the mrbrown show: zodiac killer

Photo by Julie K in Taiwan

An animal goes missing a MaNona’s!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 11 Jan 2010: zodiac killer
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36 Responses to “the mrbrown show: zodiac killer”

  1. ben~ Says:

    MaNona Lawls..

    Nice naming btw.

    And don’t have everything at MaNona.

  2. Bluepolar Says:

    “….our ancient Egyptian customers might take offence…” eerrrr u mean the Egyptian customers from the National Museum occasionally have their late nite snacks at…

    I watched the movie “Supersize Mee” recently and made my 2010 will.

    But now, I am hungry for the hum xiao ding dong….well done!

  3. jadyn Says:


  4. WevHez Says:

    Yep. I’m also born on the year of the cupid! YAY!

  5. halfminutehero Says:

    lmao. hamster, sperm whale, oyster or the xiao ting tong that look like a hum? camel? awesome podcast mr brown.

  6. FirstClassBeggar Says:

    In the first place don’t mentioned it is Zodiac animals. When people think of Zodiac must be one complete set of twelve animals. Even pig animals are offered. Muslim can avoid it by chosing other lovely animals.
    So wet market also selling slaughter pigs. Will Town Council come out and ban pork seller in order not to offend the Halai customer ?

  7. Kevin Says:

    eeek! the toys are sooo cute!

  8. J4jackass Says:

    Wah…soo lucky…

    I was born on the year of the hum…

  9. Malay Boy Ahmad Says:

    MaNona wants to curb the spread of Swine Flu lahhh…

    Honestly, there’s really nothing wrong selling Xiao Ting Tong Pig soft toy….

    Either you buy OR you don’t buy it. Tak susah aperr…

  10. Wil Says:

    hahaha… no pig in the series becos we are halal restaurant!!! so much so for chinese zodiac animals…best!

  11. SG Girl Next Door Says:

    Good one!

    By omitting the pig, the set of zodiac animals will not be a complete one..

    I loved Doraemon when young. Used to wish I had a friend like it with powers…

  12. doremon Says:

    I want a doremon cupig

  13. adeline Says:

    Was laughing all the way when I heard your production!
    SIMPLY AWESOME in creativity!

    Yo! What year is the cupid? Monkey huh? What year is the hum? Someone please enlighten me.

  14. DOM the Clown Says:

    Mr Brown!
    We cannot have the year of the HUM in Singapore! It’s banned! Can’t you remember one big boss was warning, “MAI HUM! MAI HUM! MAI HUM!”

    hiak! hiak! hiak!

  15. Foreveryoung Says:

    Yay! There are no horse gods! I get to get a Xiao Ting Tong horse! ^^

  16. Ember Says:

    OMG first time commenting… nearly choked on my Manona Pork Burger… all the way from Japan … :) Thanks for the local delicacy! I’m still loving my Manona Pork Burger.

  17. Kenneth Says:

    I wrote to Maccas via the feedback option on their website. this was their reply - see the part where they state that “the Doraemon Lucky Charms promotion was never intended as a zodiac collection”….


    Dear Kenneth,

    Thank you for your interest in McDonald’s Doraemon Lucky Charms collection.

    As part of our ongoing efforts to provide customers with exclusive collectibles only available at McDonald’s, we brought in a Doraemon collection that consists of 12 designs. With Valentine’s Day coinciding with the 1st day of the Lunar New Year, we decided to include a Cupid Doraemon in the series. We seek your understanding that the Doraemon Lucky Charms promotion was never intended as a zodiac collection.

    We thank you for your feedback and wish you a prosperous new year.

    Yours sincerely,
    Veronica Tan
    On Behalf of Claudia Yeo
    Communications Department | McDonald’s Restaurants Pte Ltd

  18. Brayden Wong Says:

    I get it, no animals were HARMED in the production of the Xiao Ting Tong series….

  19. Russell Says:

    hey i was also thinking why there wasnt a pig D: lol and the cupid was stupid especially when they said zodiac lol

  20. Lim Says:

    Satanist use goats for their rituals lol

  21. KWJ Says:

    You guys may want to be careful when you order from their outlets next time, in case they spit into your fries/burger/coke lol.

    Disclaimer: And no, I’m not their employee.

  22. No 1 Ah Beng Says:

    Just boycott MaNona’s and see how much money they lose by doing this. Besides, burgers are so unhealthy, we all should eat healthier!

  23. last laugh Says:

    Seriously, the top management in Macs should hire you blokes to do some damage control for them. I believe humour and ability to laugh at themselves will go down well with most Sporeans.

    I look forward to the day when Macs, BK, come up with a ‘kangaroo burger’ and give a one4one to school children who queue in kangaroo or white elephant T-shirts.

  24. muslim Says:

    I just want to clarify that we Muslims have TOTALLY NO issue or offence with this whole pig thing.

    It is PERFECTLY ALL RIGHT for any place to sell pig toys and we do NOT feel at all offended, insulted or think that others are being insensitive to our beliefs, and neither would we petition do for shops to remove pig toys from their shelves.

    I would myself buy a pig toy if it’s cute enough (Winnie’s Piglet’s not cute to me though). We hope that this incident and ignorance by McDonald’s does not cast a misconception on us Muslims and unnecessary tension among the various races/religions. :)

  25. girl Says:

    you guys started off the year with an awesome podcast…

    well done guys, continue to create such great podcasts!!!

  26. bayoupo Says:

    Thanks for this podcast…….If we take MaNona’s logic (or lack of), we perhaps may have to reconsider showing productions like Babe (which may be read as ‘barbee’). Winnie the Pooh is out too, because he as a good friend who’s also the same kind as those born in the year of Cupig.

  27. Akaryu Says:

    人聰明就好, 不要自作聰明.
    Be smart, don’t act smart.

  28. dominic Says:

    I believe Hong Kong and Taiwan has the full zodiac set of this collection. Nice bullshitting right there.

  29. Drof Says:

    nice la la. knn the muslims everytime dai ji liao liao. everything thing must cater to them ..l…

  30. Bluepolar Says:

    MaNona got xia tiong tong oink oink liao! but akan datang… quick go place your order at their site

  31. fynyx Says:

    When we actually get the last Doraemon which arrives late in April, there might be another problem…

    13 in a series, no longer a lucky number for some…

    but we’re OK with 4 too! :-)

  32. Kamy Says:

    Very sarcastic and racist!
    I LIKE!! :D

  33. Theo Says:

    Cannot download
    Good video

  34. joe Says:

    Lol! Some of our egyption customers might take offence because they worship cats. Do they even live now?

  35. Bernardo Says:

    May good sense prevail…but all this fuss over an insignificant fast-food toy is generating a lot of free publicity for MaNona. I’d think it’s of a more clever marketing strategy on their part than an unintended miscalculation - create a controversy and get people’s attention, then let them talk, and soon they’ll walk into their joints and spend. :-))

  36. MantaiXp Says:

    Why dragon and snake evil? They are freakin’ awesome!

    All out of stock lol, fail.

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