the mrbrown show: Singapore no world cup?

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A local sports organization steps in to help Singapore’s bid for the World Cup 2010 broadcast rights.

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 25 Jan 2010: Singapore no world cup?
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22 Responses to “the mrbrown show: Singapore no world cup?”

  1. yusoff Says:

    yay first to comment! 2 weeks without mr brown………

  2. Mahogany Says:

    What’s that number again? I need to call about the iBookie app :). Love the podcast!

  3. Yuhin Says:

    brilliantly funny one! Hope we dun share same World Cup fate as Myanmar, Ethiopia and North Korea…

    And give us our xiao ting tong piggie!

  4. AL Says:

    Lmao great work MrBrown.

    Almost swallowed my apple

  5. Malay Boy Ahmad Says:

    Sign of Dooms Day getting nearer: Singapore No World Cup telecast!

  6. etben Says:

    the pig realli have to wait till april ah?

  7. fm Says:

    “I need the pig xiao ding dong head to chase payment leh” lol

  8. SG Girl Next Door Says:

    The number of Ah Huat Finance Co. always engaged one.. Business must be good..

  9. haha Says:

    dear CEO of ah huat finance co, pls hang the xiao ding tang piggy on singtel n starhub’s door on behalf of all sg football fans! thank you.

  10. Sangrawi Says:

    Ah Haut ah, you si bei funneee lei….

  11. CCM Says:

    win win win win huat ah!

  12. podcaster Says:

    hey, iTunes don’t carry the podcast anymore ah? can’t subscribe leh.. anyone?

  13. mb Says:

    You can manually subscribe with this feel URL:

  14. Arron teo Says:

    Hi mr brown! This is the best pod cast u hv made since a long time. I’m looking forward for more fantastic pod cast frm ya ;)

  15. Akaryu Says:

    Huat Ah!!!!!!!
    Damn u Singtel, create such a problem then no solution.
    Cannot imagine the what will happen later on, if there is really no World Cup.

  16. Ian Says:

    haha funny …worst scenario is just go over to Malaysia to watch:P

  17. qinglong Says:

    then all the JB kopitiams would be packed

  18. adeline Says:

    You sure have lots of AIR with your “huat, huat, huat, huat”!!!
    wow! imagine all the kopi tiam in JB packed with Singaporeans!
    wow! kopi prices will go up lah in JB!

  19. Dr Chan Says:

    Haven’t had such a good one for quite a while. Well done.

  20. Singaporean in London Says:

    LOL. Met up with some Singaporeans yesterday for chicken rice and char kuey tiao over here and they told me that I must tune in to the latest Mr Brown podcast.

    I’ll go check App Store now. :)

    C K

  21. Nigel Bivens Says:

    mr. brown, we hope you sign up for our World Cup Prediction Study. We hope to get a lot of locals involved, and would love to have some celebrities on board! You can sign up here:

  22. Phoenix Leo Says:

    Thumbs up:)

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