the mrbrown show: creepy Apple love song

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We don’t care if the Apple iPad sucks! The world is in an Apple tizzy! This calls for a love song!

Podcast iconPodcast: the mrbrown show 28 Jan 2010: creepy Apple love song
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18 Responses to “the mrbrown show: creepy Apple love song”

  1. Gordon Sandtrooper Says:

    Of all names, iPad.

  2. adeline Says:

    Love song?
    Melody not creepy enough, leh!

  3. Joel Says:

    Apple is best at marketing.
    Everything else is only ok for power prices.

    Price to performance scale abit off one.

  4. Jun Wei Says:

    iPad sounds like something for the women…
    this song isnt creepy enough…
    if steve jobs ever catches wind of this he might hire Mr Brown as part of his advertising team…

  5. OCOCO Says:

    lyrics? hehe

  6. muted Says:

    could someone kindly throw me some tips on how to get this working? havent been able to dld or stream any of the podcasts..and it kills me! i m on starhub is that a factor?

    many thanks in advance

  7. yusoff Says:

    Just download it

  8. girl Says:

    great guitar playing!!!

    nice song and mr brown seemed to have gone for singing lessons… much better singing than the prievious songs…

    well done guys!

  9. John Says:

    Hello, empowerment ??? electronic newpapers will be a flop. Your Apple ipad will be a flop. your new media will be a flop. Get used to the old media CNA & SHP, we knows news that is good for you little boy. Too bad, Apple cannot set you free

  10. John Says:

    Hello, You want to buy an Apple Ipad, you want Apple Ipad to set you free ??? You ah, why are you against “Old Media” sonny, my boy, listen you should stick to your Today & The Striat Times. Forget about e-electronic newspapers, we know how to protect your young mind from dangers “both local & foreign newspapers.” You know the song baby baby its wild world. We shall see, Apple Ipad will be a flop, MDA will control new media, MDA will control Apple Ipad from accessing dangerous local & foreign e-newspapers websites

  11. John Says:

    Hello, fat hope. guys you are not going to break the Monoploy of the traditional media. We are the “real mainstream media” if you want online news you can access those news all you want through the old media. The old media had created “online content” from you little youngster to visit. Forget about Apple Ipad, forget about e-reader, forget about reading online news. We the old media can provide such online content that is just as hip-hop & exciting too, we also rock !

  12. Shu Yen Says:

    I can’t seem to access any of the podcasts anymore…

  13. eMuu Says:

    iPad. is it super absorbent like the others?

  14. christycat Says:

    Lol. MadTV predicted the iPad quite a while ago:

  15. jeremiah Says:

    the i pad waste of time it is just an XXXXXXL version of the I phone and the 3gs version and plus it bot as strong as any other product once drop 70% confirm the LCD will break save the money and buy the I phone more worth wile ur money

    sry to all apple fans just saying the truth about the product

  16. tongue-tied Says:

    hey,guess what
    the name IPad was already thought of before they even came out with the product
    i saw a spoof about Ipod more than a year ago,the product is called Ipad,and it is exactly what the name suggest
    sanitary pad for ladies,with Ipod functions
    u can try searching on youtube
    i guess Apple dont give sh** about people

  17. nair bluff Says:

    The harmonies almost made me buy an apple…

  18. Can Lim Says:

    ** pak pok pak pok ** wa I must say… you can sing ! voice not sound like rotten apple but like toast bread :) y not u come to for sinkiapor idle audition ? :D

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