

  11. The CrownPrince Bry Says:

    The uni is named Singapore University of Technology and Design (SU) which is quite ok. How fantastic sounding name does a university need to have? doesn’t universities around the world have simple names like University of Reading, Manchester Business School, Harvard University, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Wu Han University?

    @ Adeline: looking at your comment you seem to have fantastic names for the new uni and i’ll like to hear. Ah huat university?

  12. jane Says:

    why must the govt give such a weird name to the uni? i wonder if the students feel proud of their sch…not for me though.. :p

    btw, this podcast made my day… :) FU RULES! hahahaa

  13. Chan Siew Pang Says:

    Kin Mun, do you remember me? SP Chan

  14. Dr Chan Says:

    I love the last part. Couldn’t stop laughing. Good one, guys.

  15. LKY Rocks my balls Says:

    (Anyone hear the word?)
    LOL, i would like to go F.U. everyday.

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  17. Leong Says:

    this is really darnz funny…was laughing out loud in the middle of the night listening to this…

    why can’t the latest uni sound better…wa lau oui

  18. SG Girl Next Door Says:

    Good one..Almost choked on my sandwich while listening..

  19. Ken or Can Says:


    I am luv’in it

  20. zzz-.- Says:

    hi mrbrown my frens and i would like u to make a song (not talking)cuz songs are more funnier to hear.Thank you for your coorperation!:)

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  23. Jin Says:

    Ah guas become farkquas!!

  24. Good Stuff Says:

    Its been awhile since we have such good stuff!!! Damn funny!!!

  25. Alvin Ho Says:

    Farquar as i recall was a lazy man who allow everything and anything in then Temasek. Hmm, why not call it TUT

  26. Somebody Says:

    “Ignorance is a disease, STD is your cure”
    “Scratch your itch for knowledge at STD’

    MB how;d you come up with tht!!! standing ovation for you guys!

  27. clarence Says:

    this really cracked me up..

    loved the acronym jokes.. me and a friend of mine were making some up whilst taking part in the competition..

    but knowing SG, the fourth university might just be named “Fourth University” >_>

  28. Tom Says:

    Proposed University Names (Connotation)

    SUTD - Singapore University of Technology and Design
    STUD - Singapore Technological University of Design
    STD - Singapore Tech and Design (STD)
    SSHIT - Singapore Sibei Happening Institute of Technology (SHIT)
    STUPID - Singapore Technological University Promoting Intelligent Design (STUPID)
    SU - Singapore University
    FU - Farquar University (F*** You)

    My personal preference
    STFU - Singapore Tech of Farquar University

  29. boon Says:

    Well, the acronym of Fourth University is already F.U.!!!! =D

  30. chris Says:

    When are we starting the fifth uni for loo? Spore in urgent need of one for toilet manners.

  31. stupid fool Says:

    F U!FOREVER!lols!love it man!its like totally insulting!if chi educated ppl hear and they don’t know english then they will be like hao hao hao ming zi!then we laugh in silence then teacher scold say we talkin cock then we can say we jst talkin bout uni education!

  32. Crown Prince Says:

    For those who really believe the forth uni is call Farquar University (FU), the uni is called Singapore University of Technology and Design (SU)

  33. Ah Tiang Says:

    Aiya since in Simei then call Simei Uni.. (SU)

  34. CNA Says:

    Mr Brown, don’t try to funny here. Anyone wanting to comment sg politics you must be associate with a party 1st, become you can open your horse mouth

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