the mrbrown show: cheaper, better, faster

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Let’s join our unions to sing a song of unity to the NTUC and our leaders! Celebrate quality! (Inspired by this video).

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37 Responses to “the mrbrown show: cheaper, better, faster”

  1. Edwin Says:

    Brilliant! This really brought a smile on my face while sitting in the hospital.

  2. Mick O Says:

    Well done! Hahah!

  3. kit Says:

    Listening to this song from down under, it really brings back memories of our unique sense of democracy. can’t wait to come back to sg, kudos mr brown, excellent work!

  4. Alicia Says:

    Really nice! I love it!

  5. Aru Says:

    I think this is funny but very interesting. You have no idea as a foreigner living in singapaling you appreciate some things and you wonder about others. Great work though Mr. Brown

  6. wayangtimes Says:

    ROFL good one mr brown!

  7. DOOMSPORE Says:;_ylt=AvZ1WGzGD9n055ydaOuiY3QjzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20091108222531AAf7tUA

    I think Mr. Brown should also make a song on this. What our SMG said “Are you convinced by SM Goh’s speech “New immigrants help sustain and enrich Singaporean way of life” and why?”…(see link above)

  8. LeeLovesCBF Says:

    If any of you become MP, i guess you guys will “ha ha ha” too.
    Morals oso wash with soap & bleach.

  9. Leroy Says:

    Hahahaha… in white!!

  10. Jerry Says:

    Do any of them really receive more pay than US president?

  11. marcus Says:

    Just love it - miss Singapore, love u guys

  12. goodmeat Says:

    We can make it cheaper, better and faster. We have the technology. We can build the 32 dollars 76 cent man.

  13. adeline Says:



    Perhaps, in our next election, we should invite B.OBAMA to come here and form an opposition party and…. Why work so hard for Americans when he can get millions and have an easier life? Only the title of US PRESIDENT….sounds awesome…but earns walnuts (not peanuts! “Peanuts” is a word reserved for only some millionaire tai-tai), right?

    [[ Jerry, the answer to your Q… YES, YES. YES! about time you wake up too!]]

    MR BROWN, u should have included this in your cute song:
    why the millionaires of our ministers no contribute thousands to projects such as the current LEGO PROJECT? The man who started it should be an good role model by donating a million $ leh! Just talk only.
    A million $ to a millionaire is nothing;
    a $2 donation to ‘buy’ a lego brick given by someone who earns $1K is AWESOME!

  14. hahaha Says:

    ….hahaha…the sarky laugh is so obvious but i like it !!!

  15. LOLS Says:

    no lyrics??

  16. cityhousefly Says:

    Hear the songs countless times and still have the “not cheaper, you better, better faster” rings in my head. It was a better song than “Mosquito” that I put up in Youtube some month back.

    Therfore this time no different. I throw in beautiful dancers (better than the Young hip hop ministers). With lyric too. Enjoy :

    All credits goes to MrBrown & gang

  17. BP Says:

    Ah… Mr Brown, need to change the lyrics lah… Hougang does not qualify in this category one….


  18. lilDAWN Says:

    fabulous, Mr. Brown and Team!!
    keep it up!!
    will alwayz support u! =) (ardent MB fan No.1)

  19. YW Says:

    Nice one :) I must say the original podcast was begging to be parodied…

  20. CoMeDy:) Says:

    mr brown has done it again!!! love the hahaha part

  21. Chua Mui Mui of the Hong Says:

    To be Cheaper!???

    Corruption how???

    would these professionals become more likely to be corrupt when they become cheaper to employers?

    1. Security related
    2. accounting involved
    3. legal involved
    4. factory involved (goods and parts in factory)
    5. secretarial work related (business intelligence or secrets)
    6. etc

    Come, lets come together.

  22. Lee Chee Wai Says:

    Jerry@November 12th, 2009 at 2:24 pm,

    If I am not mistaken, even the most junior Singaporean minister is paid more than the US President. It is hard to find a convenient table of the precise figures, but here are some links:

    Reuters article indicating the Prime Minister’s pay to be 5 times that of (the then) outgoing president George W. Bush.

    Wikipedia entry about the Singapore cabinet which includes details about how ministerial salaries are pegged.

    Finally, this article gives a ballpark figure (supposedly based on a news article) of the salary ranges of the top earners in Singapore on which ministerial salaries are pegged.

    Hopefully, this gives you a good overall picture and why we (Singaporeans) all find humor (though I must say from a personal perspective, a somewhat-black humor) in this song.

  23. AuntieLucy Says:

    use wrong tune already lah.
    ntuc tune is xiao3 ren2 wu4 de4 xing1 sheng1.
    should spoof this tune and sing it like auntie lucy…

  24. -.- Says:

    very funny:)

  25. nabei Says:

    cheebye lah, i used to be a fan of you, but urwebsite siao liao i everything oso cannot view, why liddat??

  26. Dr Chan Says:

    Comic tragedy. Funny but a doleful reminder of how powerless we are when our intelligence is so terribly insulted by “gahmen logic”.

  27. stupid fool Says:

    tis is gd but myb if sub it would be better but gd work lor!keep on producting :)

  28. Ah Tiang Says:


  29. Sarporker Says:

    Nice! Wonder why we should pay so much for a bunch of fruitcakes…

  30. Tulang Eater Says:

    Hi, can publish the lyrics or not?

  31. mb Says:

    Tulang Eater: It is inside the mp3 file. :)

  32. alvin HO Says:

    hahaha morals washed with soap. that must be some soap!

  33. mb fan Says:

    somehow i cant download this file, it stuck at 3.42MB of 3.50MB…

  34. CNA Says:

    Mr Brown, you are distorting the truth. Better get your facts are !

  35. Augpeh Says:

    Singer: The Beatles
    Song: Obladi Oblada

  36. Bernardo Says:

    Nobody pays us for supporting your postings with witty comments too…heheheh! But money’s not everything lah!

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