the mrbrown show: Singapore saves the planet

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Singapore wants to be the next host for the Climate Change Summit, now that Copenhagen looks like a bust.

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18 Responses to “the mrbrown show: Singapore saves the planet”

  1. sgstudentshow Says:

    nice one mb!

  2. Duat Says:

    very nice one haha.. keep up the good work..

  3. sab Says:

    uhm.. ok.. maybe it’s too early in the morning and i don’t get the humour.

  4. mel Says:

    Recycle our leaders. So true!

  5. penguin Says:

    What did that lady say that got the “beep” censor?

  6. adeline Says:

    We r like Copenhagen, except hotter & HAZY!!!!


    Great way to demonstrate why every country must cooperate to reduce haze by burning less or don’t burn at all lah especially when have been given millions for years….yet fires don’t seem to burn out at all….need new technology….which we have that Copenhagen may not have!

  7. bird Says:

    we need new leaders liau

  8. sabif Says:

    @penguin: nipples

  9. Spicy Says:

    Finally subscribed to your show again after so long. Listening to your podcasts helps with homesickness, and keeps me up to date. Mr Brown, you are very BOOMZ. :D

    - From a Singaporean studying overseas.

  10. CoMeDy:) Says:

    haha use leaders till they die

  11. alvin ho Says:

    I totally understand Spicy’s statement. As a student studying overseas myself, Mr Brown is a must visit site for me to remind myself of Singapore. This site I chope.

  12. Dr Chan Says:

    The title didn’t sound interesting, but I’m pleasantly surprised. Had a good laugh. Especially like the police chief. Hahaha …

  13. codename.tong Says:

    Haha cold offices FTW!

  14. Ahkat Says:

    Coldest building. Hahaha… We do have KTV rooms at the temperature of 18.

  15. quietlyobserving Says:

    chope is also fitting bc the developed countries chope all the pollution quota already. they fang pooi all day long but if developing countries want to fang pooi twice a day instead of once they kena a lot of complaints because they are going up by 100%!

  16. fynyx Says:

    (It’s too) Late (to save the current climate) response:

    * Chopenhagen: Copenhagen, but hotter — no wonder the additional ‘h’!

    * “… we even drink our own pee! Housewife Mdm Chan shares: …”
    Her own pee too?

    * “Apu will not hesitate, to let go our riot water gun at anyone trying to be funny
    We use recycle water to spray them of course.”

    Great use: splashing peed New(s)water on ‘trouble’ makers…

  17. kingjohn Says:

    erm censor le spoil joy. haiz.

  18. Chope-nhagen « ECO @ COP Says:

    […] I love this. Listen to the pod-cast here! […]

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