the mrbrown show: a fan music video of the Mosquito Song

Check out this great animated music video of our Mosquito Song which we composed during a particular rehearsal.

We are flattered and impressed!

7 Responses to “the mrbrown show: a fan music video of the Mosquito Song”

  1. CoMeDy:) Says:

    do one on wash your body wash your hands too leh

  2. Nebula74 Says:

    MB, think it is a great rendition of a local favourite. However, noted a small error on the 2:25 min portion where the mosquito is cited as a male (”… bring family…”). It should be as only female mosquito feeds on blood.

    Other than that, a very good effort. Perhaps NEA can use it to drive across the message to Singaporeans? Cheers…

  3. adeline Says:

    LOL!!! The song is slow, man! But it sure is hilarious!
    Your lyrics rhyme well….and it practically covers every one
    on this bloodsucking island….mosquitoes and non-mosquitoes alike!
    GREAT JOB! just wish the speed of the song is much faster!
    Too slow and sleep-inducing!
    No wonder mosquitoes attack me while listening to your production!

  4. CNA Says:

    Mr Brown, you are distorting the truth. Better get your facts right.

  5. xavier Says:

    how can i download this animation?? is excellent!!

  6. (dun wan to say) Says:

    Dear Mr Brown,ur songs are funny.I like the Mosquito Song the best.Followed by the wave song then give way to yog.i heard these songs and the lekuasimi.I think all of them are beautiful songs by u.But I just wan to ask something.Is ur name really start with brown?Come visit my blog sometimes although it is not so full ask urs is.Remember to write some comments!:)

  7. MapleStory player Says:

    Niceeee!!!!!!!GOOD JOB!

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