the mrbrown show: everybody loves Singapore

Photo by xiaming

Seems like other countries love us a lot and want to shower us with presents!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 24 Nov 2009: everybody loves Singapore
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13 Responses to “the mrbrown show: everybody loves Singapore”

  1. edwin Says:

    nice, i refreshed the page and a new podcast came out.

  2. brownier Says:

    As a reward for producing such a wonderful and hilarious podcast, you guys will be presented with 2 dozens of brownies for your excellent effort.

    Please continue to give us fun stuff like this , as in the many other good good ones in the past.

  3. LeeLovesKopi Says:

    As a reward for Mr Brown’s effort, we have reserved 2 square concrete cells for you guys.

    Please continue to make such podcasts, we might throw in 2 ropes for you too.

  4. Hai~Ren Says:

    Sasha and Natasha? Hmm… Inspired by TF2?

  5. Sangrawi Says:

    Love your Russian and Malay accents.

    China accent not correct lei…

    In any case, another great podcast.

  6. alvin ho Says:

    I think Singapore need babies more than warheads although they do come in handy. Any takers?

  7. CNA Says:

    Mr Brown show, you people are mischievous. Better behavior yourself

  8. adeline Says:

    Ping Ping & Pong Pong.

    Sasha & Natasha.
    to add to your funny, cute production…

    Mas Mas & Selamatmat
    Lee Lee & Goh Goh.

    & I agree with Alvin….Singapore needs more women walking around looking like bombs rather than warheads lah!

  9. Neo Says:

    This is very hilarious! I like the russian and malay accent.

    Nuclear warhead? Who come out with this idea? haha….

  10. N Says:

    Heavy: The whole team is babies! :P

  11. Good stuff Says:

    Love the russian and malaysia accent! You rock, babe!

  12. WeNotTaiwan Says:

    this china very funny, think everyone wan their pandas

    they think we’re taiwan is it.. giving “tuan tuan” “yuan yuan” for us to re-unite w them?

    guess they find it too ex to keep these fat animals, so better pass some to other countries to cut cost…

  13. Lefreak Says:

    The russian and malaysian accent is spot on! great work,guys and gals!

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